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Your letter of June 11th, 


enclosures, has lieiiiP 





^though I would like to be of service, the files of the 
FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of 
Justice and are available for official use only. You may b^jmterested 
in knowing that Mr* Myron F^an or representatives of th g^inema 
Educational Guildji Inc. , definitely do not have access to the files of the 
'TBE .. 

Enclosed is some litei:ature which includes suggestions 
all of us can use in combating the evil of communism. Perhaps you 
may wish to read my books, "Masters of Deceit” and ”A Study of 
Communism. ” These were written in order to help Americans gain 
an insight into the strategy and tactics of communists both in this 
country and abroad. Copies may be available in your local library. 

Tolson _ 
Belmont . 



Callahan . 


DeLoach . 




Sullivan _ 



r m 

JUN 161964 


S^cerely yours. 



Enblosures 15^ 

Internal Security Statement, 4-17-1962 
LEB Introduction^ 4.-1 -61 
Communism— The Incredible Swindle 
"Faith in Freedom” jp ^ 3p , ^ 

Counterintelligence Activities " 

NOTE: Correspondent/not identifiable fin^Bufile^. Enclosures were "Red Star" 
tracts which are well known in Bureau files” "Drive" per telephone directory. 
DTP:bIk (3) 







To whom it may concern 

J' y 

I am enclosing three tracts concerning communism, 
and would like to know if you could verify any part of these tracts 
or all of the contents of them. 

If these tracts are true, is there any other Information 
concerning them that you could send me or any information concerning 
communism that may be in our school system's that could be known 
to the public. 

I have became very interested in the threat to our 
country communism causes and the world as a whole, any thing I 
can learn about them would be appreciated. 

Thank you 

Mr. I 1 

P. S. I would appreciate some kind of answer 



JUf\l 17 jgg^. 

June 25, 1964 

H7 0 

Dear Mr. 


Your letter of June lltth, with enclosurej has been . 
received and it was thoughtful of you to bring your views to my 
attention. - 

; Although i wouldlike to be of seryice, the files J 

of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department 
of J ustice and are available for official use only. You may be . 
interes^d in knowing that Mr . Myron C. Fhgan or representatives 
of the ^inema Educational Guild, « Inc. , definitely do not have aOcess 
to the files of the FBI. 

Sincerely yours, 

j, Edgar HoOTen 

NOTE: Correspondent is hot identifiable in Bufiles, His enclosure 
was a copy of ”R^d Stars" which is well known in Bufiles. - 


' 1 . 

hJ B 5. ts, 

- - 


<S* V* 7 1/ 




June 17, 1964 

Edgar Hoover F.B.I. 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Sir: 

I am enclosing some pamphlets which were given 
to me to read. We have read several from the same course and 
several I know are true as they actually happened. 

I don’t know where they get their information. 

I have a son in the service at present time and have 
had three others. And if the leader of this country is trying to sell 
us down the river, I think he should be impeached. My son, the 
same as a lot of other sons are in there to keep this a free America 
not to get killed for a false reason. If the leaders think that any 
red blooded Americans are going to sign up & than hand Over their 
guns which is their protection for their family they have another 
think a coming. ■ . 

I know that some of the high politicions are crooked 
and are looking out for no one instead of the interest and safty of 
the people who voted them in there. 

* . 

7 " 



June 30, 1964 




J4cE iwainJBaptistJCai^^ 

' ^ 4448 MontevaUd-Road 
Birming^ m 13, Ala bama ; 

Dear Mr. I 1 . 

Your letter of June 23rd, with enclosure, has 
been received, , • 

. Although I would like to be of service, the files 

of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department 
of Justice and are available for official use only. You may be 
interred in knowing that Mr. Myron G. Fagan or representatives 
of the Xinema Ed ucational Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access 
to the fiIes"oftfae1PBir'~'^ ‘■"'T™' 

Enclosed is some literature I trust will be of 


Tolson _ 
Belmont . 


Callahan _ 









Tele. Room 


Gandy L. 


■it hi o d 196 


fflncerely yours, 

Fdgar Hootsk 

Enclosures (5) 

4-17-62 Internal Security Statement 
Let* s Fight Communisni Sanely ! 

Faith in Freedom , 

- Faith in God — Our Answer, to Communism 
I 4-1-61 LEB Introduction 
I NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. Enclosure a copy 

- ' of ’’Red Stars” which is well known to the Bureau. ^ 

DTPrmed ^ 














June 23 f I96I1 

Bie Federal Bureau of Investigation^ 

■Washington, D. G, 

Attention: Office of Inquiry 

Dear Sir: 

This tract -mas givento me three -weets ago mth the 
question, "Have you seen this?" It "vTas given me ly one of 
the men in our church. I would request of you an evaluation* 
I would I'i'lfe to procure from your office a candid statement 
relative to the content of this tract* 

I shall be very much indebj^ed to you for this 
assistance which will help delineate here on the heme front* 

Most sincerely. 





suite: ^lO - 12 TITUE BUtl-DJNG 


Hiram Dood 

PHONE: 322-7739 GEORGE A. MlTCHEL-l_ 

Res. 7SS-6579 Phone: 322-7739 

RES. 841-241S 

June £5,1964 

Hon»J, Edgar Hoover 


Washington, D.C. 

Dear Mr .Hoover: 

If it^^;>Tithin keeping -with your policy please- give me some 
about Cinema Educational Guild, Inc” , of Hollywood, California 



l^ese papers are being passed out to many of my clients and I do not know 
•what to say about the enclosed, ^ 

Very truly yours 


July!, 1964 

^ Ti l- 

, Bir ming|iam^3^^ 

Dear Mr. I |i 


Your letter of June 25th, with enclosure, has been 

Although I would like to be of service, the files of 
the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department 
of Justice and are available for official use only. You may be 
intereste^n’-knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives 
of the binema^^ucsftional Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access 
to the fil^s’of th^^HFBI,. 

Sincerely yours, 
DL Edgar Heevfef 

l^OTE: Correspondent cannot be identified in Bufiles. Fagan and 
the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. , are well known to the Bureau. 




woes fiW<dV3a-Q,03a 

^r— — i^_( 7 j— I- 

5 Sggi| 5 ; 




5o 2&* o 






oorn^ 50 ?o5^ 

r— CD _ C7f— : 

— ; CD m ^ m _ 1 


mzg^gl 'Tj 
Z^> ffe , 

OZ 2Q2 m 1 






<rt O 






Oz = 
Zn Z 









^2:^0055 ofr 

Tnr—mri^ — 

i|og 2 J 53 gs 

2 ?igQ§Sa™ 


>"0>>^m:ri;t)Se22>m>0O^r- ^ 

^ — ?o !ii^ 5 >a: 05 roo j>r-5>E2 o»" 
’^oBo^5?>0™5”>{2imI = gxi^oP;3x^ • 

■ ' ''.Is iip'' i |S i §• 

! ■ 5 Z“ z g 

! ' ^ • ‘ ■ S 

• - 01 


>mn:05aS “C 




SqzSi^ C5S^i: 
S 2i^f 




J> o?S 







o ^ 

G - =f 


: f S-^ 

‘ ^ *o ?o 

: ^ m o* S 


StJ£: i 

. to ^ , 

S c s S* 

oQ-o I 
— o « 

S ^ = ' 
O 2 

^ o a. 

— t 

C2. ^ 

CD =i- 1 


P ^ O o • 
K ^ S^- 

§ iii ^ 

, Q. :2'< 

: 5' o g 

<Q 3 f 



° s "" 

D = ^ 

=3 to C ' 

2 n> i 

3 • i 

Di r*i - ( 

g- « 

2 ro Q> ; 

§ o* 3 ! 

£L 3 S : 

OJ ?C“ ( 

O . 

£-8^-: J 
S“ o o ' 

: O S** O OJ 

► CD ^ T3 < 
•"^ 3^0 3^: 

i 5*2.« S 

^ S' ^ 

. ■— — » —V T-T- 

'S , 

I e:^8 

i ® o S i 


^ ^ ^ 

' 3 3"-< O j 

Ql -T- JP 2 

3. 3- — ^ ; 

O 2- CO j 

3 O " -4. 

Q- m <5 *1 


0 ^ 1 =! 

C " CD ; 

5- a. ? 4§ i 

5 ^ 

3 o 
^ Qi zx 
m tn Qi 


^ CD ^ 

« (S 



CD < 

*D <D ' 

1 § i 
5 Q- - 

*+» ^ 5 

5> O -T- 

CD ' ^ CD ^ 

=-, 2 “► CD 
^ — I CD 

f i |o 

^ Ol c 

^ ^ ^ 3- 
CD' CT m ^ 

,c O (5 

^ CO 



- Z ^ 
,_cdZ tn 

!'*^ -^CD 

C7»DC^mv : 

OO^Sgl : 

mmo253c/ : 


5cdS S ^ 
^0*dS a 
z ^ > 

«rt rr 


J£S3>sifflc i 
■ ”^3>E5!£q3 ; 

;^ > m — I XCrt^ . 

:>c?— cc^^jScTiC ■ 

Jg ps>S»c< 

*G ^s<r mOn : 
7> m 

I =3-:£ 

H. O O _1 
I — .ca 3- 

o S.SJ. 

. c *» 

1 Oi tn 

: CD 

. ^ to CD 
O 3 CD 

- O 3V o 

- g o =y- 

3 HL 
3 rs CD 


CD ~o 
^ CD CD 

* d 5* Q. 
=> to ^ 

: c: o. 3- 

.3 (D 




: ^ ac 

§: 2L 

• CD* ?T 
CD O < 

o ^ 

> 3 3 2? 3 
3* 7S CD > Ql 
g CL ^ 

3' $ Q. ^ 

_ a. , CQ 

O to („• — — 

•5 O-w Q--< 

CD to 5* 

3 2=0 
Q.g D, “g I 

I E 2T- Z; 
S) =iS 

3 Q* Q- g ^ 

i" 3 3 

. Q. Q> : 

cr^ 3 
~ cn 2 3“ Q- 
to < to 

- I o: 

=■ 50.2 


^ i-t- ?o 


. o cr 3 < 

a 2. 1 i- 

■ -^2, 

^ 2.3 

80 - 3 

5:'< 3 3 

^ G> C 
^ > a, 3 
_0 O CD «• 

to 8 cr-o 

111 ^- 
. CD 3 5*^ * 
^ CD CQ 
3 - J> OJ 
to !2. IC 3 

» =♦ to o 

: CD ' rr to - 
Q->-< -• 

o ^O > 

-S of 
> £» O 
3 O-So 

to EU to 

2 . I* s • 

O 3* C/J , 

• O ^ • 

£{ CQ CD ZJ* 

a.?-3 a. 

h X ^ 

: ^ 3-p ^ 

to to ^ 

; o 50 to -t^ 

-™S 3 

» g* CO g — 

0 3 - 0 , 3 

•|-S.:o to 
•to S *< 4^? 

» ^ — • CD 

1 2.<Q to 
I =;* 3T o 

:. O, CD V 3- 

3 Q- o 

fi* tu — 3 


S i-t o 


*3 o Q-O 

;s.^§ 2- 

* « o a 
■’ ^9-“^ 

* a? 3 : “ o 



















































s I 

C$3 i 




m ' 



> s 
70 90 

2 g 

(D <a 



— » Qj ***> in 
o /n m -♦ w 

o'* <3 = 

3 2 . — 3 o 5 - 

g- g^cp « CD g- 

=j m 

S' O DC S C- 

g -S" 3 o 

^ - € s 35 

0 »-rQrf^ . 

2- 5* —I S ?o 

<Q m 3 m 

»T" 2 * -4* 

o 3 ^ ft 3 =-co 

s ® fl> S 2 i 

S ^ ^ 


^ « Jf 0> Di 

— r> Dj —I ^ 

ar 0 * n ^ 
CD -T. ?r I 


;< S 
S e; 


CO rr* 


20 Z3 
O _K 

^ 3 “ 


o ^ 
^ ST 

c/> £i. 

o — 

- 2 .' 3 
2 . o <Q 4^ 
o CO Q* =T 

-T- w Q_ OJ 

5 * cr tQ 

o D) S 

o 2 l' 
o — 






■O < 

” CD 


_ « 3 ^ 
i-S o 

o ci. 

• O CD S? 

s 3"§--§ 

a. £? « „ 

§ S ” s , 

So 3=-^ 

.g "* ST 

;*S g ' S ’*^- 

5-(S g- =* 

m cr 

CO m 

? - 

^ «> 
g o- 

ft cr 

g S- 
^ , 
o Q_ 

C D_ 3^ 
0,0 ' 

" o* 
3 g 

$ *0 $ 'O 

^ iZ! o o 

— ’ O" O ^ O CO 

CD — Co O 'O^ C 

W - tn O 



CO ^ 


t <0 <a 

3 - . * CD 

- g s ^ S' 

I- Q-“->'< 

g-Q. B- 5 

15 3 O 
. ^ r, 9L 5. 5 S 

Si^. 5 ' =*3 
5 * ^CQ ^ o 

' 3 

S CI7 
Q_ CO 

CD ^ 

cn Q. O CD 3 

^ - a 




_ 3 
p ^ I :♦'< 

3* a- CD < 

fil O o o 

< CD 3 =• O 

* 3 a. ? Q_ 




o o:_^ 

8 = S ° 
S'" ” J 

P CD ^4- CD 

=t O 3 1 

CD "O CD . ■' 

':^ ^'C 

3 *0 



oj 3 * 

’ 50 

• m 

, O 

. o 


^ ^ < 

§ ° ^ S' 2 - 

CL* 0 3 Qi « 

CD 3 7*r 3 

"' -o cr g 5 *^ 

o' S 5’ ^ =J: 

C O? 3- cr> CD 3^ 

CO O o CD '<: CD 

o’^ ® 3> 

^ ^ (Q,<o E_ 




£^5 O 


O Q) 

o_ o :p 

^ ' o 

O 5; 3, O ^ 
it 5^ -^ O 

o^3-5^-o <T>a>oO^*^=Jo 3f 

<<<®°c =';^cs.»s•®g=:r 

-2% 3 . S'". -SS^Q-soS*^?;, 

0 'S: cr3 a- 

-t ^ 04 CD . 

a. ^ o qJ 

— — CD Cl rj- 

o> O cn i!Lr:y- 

— » . 3 ^ 3 * y» ft CD m 

Q.^ •< 
CD in 


S-^ o' 

3 a S- 

■n g ^ 3. rr — 
S -n ^ 

O 2 trt — 

S- p 

CU 5 

' 3 
• in 

CD Qj cr» 

5TO so . 

_L m o 


3* «Q 

Qj ** 

p S 2 

^ O </> 

50 rr <D 
m Qj XJ 
0"0 "*• 
CO “ 

0 = 5* 

3 ; o o 

^ cr c 

-+ (Q 
O 0 3- 
CO ^ 


o ^ 
3 0 3 

o _ 







: -a •© 

-Q *g ^ rv 

O O m 

cr 3 ^ 
“ o 

3 : 






r : I 

c/i "O 
3* O, 
O O 
^ ■= 
3* «> 

a Q. 
o <= 

2 . a 

O -t 

C 'C 


^ O 


3^ a -H 




p „Sf“ 

3. 3" 

= p 

o ^ 

— . <0 

O 3 

" ="■§ **i"^ 1:5 

=f 2.ia I “-"S. I ° 

o “• w _ 


’ s-' i *2 

■ O -'t C 

Q.a 31 

n ^ -n ^ 

QL. 04 


O Crt 

3 -o 

O 8 . a» 3 - 3 - _ “ ^ 

8 S 3 S S (Tg-=- 

- 1 ^ I crt CD o Qi Sr. 15. 

ft f ft"*"^C»— I— f 

^ < 'f' 

3 ? ^• 

2 r> f' 
f> O 

70 CA 

3 m o 
X CO Q_ 


CA 2* 

o s 

50 CD 
m £ 2 . 
O " 
CO Q- 
o> o 
3 <Q 
O D) 

IT = 

O O 50 3 

50 5 O 


3 o* S“ 3r 

« "ft o o 

^ 3 ' 

O 70 O- 

• o *0 

• 3 -o' 
. o 

^ 3 



O 50 
< O 
^ CU 

o o 


o =£. <T> 

:<Q - 

■ CO 

r ^ 
i 50 

O o o 
-T- Zj?'< 


O 3 o 


(Q 3 

— f 3 - 0 
.IC ^ 

” 5 | 

• o<g 

' C3 
7S ^ 3 ' 

- 4 . CO o 

, 3- 

3 - ^ 

o ^ 

50 o" 
m g 

O 5, 

CO 3 

3 “ 

Q- CA 

^ ao.; 


- 3 ^ 2 ?<Q £i ,2 OCT- 3 : 3 Z 

3 2--^< £P 2.^ 2.*$ § 

o 0,5 3"2 rt 2 Q> ao- Q-O. 

— ** 5 rrp;rP oC* — p '* 

— t- o p ^ — *3 
« fl, ^2:‘^=r5: =5ro = ^ 

g ^3 S 0-2 0 =^“ =^"* 

12. <D 


> S 3 -^- SV rg 
^'§-3-2 Q -8 B-g 5 ! 
§ o «> 

m c/> fTi “t>— • 

= 0 




>0X5 g 


o'^ftO = 2 2 CO ^ ^ 

” 2.2 o =.^ « a -3 . ^ 

O , ■ — 3“ ' “ 

2 .“ w 

— ,CA 

- LJ 

• < O- «> 

a s 

51^3 = 

CD . O o 

5 CD a2,2'5j^c 3 

3 A* < =£. -I P ^ 

o • 5 


3^3 2 «* T5 
- Qj CL. 

^ O 

iS - 

S'® ' 

m ^ , 
50 zr 
C/> p - 

3-* qI<T^ 
P " 5*70 

« P<o 2 


— cn 

< o» a *2 ^ 

<P *< CD^C* ' “*03 

P «A _ ^ 

|o;g-f R 

2 =>-< o Q. 


ra ' O) — o 

a- 2.2 2 - 0 . =■< 

_ o. r- 9 ; € 5- 

S2. O. 


r» o 

» 3 < 
^ S 

3 p 


P O 

31 P 2 ^ 

o^ a -*.<a 

p 3 
Q.V ^ 

QJ — 

P — »- 3 

ft r> ■t 3 

=4**0*’'*-^ P 

3 P 3 0-2 § 

•< <r 7 **= cr 

tS 0 . 2 -C i -.0 

O- ->-* ' ^ 

O 3 g 2 o ^ 

p o ^ 

« 3 o Y 

3 ^ 3 ^ 

s j-a 

s go S-3'^^0-2 

a_4-CQ 5:-4 .-op 5 
_3- ^0-35±a-+- 


S= 0.2 ^:< 3-3 

S g 2 

50 O 

§ 3 ^ 

3. p 

g 8 

a. o 

51 Zn 

“ ;5 

to O 
^ O 

< QJ 
-V 3 

p £2. 



50 J 


n: : 





5 cr 

i = 

o ^ 

«= 3 
« «> 

^ m 
O ^ 

O fl, 


*C QJ 

I ^1 

flj P P P —*■ -^T- 

— ^ Q-cX =TQ: 

.jj* —• m ' — i — f- 

g _. P P 

o 3 r is 
= % -“-3 3 ^ 2 , o’g- 

ro S “S'V 3 S 

> = 

■ CA 


. = 3 
-? O- *'1 



3T O 

to O 


I- 8 

2 ,T 


3 M 

<Q S- 


O 3 

cr a 
cr 3 
-< *a 

p p 

a 5 *0 ^ 



9 p 

O. oi 


a P 


^ EZ n? 

g |.q.3 


51 ;o a 

ffi 1 = 

P 3 — t- 

=* I :L r, 

5* s < 2 , ' 

=r- ic 31 

— n. S.^ 

2 p -+. 0 

3 3 - p 
S* ir p 3 

•* p 9 
^ 3 * p c 

^< 5 3 rti 
o ^ P oT 

c to nr<£^ 

« p P 

< 3* 

2 ^ CQ ;;o 

■< -O P? 

to o 
<2 3 T 5 
•< a. p X5 
P CL. 3 

"• t* r o 

— 2. 3^ 

— CA O to 


— 3 3 

— g* o Q_ 

•> <0 9 





: O 







<mOo A 

*^50 01 ^ ^ 

(T4 ^ -n 


^ C/> 


s> ii 

7n m 




sg | 



ni -n •' 

70 TI 


70 ^ 7 ^ 

m ^ 



> 00 ^ 3 : 3 :*: 

1 nr m a *r ^ 


fn g *< 


»>0 <£>Z 


rri in CAO 

:z o 










X) 3.-0 O 

.si s 

*< «> g-nzm* 

So cr : 

P] c o ^ — ■ 

t? O $ CA I 

I Keo 





G O rnm 2 no 73 

CO cr TT o __ 
c: « o rr 
o *< o CL. 
c= 1 o 

2 2 3 - 

P _ ® 50 ^ 

=r-^ *«Q.^ 

C O T3 « P 
^ Q- O O ^< 

<8 rs » n 



8 f-g* 
s-i r 

M , P 
_,. I -n 
O (j> 

O O 
c: ^ >- 

IZL-5 F= 

p S S’ 

slS 2 

:< S g 

: ^ 2 ' 

^ 3 cr 

2 2 n. 

3 p iS 

^ to 


I =* 

4 — : p « < 

^ CO 50 S 2 I a 
0X5 mo 
O o ^ 3 < 

S « 5? 

z o ^ 

re ^ 





Q .310 

50 <» —, 

s .^1 

003 . 
Cr>5 E. 
2 M : 


3 - 


* O" 

S-5 S 
2 3^"=" 

CA .... 

S-X5 a 

3 ^ 

CO o 

C 3 

50 .< 

— o , 

3 a 

I ^ 

Q. — * 

® 2 

P ift 

3". CA 


— 3 > 

*< a •< 

I ^ 

I to «— 

P . 

3 r» 

“^8 : 


50 P 

-Z ^ ^ 

<A* O 




I I 

' 3 ^ 


Z ' 
m ' 





' 3 * 


.«» p 

CO 3 =; 

m O- 3 

00 ^ 

C C 31 




July 6, 1964 

^ • '■ 


^ s 

C2 ^ 
k 5 


Dear Mr. 


H“i o ® . 

® - 
2 o? 
3E -d. 

Your comtnunication of June 27th, with enclosure, 
has been received. 

Although X would like to be of service, the files , 
of the FE|I are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department 
of Justice and are available for official use only. You may be 
interei^ed in knowing that Mr; Myron C. Fagan or representatives 
of th ^inema Educational Guild, fac. , definitely do not have access 
to the files of this Bureau. ^ ^ 

Sincerely yours, 

■ : 9, Edgar. Hoover - ; ' 


Belmont _ 



Callahan . 
Conrad _i 
DeLoach , 



Sullivan . 



Tele.. Room . 

NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. 


fjMSLEa M 

' . . I&84 

- 8' I- 







June 27, 1964 


Please examine this included ’’bulletin. ” 

Please tell me if it is some sort of ’’racket” or 
is it a truly patriotic move. 

I want to be a true patriot to our U S Government 
and don’t want to endorse any communistic movement. 

Thanks. Patriotically, 

^ _ 7"(L ' ^ ^ 

7 A 



lo JUL 8 1964 




Cinema Educolionol Guild, Inc. 





“KNOW THE TRUTH AND (if you will fight for it) THE TRUTH 
SHALL MAKE YOU FREE" . . . REMEMBER; God helps those who help themselves. 

In his hysterical ^righi peddlers* harangue, pohtical-oppor- 
tunist Kuchel frenziedly fulminated against one Theodore 
Jackman as the author of a %icious canara about the ‘WATER 
MOCCASIN” project in Georgia in March of this year, Kuchel 
screamed JhatJaclmiai^had '‘i)iciously 

tives in a normal and "^perfeMy irinocerii m war maneuvers 

Well, I will concede that Kuchel was correct on one point: 
Mr. Jackman, a dedicated American patriot, WAS the Paul 
Revere who first sounded that ‘'alarm!* But in all other respects, 
Mr. Jackman was correct: The ‘WATER MOCCASIN” maneu- 
vers was to have been the first of a series of similar projects 
planned for every state in the Union. It was to have been 
the perfect camouflage {the plotters hoped) for infiltration 
into the United States of at least two million foreign troops 
from various pro-Communist nations and from the new Afro- 
Asian "nations** created by the UN, The idea behind it was the 
creation of a "United Nations** army within the U. S. . . . the 
same kind of an "army** that transformed Katanga into a horrible 
shambles. ... an "army** that was to be held in readiness for 
the final sequence in the overall Great Conspiracy for the 
take-over of America by the UN, 

Now, I fully realize that to the vast majority of our still 
"slumbering** people, the above may seem utterly incredible. 
Indeed, to many, the entu*e Great Conspiracy I have frequently 
described seems too fantastic for credence. I can understand 
that reaction-— because never in the entire history of the world 
has such horrifying and brazen treason been attempted, or 

Well, at this tifhe^ and because we are rapidly being pushed 
to the brink of total disaster, I shall pull out all stops in my 
effort to once and for all remove all doubts. To do it I shall 
spell out each and every step in the plot from the inception 
of the UN to the present moment — and I shall do it with 
RECORDED documentations so crystal clear that even a junior 
high school student will see through the entire plot. I will do it 
chronologically — and fit in the ‘WATER MOCCASIN” scheme 
in its proper sequence. 



I wont attempt to go into the history and background of the 
Great Conspiracy in 3iis limited space — ^I provided all of it in 
our "News-Bulletins** Nos. 87 and 88, entitled “OUR INVISIBLE 
I do want to make clear at this point that the "UN One-W orld 
Government** was not a Stalin or a Roosevelt brainchild. It was 
not dreamed"Up in Moscow — it was spawned right here in our 
own United States. It was — and w— the brainchilcl of the Satan s 
Disciples whom I have frequently described as the Hierarchy 
of the dread "Internationalist - Communist Conspiracy** more 

easily identifiable as the "COUNCIL on FOREIGN RELA- 
TIONS ** — ^the Machiavellian conspirators who created Russia 
into the Communist menace, who coddled and saved the Lenins 
and Stalins when they were threatened with extinction — so that 
they would cordinue to serve the plotters objectives! _ _ 

The UN One-World scheme was first discussed at the secret 
meetings at Dumbarton Oaks. It was elaborated in the secret 
meetings at YALTA — and put into working order at the San 
Francisco UN Convention in 1945. 

Immediately after the UN Charter was approved by our 
Senate, they began to create “PEACE” organizations in various 
parts of the Country — such as "Atlantic Union,** “UNION NOW,” 
“UNITED WORLD FEDERALISTS,” “Federal Union,” etc., etc. 
They devoted the remainder of 1945 and aU of 1946 to set up 
all those organizations — SCORES of them. In January, 1947, the 
Executives of all the groups were summoned to a conference 
in Asheville, No. Carolina, set for February 21. This conference 
was called the "First National Congress of World Government 
Organizations!* And at this convention it was decided to merge 
all of the smaller groups into one major organization: the - 
announced objective, to serve as a camouflage, was: "World 
Government with Limited Powers Adequate to Prevent War!* 

Now, how were they to achieve such a "World Government?** 
Easy! Our own Constitution provides the way: get 32 State 
Legislatures to approve and pass a "Resolution** memorializing 
Congress to transform the United States into a unit of a "Fed- 
erated UN One-World Government!* And, presto! — that will be 
the end of a Free and Sovereign USA! 

However, it wasn^t ^oing to be quite as simple as all that. 
The UWF "Resolution^* reeked of the vilest kind of treason. 
Every Legislature was botmd to have a few decent Americans 
in its membership — men who would retch at the very thought 
of the treason demanded of them. However, all Legislators are 
politicians — and there always are ways anci means to “reach” 
politicians. Nevertheless, the whole thing had to be carefully 
planned, carefully organized. The most important thing was that 
the passage of the "Resolution** must be very hush-hush — ^not 
a word of it could be allowed to leak out to me public. There- 
fore, there was the tremendous task of screening every member 
of every Legislature in the 32 chosen states — and proper pres- 
sures found to muzzle those Legislators who would refuse to 
vote FOR the "Resolution!* That required Lobbies in all those 
states — powerful Lobbies — ^Lobbies of men who are experts in 
the "art** of bribery — "investigators** adept at digging "skeletons** 
out of the closets of stubborn and/or reluctant Legislators, "skel- 
etons** which could be used to threaten and blackmail such Legis- 
lators. Also, they had to get together a "war chest** of many MIL- 
LIONS of dollars — they poured several millions into Sacramento, 
California, alone! 

It required two years of ceaseless and tireless work to accom- 
plish all that. But by Februa^ 1949 they were ready — and 

/g' ~mS-b '7 "9 7^ 

orders to ‘'GO” were flashed to all their Lobbies. In March 
(1949) their “RESOLUTION” was approved and passed, SE- 
CRETLY, by the California Legislature — and not one news- 
paper, not one Radio Station breathed one word about itL . . . 
Within &ree months 25 additional States SECRETLY passed 
similar “RESOLUTIONS”. . . . they needed only six more StatesI 

Then something happened — the one thing the plotters had 
always dreaded. There were two men in the California Legisla- 
ture who could not be bribed, or blaclonailed, or intimidated. 
Those two were Senators Jack B, Tenney and Hugh Donnelly. 
When they read that UWF “RESOLUTION,” they were horrifi^ 
— outi'aged. They employed every possible means to induce their 
colleagues to expose and toi^pedo the “RESOLUTION.” But 
the U WF s chief Lobbyists, the infamous Artie Samish and 
Paul Smith, then publisher of the “Sfln Francisco Chronicle,'^ 
had done a perfect job — not one member of the Legislature 
responded to the pleas of Tenney and Donnelly. Tenney tried 
to expose the plot through the press and Radio — ^he was. given 
the well-known silent treatment. 

Early in June, he came to me with his horrifying “sfory,” We 
(CEG) promptly launched the crusade' to FORCE the Legisla- 
ture to haul out that “RESOLUTION” for review before a 
joint session of both Houses — open to the public! 

I wonT attempt to go into all the details of that ^'crusade" in 
this limited space. The UWF launched, a massive and desperate 
fight to prevent that public “reuietu ” They were joined in that ^ 
fight by the Anti-Defamation ^ League," by the NAACP, by 
k&dred groups of both: And, of course, I was their -prime target 
— I was vilified as a "'negro-hater" an “Anti-Semite,” etc., etc.' 
On the other hand, once our ""crusade" got under way, we were 
joined by the American Legion, .the VFW, the DAR, and other 
loyal groups. 

However, all that is irrelevant at this time. My sole objective 
is to establish, for those who may still have doubts, that there is 
a Conspiracy to destroy the United States — a: Conspiracy by men 
and women who call themselves AMERICANS, 

In late March of 1960, the California Legislature surrendered 
to the avalanches of demands from their constituents — ^the UWF 
“RESOLUTION” was reviewed— and on the first Monday in 
April it was denounced .as a TREASON plot — and rescinded. 

Now, that is not hearsay. It is a matter of RECORD in the 
official files of the California Legislature — and in the official 
files of the 24 other states whose Legislature promptly emulated 
the California action. 

Nowthen: Kuchel ranted that the UN plot I revealed in my 
play “THIEVES PARADISE” was too fantastic for belief — 
is it any more fantastic than the UWF ""RESOLUTION" plot? 

(Note; All the salient features of that UWF incident are published in our 
"News-Bulletins" Nos. 92 and 93, entitled "UWF PLOT and JFK PLOT 
ARE TWINS-they also show that Kenned/s "DISARMAMENT" plot is 
virtually word for word a duplicate of the UWF "RESOLUTION." MCF). 


• 5 ^ 

The smashing of their UWF plot was a horrible disappoint- 
ment for the plotters. But it didnT daunt them. It didn’t even 
slow tliem up. They immediately set in motion a completely 
different ""operation" 

The UWF plot was exploded in April, 1950. Less than six 
months later, early in September, Palm Springs, the most 
fashionable, winter Resort spot in California, was suddenly 
""captured!' by units of the U. S. Army ""Reservists" The Mayor, 
the Chief of Police and all other civic officials were seized 
and jailed — and from the Friday of the ""invasion" until the 
following Monday, that city was under MILITARY GOVERN- 
MENT, with a strict curfew restricting the people to their 
homes from six P.M. to seven A.M. 

Now, bear in mind, that ""invasion" was made by U. S. troops, 
under the U. S. flag. They called it a “MOCK” Military'Govem- 
ment “TAKE OVER,”' and didiiT even deign to explain the 
reason for it. 

But in August and September of 1951, approximately one year 
later, NINE other California cities, also cities in Texas and 
other States, were similarly ""captured" All the Mayors, Police 
officials, etc., were ""arrested" and jailed; all members of the 
Police Department were disarmed and restricted to their homes 
under the ""curfew law" for all the peoples in the various cities. 
All of those invasions, as in Palm Springs, were accomplished by 
U. S. troops — but all of the latter ""invasions" were made under 

“UNITED NATIONS” command and under the UN Flag 

(rag). In addition, their official UN order for the ""invasion" was 
posted conspicuously in every City Hall, Police Station, Post- 
Office, etc., in every ""invaded" city. The order read as follows: 

"UN Order No. 1. * , , For CPX use only— Operation Sixar— United 
Nations Forces— Military Oovernment of AGGRESSI. . . . Proclamation 
Number 1." 


(Note; For complete clarification, we published a photostatic copy of 
that "order" in our "News Bulletin," No. 93. And we published the 
names of the "invaded" cities in "News-Bulletin," No. 91. MCF.) 


As with the UWF plot, the UN ‘"invasions" were intended to 
be completely hush-hush. The Mass Media were very accom- 
modating-and the local newspa]gers and Radio Stations in the 
""invaded" cities were kept silent order of the UN" However, 
in several of the cities the local police refused to be ""captured" 
That caused quite an uproar — true, only locally, but it threatened 
to spread nationwide, especially after troops and officers assigned 
to additional ""invasion units refused to ""serve" The alarmed 
plotters hastily halted all further ""invasions" 

That entire horrendous ""project" was done without (osten- 
sibly) the knowledge of (then) President Truman — SO HE 
SAID! ... of our State Dept—SO THEY SAID! ... of the 
Pentagon — SO THEY SAID! Upon being questioned, the head 
of the Security Council of the UN said it was ""Simply a Dress 
Rehearsal" A Dress Rehearsal for what? He refused further ex-‘ 
planation — and Washington hushed it all upl!l 

Now here is THE point: thousands of U. S. troops and officers 
were employed in all those operations ... by whose authority 
did they serve as UN ""invasion" troops? 

In view of all that, can there still be any doubt that our "Leaders" 
in Washington are collaborating with the Masterminds of the Great 
Conspiracy to deliver the U. S. into their One-World Government? 



That UN ""invasions" caper had two objectives: ... 1) Test the i 
temper of the American people — ^would they , surrender to inva- 
sions by U, S. troops under UN Military command? ... 2) Could ^ 
the U. S. Army be trusted to carry out such UN ""invasions" on a - 
nation-wide scale? 

The answer to Question No. 1: Although the inhabitants were 
taken by complete surprise, there was quick resistance — ^notably 
where lie police refused to disarm, and stood ready to repel the i 
invaders with armed force. . . . only ""retreat" of the ""invaders" ' 
prevented bloody battles* Question No. 2 was answered by 
refusal of troops and officers to serve in the ""invasion" units. 

Under those circumstances, it became necessary for the plotters to 
review— and reconstruct— their plan of operation. Thus, late in 1952, 
ERNMENT" met in conference in London, England, af which time the 
"problem" was turned over for study by’ their "Big Brains," In 1954, 
they met again, in what was described as the "Sixth Annual Con- 

The Conference ran from August 30 to September 3, and if was held at 
Canterbury Hall, Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury, UNIVERSITY OF 
LONDON W.C. 2" Delegates in attendance came from all parts of the 
world, including the United States (UWF) as well as from the British 

All the delegates were tried and trusted — and swoni ta utmost 
secrecy. Each one was given a set of documents outlining the 
new plan of operation, togethei" with a Blueprint (map) shown 
herewith, which is self explanatory. 



In the preamble to the PLAN, it states that (A) the UN will proceed to provides for disarmament to be carried out by the One World Police 

a revision of its Charter and (B) this revision will transform the UN into Force which is provided for in proposal (2), viz., "this force to be 

a Federated World Government in conformity with proposals which responsible only to the One World Government and the various 
provide in part (1) "once a State (nation) has been admitted into Agencies of the U.N." It also provides that each Province (nation) 

membership it shall have no right of secession." This proposal also within the One World Government would be policed by foreign troops. 

The map shows what alien troops would occupy and police the six 
regions into which the United States and Canada would be divided. 
Thus, you will note, the United States, according to their diabolical plan, 
would be policed by Mongolians, Belgians, Russians, Irish, Venezuelans 
and Colombians. No native Americans would be allowed to police 
American citizens. 

The ruling body, or World Parliament, would consist only of ap- 
pointed members. It would reflect population strengths, therefore 
Asia would dominate it. There would be a World Director, 8 Zone 
Directors and 51 Regional Directors. None of the Zone or Regional 
Directors would ever serve in their own countries. So, an alien would 
command the foreign troops stationed in the U.S. and through them 
enforce World Government law— and thus prevent Americans from 
"sheltering behind national allegiance." 


According to their plans, the revisions in the Charter were to be 
achieved at the UN Convention to be held in Paris in 1955. But, alack 
and alas, as Robert Burns once expressed it, "The plans of mice and 
men gang aft agley." Apparently not all of the delegates to that "One- 
Worlders" 1954 meeting in London were as "trustworthy" as the 
plotters thought they were. One of them "leaked" the entire PLAN, 
including a copy of the MAP, to the late Col. Eugene Cowles Pomeroy, 
then in London. Col. Pomeroy, one of the most dedicated Americans 
I have ever known, promptly planed back to Washington, and alerted 
several of the more loyal members in Congress. They, in turn, promptly 
began to throw pertinent and very embarrassing questions at the Man 
in the White House (Ike) and the State Department— and those startled 
"Leaders" hurriedly "advised" the plotters to "forget" about "revisions" 
in the UN Charter— under these new circumstances, the U. S. Senate 
would not dare to pass such "revisions." 

c — 


For the benefit of the newcomers to our publications: Back in the 
early years of this century, Jacob Schiff and his co-conspirators realized 
that the unity of the American people would be the chief obstacle tp 
their "One-World" conspiracy. In those years there were no serious 
"Minority Group" dissensions, no violent racial hatreds, no religious 
discords of any consequence. We were a closely knit people — closely 
knit in love of country. That unity had to be destroyed — the entire 

nation had to be broken up into bitterly quarreling fractions, , To ac- 
complish that, they set up the "Anti-Defamation League," to create and 
incite "Minority Group" dissensions— and the NAACP, to inflame the 
Negroes into murderous hatred of the Whites. The ultimate objective: 
uncontrollable nation-wide, riots and, finally, MARTIAL LAW. ... to 
be enforced by the UNI 



Alerted fay the "advice" from our "Leaders", the Plotters again met in 
conference in London, and decided to adhere to^ their (1954) plan of 
operation— even without the planned Charter revisions that were to 
have provided the UN with the authority to become the "enforcers" 
of Martial Law In the United States. . . . you see, they (correctly) 
assumed that at the proper time our "LEADERS" in Washington' will 
find the ways and means to provide the UN with that authority. 

The prime decision at this conference was to concentrate on 
an acceleration of the negro phase of their ^‘destroy the unity of 
the American people*^ program — ^keep fomenting their hatred of 
the Whites on an ever-increasing tempo, inciting them into sit- 
ins, marches, riots on University and School campuses, crime, 
rapings of white women, etc., etc., etc., all under the protection 
of the authorities, of course — ^until the exasperated and terrorized 
whites will take the law into their own hands — and, then, 
Martial Law under control of the UN. - ' 

(Note: The step-by-step processes employed by the plotters to bring 
all that about are far too voluminous for the limited space in this 
"SPECIAL", but they are published in detail in our current "News- 
Bulletin," No. 98. Get a copy, it's a MUST for every loyal American. MCF.) 

However, there are three vital problems that will have to be 
solved before that UN "D"' DAY arrives: 

1) It will be utterly impossible for the UN to (successfully) 
employ U. S. troops to enforce Martial Law under UN command 
— (hat became obvious during those 1951 "‘invasions!" But, even 
if they could, a (still) loyal U. S. Army would never permit the 
transformation of the U. S. into a province of a One-World 
Government, ' 

The Plotters are fully aware of that— that v/as why, "as their map 
shows, they decided that the U, S, is to be policed by foreign troops— 

and all U. S. troops are to be shipped out to ^'police" other captive 

Solution for this No. 1 problem is already under way, viz: 
In September oJF 1961, the State Department issued their "Pttb- 
lication 7277'", in which they outlined plans for the complete 
disarmament of the United States — the transfer of all of our 
military equipment and our Armed Forces to the '‘United Na- 
tions” — and place our country under the ^'protections of the 
UN. Very shortly after that publication was issued Congress was 
deluded and seduced into transforming it into "Public Law 
87-297,” which gives the President (Kennedy) complete au- 
thority, "at his discretions^ to issue the “Go” order for die entire 



(Note: Our "News-Bulletin" No. 91, entitled '^HY KENNEDY MUST BE 
IMPEACHED" contains a verbatim, word for word, reprint of "PUBLICA- 
TION 7277"-lt reveals the entire "DISARMAMENT" plot. MCF.) 

And here is the most amazing feature of this "PUBLICATION 7277"— 
if is, "virtually," word for word, a duplicate of the UWF "RESOLUTION" 
which the California Legislature was forced to rescind. That "RESOLU- 
TION" was officially declared to be an outright TREASON plot— and the 
perpetrators outright traitors. Now you can see why Kennedy must be 
impeached— and he and his collaborators tried for treason fully as 
heinous as that committed by Quisling and Pierre Laval— for which 
both were executed by their governments. 


"Problems 2 . — According to the over-all plan of the One- 

World Plotters, the UN would have to be provided with at least 
two million foreign troops to do as thorough a "policin^s job in 
the U. S. as they did in KATANGA. How to get them into the 
U. S., and properly deploy them for the final "take-overS* was 
the "problem^ They couldn't be openly landed on our shores — 
our Army would quickly annihilate them — and our Army would 
have to remain intact for the early stages of the Martial Law 
phase. Thus, the foreign troops would have to be brought in by 
stealth and guile . . . with the help of our "Leaders’s in Washing- 
ton. “The WATER MOCCASIN MANEUVERS,” one in every 
state in the Union, was to be the trick that would do iti 

Mr. Jackman first became aware of the so-called "war gamers 
late in January of this year. Some of the strange and ^ very un- 
usual methods employed to organize for the ‘games” aroused 
his suspicions. He decided to go directly into the "war gamesS 
area and do some personal research. At the same time, he alerted 
us (CEG) to what was going on, and we launched a research 
on our own. Following are the results of the combined efforts: 

Farmers and other land owners were being “asked” to lease 
landrights to the army — in total, approximately 1,500,000 acres. 
In addition, civilians in the entire area were being “asked” to 
participate in the "realisnis of the "maneuversss by hiding 
"guerrillas’s in their homes, organizing escape routes, and trans- 
porting the "guerrillasss past possible ambush. 

Thereupon, our researchers began to ask questions of the Army 
spokesmen— -questions that obviously were disconcerting, and 
were met with evasion and double talk. One question was: 
"Why such a vast area for ordinary 'war games'?” The answer 
was that there would be 25,000 or more troops involved in it — 
another answer was that the Army intended to build a number 
of buildings (barracks) in various parts of the area to house the 
troops . . . indicating that the troops were to remain in the area 
for an indefinite period of timel It also quickly became apparent 
that the land owners "being asked to lease their landsss was a 
relative term — some of those who signed the leases have issued 
sworn affidavits that they were threatened and intimidated into 
signing — others who refused to sign were warned of dire 

Naturally, immediately after the researchers began to ask 
their questions, the Army spokesman reported to Washington 
that "there are 'snoopers* in the area!* McNamara promptly 
launched a "managed-newsS* cover-up. On February 13, the 
"Savannah Evening Press** laconically reported: "Foreigners May 
Observe War Maneuvers in March!* A few days later it was: 
"Foreign Allied Nations will participate as studentsf* The ex- 
planation that went with that was to the effect that "foreign 
troops will be initiated in guerrilla warfare!* The first Army 

news release stated 7,000 troops would participate — slater it was 
5,000 — then it was 3,000 — ^then 1,000. Finally, it was just to be 
"graduation exercises** of 600 American "students!* At first Me- : 
Namara insisted that there were to be no foreign troops — ^then 
he contradicted himself and admitted that troops from 16 NATO, 
CENTO and SEATO nations would participate, but he vehe- 
mently denied the inclusion of African troops — ^then he again ; 
contradicted himseH and admitted that it had been intended 
to include "observers** from Liberia and Indonesia. He also in- I 
sisted that 2,500, not 1,500, 000, not even 25,000 acres, were to be 
under lease — and no civilians would be involved. In response . 
to questions as to whether the foreign contingents would be 
so-called "United Nation troops!* he hastily assured: "Oh, no, no, 
no — they would represent their own nations!* 

However, just as there were at least two loyal Americans in 
the California Legislature, so do we have some loyal Americans 
in the Pentagon, and they revealed the complete story behind 
the “WATER MOCCASIN MANEUVERS” and that the entire : 
project was to have been "under UN command** . . . The details 
are too lengthy for this limited space, but here it is in brief: 

Mr. Jackman's original statements about the acreage, the 

25.000 foreign troops to participate, the pressures, threats and j 
intimidations practised on the residents in that area, were 
entirely correct. But, additional information revealed that the ( 
Georgia "taar games” was only the first of such operations in 
every state in the Union — the one in Georgia was to have been 
in the nature of a test. Another one, scheduled for July 21, under 
code name "Operation Swift Strike III,** was to have launched 

100.000 troops over six million acres in North Carolina, South 
Carolina and Georgia. Similar "Operations** had been set for 
Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, etc., etc., many of them 
simultaneously. However, "Fright Peddler** Jackman's revelation ; 
created too great an uproar — our brave "Leaders** in Washington 
hastily called off all further activities ... I will follow this up in 
our next “News-Bulletin,” No. 99, 


"Problem** No. 3: — ^The Plotters always look ahead — and i 
prepare, in advance, for all eventualities. Let's assume that all’ 
their plans have been carried out successfully — that the UN hag 
its two million foreign tmops poised for immediate striking 
action — ^that Kennedy and our other "Leaders** have successfully 
carried out their “DISARMAMENT” plot, thus leaving us 
without an Army, without a Navy, without ANY armed forces to 
resist the final tJN take-over. An ideal situation for the Plotters, 
eh, what? But, waitl There still would remain a "menace** against 
which they must prepare — in advance, to wit: 

In ihe American Legion end the VFW we have millions^ of men, 
veterans of World War II, the Korean War, etc., who are still capable 
of fighting a war to save our country— there are millions of other 
Americans who would pick op their guns and fight, fust as the | 
untrained farmers of 1775 fought for Liberty. All in all, combined, 1 
they could annihilate all those foreign troops, all the Reds, all the 
inflamed negroes, as our forefathers of 1775 annihilated the British 
and their Hessians. There is only one way to prevent such a grave 
danger— "completely disarm ALL of ihe American people— confiscate 
all types of weaponry and ammunition." Just how was that to be 
accomplished? Simple. Have Congress approve and pass a Bill making 
possession of a gun, "any kind of gun," and ammunition a CRIMINAL 
offense. So they had a New York Congressman, one Anfuso (Remember 
that name!), submit a Bill (HR613) to accomplish that kind of a Law. 

He has been submitting that BILL year after year — so far, with no success. 

Fellow-American, what you have read in this "Section** is not 
fantasy. Every statement in it is based on concrete fact — on 

In 1949 an alerted and outraged citizenry in California 
FORCED a stubbornly reluctant Legislature to review and 
rescind an act of treason, the UWF “RESOLUTION.” The very 
same acts of treason are being committed in Washington. I have 
provided the full proof of it. It is up to the American people 
in ALL communities to FORCE our CONGRESS to do NOW 
what we in California did in 1949. 

Now please read again the first "section** of this “BULLETIN” 

— digest it — ^then let your hearts and your love of Country teU 
you what to do. 



July 8, 1964 


Your letter of July 3rd, with enclosure, has been 

Although I would like to be of service, the files of 
the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department 
of Justice and are available for official use only. You may be 
interested in knowing that Mr. Myron C, Fagan or representatives 
of tlfe ^inema EducationalJGuild. Jnc. . definitely do not have access 
to the files of the FBI. I am returning the pamphlet you forwarded 
to me. 

Sincerely yours, 


NOTE: Only reference in Bufiles identifiable with correspondent is 
feet that correspondent's wife verified information in a CSecurity 
of Government Employees case. 


Belmont _ 



Callahan . 

t Trotter 

MS (3) 

't'"' 0 nsiw.gij 




July, 3-1964 

Mr J.Eggard Hoover 
¥/asliington,D . C . 

Dear I'^r Hoover^- 

Inclose find a letter can you tell me 
if tlie information printed on this t is correct. 

Have folks that vrant me to pass out this inf ormation,hut 
don’t want to do so if it is not correct. 

Thanking you, Vfi th Bp^.g-h , , 

,o JUL 9 1964X 



July 8, 1964 


Dear Mrs. 





--?n * 

* t 



hH o 

Your letter of June 29th^ v/ith enclosures^ has been 







Although I would like to be of service, the files of 
the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of 
Justice and are available for official use only. You may be ij^^rested 
in knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of the cinema. 
E ducationa l Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to the files of 
the A am returning the material you forwarded to me. 

Sincerely yours, 

Edgar Hoover 


JULd"* ItiUH 


Enclosures (3) 

NOTE: Bufiles have no record on correspondent. 














Tele. Room 

MS (3) 


SJUL 211964 

Gandy , 






/ ; 

± ^ 






June 29, 1964’ 

Dear Mr. Hoover, 

I received the attached leaflets in the mail. At 
first I was shocked. It seemed unbelievable. Now I am 

There are so many contradictory statements 
flying back and forth these days, I would like to know what is 
what. Can you please tell me if there is any truth in these 

Thank you very much for any help you can give 
mean this matter. 



m-o oi 

2JUL10 1SS4 r 

1 - True Copy 


b6 ■ 

July 14, 1964 

m err 
o r— 


' * zx:> 

cog Ca> 
? Ul 

hH O 



I have received your letter of July 9th, with enclo^re^ 


and want to thank you for forwarding this data. I want to assure 
you that neither Myron C. Fagan, National Director of the Cinema 
Educational Guild, Inc. , nor any of his representatives have ever 
had access to the files of the FBI. 

Sincerely yours, " v 

I. Edgar HooveB 



^ NOTE: Bufiles contain no information with respect to Miss, 

, The Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. , is allegedly an anticommunist 
i group which has been responsible for the distribution of anticommunist, 
anti -Negro and anti-Semitic pamphlets. 


Belmont _ 



Callahan . 


DeLoach , 



Sullivan . 
Tavel . 

WAMteal ^ 


July 9, 1964 






Mr*. J. Edgar Hoover, 

Federal Bureau of Investigatioh, 
Washington, B, C. 

Dear Mr« Hoover; 

The enclosed 


"Special May, 19 6[i. Bull eWn , .“ tfe TTrgent Call To All 

' June 11 , JNorttr'Hol'l'^ood, 

T^e more I look at this "yellow sheet", the more I feel_.that it 
should be turned over to the P.B.I. I wrote Myron C.^agan, 
national Director, that this sheet was mailed to me wittiout my 
requesting it., .and what I, as a loyal, patriotic American citizen, 
feel about such anti-American propaganda. 

The freedom of speech which Americans are privileged to enjoy, 
is not a license to lie.. .and these"hate oui? leaders" propaganda 
distributors, I feel, are doing our country great harm. 

I sincerely trust that your office will look into this organization 
as well as the many others that are flooding our mails with similar 

I have follox'ored this"hate" materials since the protestant ministers 
attempted at the National Democratic Convention in I960 to have a 
resolution adopted that no one of the Catholic faith be allowed to 
be nominated as a candidate for the office of President of the 
United States, x^rhich was in strict violation of our honorable 
Constitution which makes It clear that a person's religion shall 
have no bearing on his right to hold publ-'c office, 

Lee Oswald xiras a victim of "hate propaganda" ...and most likely in 
his twisted mind felt he would become a hero if he murdered our 
late and honorable President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Unless this, 
hate propaganda is curbed other great American leaders may be 

I have answered as much of this propaganda that my busy schedule 
kas permitted,, .and my mail box has become a receptacle for material 
similar to this sheet I am en^osing, ^ 

^y truly yours, 


“O xTTJ 






I ^ha^® ibbb'n . . . and am nox'j , . J ' . 

e two Nashville newspapers. . .Banner and Tenne>^sean .for the past 
35 years. 

Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. 









: Through the years, since 1947, we have issued many ^^SPECIAL 

BULLETINS'" similar to this one . . , hut each one was devoted 
to some specific very vital matter, such as the exposition of the 
P BED CONSFiRAIlY' in''^HOLLYWOOD“thfe emodtion' of the ' 
I plete unmasking of the “UNESCO” plot — the unmasking of the 
plot by Eisenhower and Nixon to repeal the Connally Amend- 
menf—lixQ exposition of the “UNITED NATIONS” menace to 
om: nation, etc,, etc. 

As a rule, all of our “SPECIAL BULLETINS” were addressed 
i to the attention of our (CEG) members, but the information and 
directives in this “SPECIAL,” are so extremely vital to ALL 
Americans that I address it to ALL “FELLOW AMERICANS,” 
in the fervent hope that not only our members, but all of our 
I* non-member contacts will join in a movement to get copies of it 
|j to all other Americans in their communities. 

I . I wont try to impress upon you HOW vital this document is — 

^ I prefer that you read, re-read it, digest it, and decide for your- 
! self. But this I will say: It means the salvation of our Free Amer- 
ica for you — and for your childreni 

\ — ^ • 

I’ All members of CEG are fully aware that Washington is a 
; monstrous nest of treason. I — and many others — ^have time after 
time stressed that fact with documentary evidence. You and I 
' know that as long as both of our national political Parties are 
controlled by the Masterminds of the Great Conspiracy (the Coun- 
• cil on Foreign Relations — CFR) we cannot look to the President 
- for salvation of., our country— or to Ae State Pepartaent,_or,. 
^nbef^^TDepartmSiCor'^t^ANT’FeSefal Agency 
; the Wiite House. In addition, we know full well that the U.S. 
Supreme Court is dedicated (by CFR) to the destruction of our 
Constitution and the protections that Document is supposed 
i to guarantee for all of us. 

5 Our only hope for salvation of our nation lies in our Congress — 

I because the people CAN control that branch of our government — 

P Congress CAN stop the President dead in his tracks . . . Ditto 
I the State Department and ALL Federal Agencies . . . ditto *"ihe 
[ nine old merf of the Supreme Court ... ft CAN smash the en- 
I tire Conspiracy by thorough investigations of the State Depart- 
ment and CFR — also the ADL and the NAACP and similar or- 
r ganizationSi ^ 

I Unfortunately, however, time after time after time Congress 
I too has betrayed the American people. In August 1962 we issued 
' a "‘Special Bulletin" in which we revealed the voting records of 
; all the men in both Houses of Congress . . . those records showed 
how they had been betraying us — and still do! ! I Nevertheless, 

I still say that we, the people, CAN control Congress — and thus 
stop ALL the TREASON in Washington , . . But, first, let me 
show WHY Congress has been betraying us: 

Politics is the filthiest and most vicious "‘game"" in our society. 

To the general run of politician TRUTH— HONESTY— IN- I 
TEGRITY are merely obnoxious words in the dictionary. His I 
paramoimt rule of life is ELECTION. To achieve that he will I 
scheme, connive, cheat, lie, promise anything and everything — I 
then, OULCe elected, he blithely and unscrupulously gocs^ on 
betray his promises and his OATH. 

In all fairness, however, that is not true of ALL the members^B 
of Congress. A considerable number of them remain true and ^ 
loyal de^ite all pressures, all bribes, all coercions. There is an- 
other ty]^*® Representative and Senator, men who would like 
to be honest solons, but, who, lacking the integrity and manhood 
of the (above) first category, succumb in return for ""Federal | 
Patronage,"" or surrender to threats of NO ""Federal Patronage "" . . . ' 
phony ""liiilitary Genius"" Eisenhower played that game to .a fair- 
ye-well; l^other prime example was Kennedy's politicking in 
Pennsylvania in 1962 when he bluntly and brazenly told the 
voters that if they wanted jobs in Defense Plants they'd have to 
vote for and elect his chosen men — or no Defense contracts for 
their communities . . . some of this same categoiy are bribed by 
the support, financial and otherwise, of so-called Labor . . . 
some who represent Pistricts (and States) heavily populated by 
so-called Minority Groups are swayed by what they think their 
Minority Groups require of them. Many of this second category 
of solons can be salvaged and restored to complete loyalty — once 
they know that their alerted constituents are watching them! 

On the other hand, there is a third category of ""men" in both 
Houses who will never vote for pro-American legislation — ^who 
ALWAYS treasonously support anti-American legislation, — and 
who frenziedly oppose ALL pro-American legislation. Among 
such .9:^© Jake_ Javits^, Ku^hel, ^ FuTbri^htj^gJl^ IJuberL^ 

"Humhhrey^' the Neuberger wo^^^^ Emmanuel Cellar, James 
Roosevelt, etc., etc. Those so-called solons are as anti-American • 
as Gus Hall, Harry Bridges and Walter Reuther are zealously 
pro-Communist. Furthermore, all other Solons with 50 to 100 
per cent anti-American voting records have been playing the 
game of the CFR, ADA, NAACP, ADL and other Fronts of the 
Great Conspiracy, and are, to all intents and purposes, in the „ 
Javits-Kuchel-Celler-Roosevelt ilk — and MUST be torpedoed out ‘ 
of the political picture! 1 1 And it CAN be done by you and you 
and you-T-i/ you will alert all the voters in your community 1 1 1 

There are two specific reasons for aU of the traitorous vot- 
ings. The^ first has already been cited; to wit: bribes, coercion, 
pressures.! The second reason is the viiixially complete control of 
our Press, of Radio, of TV. Seldom, if ever, does the Press re- 
veal how the individual solons voted for a Bill. It will report 
that 70 Senators voted FOR and 30 AGAINST the Bill— but 
they never, or almost never, reveal the names of the individuals 
who voted FOR or AGAINST. In other words, the voters are 
kept completely uninformed of how tihe men they ^dected into 
office serve them — or BETRAY them! Thus the renegade Legis- 
lators feel safe in their betrayals. Many people- think Aat most 
of the^Le^slators operate on the arrogant ""To Hell with the 
public"" principle. The reverse is very much the truth — all of ^ 

them have a deathly fear of peopled They operate their 
political chicaneries under a '‘Don*t Tell The People umbrella! 
. , . But BEAR IN MIND, we, the people, can take away that 
umbrellal—and torpedo all the traitors and renegades out of the 
> political world. J 

• ^ 



For concrete proof of the above statements I will nojv (again) 
cite what happened in 1949-50 in California. In 1949 jthe Cali- 
fornia Legislature passed the UWF's traitorous "RESOLjtJTION^ 
vinually unanimously, demanding that Confess transform the 
United States into a unit of a One-World (^UN) Goyemment. 
I You know that entire horrifying story — ^we reprinted it m "'News- 
r Bulletins"' Nos. 92 and 93; also, briefly, in 104. So you [know all 
the alibis and phony excuses the California Solons gave; for theii* 
acts of treason. But after the “RESOLUTION” was rescinded, 
and properly branded as treason, some of those Solonsi revealed 
' how they had been threatened with destruction of theu political 
careers if they didn’t ""obey"' — some were even threatened with 
complete economic (private businesses and professionsl destruc- 
tip n. But what influenced the most reluctant ones was a positive 
■■^siirance by the UWFefs that they had the Press and^all' other 
H^iss communications media FIXED so that none of %he folks 
W ^ck home" would ever know how they voted . . . ana that as- 
W surance was confirmed by all the press correspondents 'in Sacra- 
f mento — ditto all Radio and TV news analysts. And, as we know, 

I nobody, but nobody, in California even knew that sucHl a ""Reso- 
lution had been passed — ^until we ( CEG ) revealed it in our July 
i (1949) “NEWS-BULLETIN” and simultaneously flooded all of 
California with a “TRACT” containing all the rnghliglits of the 
plot. Immediately, signed copies of the ""TRACT", accompanied 
by angry letters and telegrams, began to pour into Sacramento. 
At first, some of the Solons responded with supercilious (some 
arrogant and insulting) replies. But as each of our succeeding 
monthly ""Bulletins" " ^ammexed away with fxnrther horrifying 
revelations which brought ever-increasing malanches of angry 
letters from ""the folks back home," the Solons became; less arro- 
gant, less supercilious — they desperately tried to conciliate. But 
it didn’t work — the anger of the ""constituents" increased by leaps 
and bounds . . . and the panic was on! Finally, in March (1950) , 
defying aU frenzied appeals and threats from the UWF, the 
Legislature held joint sessions — and rescinded the ""RESOLU- 

Now, here is 'the most significant point of that inddent: when 
we first launched our campaign for the rescission of the UWF 
“RESOLUTION,” although our very first “BULLETIN” fully 
.revealed the treason in that “RESOLUTION.” The California 
^ Solons resorted to a ""don'tknow anything about if stance. There- 
upon we issued a proclamation that, immediately after ^ey came 
off the press, copies of each and every ""Bulletir^^ and ""Tmct" had 
been delivered to each and every Assemblyman and State Sena- 
tor. Thus every Solon Icnew that their treason was piown to 
all of their constituents, knew that all further denials, excuses 
and alibis would only reveal to their constituents that jhey were 
deliberate liars as well as traitors. Hence the panic. With ELEC- 
TIONS in the offing, the Solons did not dare to face the wrath 
of the voters . . . And here is further proof of the effectiveness of 
that technique*, practically every Solon who had opposed the 
rescission was overwhelmingly defeated in the* 1950 elections — 
and driven out of politics! ! ’j 

I will cite one more incident to completSy establisl^ ,that that 
technique of ""signed Tracts and angry letters is our most power- 
ful weapon in our fight to save our Country: 

Eisenhower’s last act in office, on orders from the Mdkerminds 
I of the Great Conspiracy (the CFR), was his frenzied attempt to 
force the repeal of the ""Connally Amendment," You know all 
about that— how, using "f Federal Patronage" as his bludgeon, he 
forced more than 70 Senators to pledge themselves to vote FOR 
■ the repeal. Well, we (CEG) promptly employed the very same 

procedures that torpedoed the UWF 'RESOLUTION” to torpedo 
this attempted act of rank treason. As you may recall, two days 
before the ""repear was to be voted, all of the 70 pledged (and 
now panic-stricken) Senators warned the phony ""Military Gen- 
ius" that, regardless of aU ""No Federal Patronage" threats^ they’d 
have to vote AGAINST repeal ,,, the Bill was promptly with- 


The above incidents are only two of a number of similar trea- 
son plots, but I cite them for a specific reason: we lowered the 
boom on the renegades in the California Legislature in 1950, an 
election year. We might not have been as successful in an off- 
year. The same condition prevailed when we fought the plot to 
repeal the ""Connally Amendment" — ^we launched our fight dur- 
ing an election year — those 70 ""pledged" Senators might not have 
been as panic-stricken had we launched our fight after ibe elec- 
tions of 1960 . . . bear that in mind as you read further— hear in 
mind that during the next six months your Representative and 
Senator will be desperately seeking re-election — and their re-elec- 
tion depends on you— they know that. Therefore, tell them IN NO 
UNCERTAIN LANGUAGE that they wiU NOT get your vote 
unless they fulfill ypur demands! 

Today our nation is in greater danger than it has ever been — 
far greater danger than it was just a year ago ... we have just 
the months between now and the November election to save 
our nation — or to surrender it! We still CAN save it if we can 
alert all loyal Americans to the danger — and show them how 
they can avert that danger. If you and you and you who receive 
this ""Special-Bulletin" will get copies of it into the hands of all 
the voters in your commimities— and if aU of them will carry out 
the directives in this document, we positively CAN achieve, our 
salvation. Following are the directives: 

1) The real cancer in our nation is the “UNITED NATIONS” 
— because that is the CFKs housing for their ""One-Wbrld Gov- 
ernment," Every sub-plot for the destmction of our nation stems 
from that ""Trojan Horse" within our borders. UNESCO, the DIS- 
ARMAMENT plot, the “GENOCIDE” plot, the “World Court” 
plot> the “NEGRO REVOLUTION,” etc., etc., all stem from that 

When I wrote “THIEVES’ PARADISE” (play) I had hoped 
it would alert the entire nation to the true character of ihe UN — 
and I would have succeeded had the Press given it the same 
consideration that it gave all my other more than 40 plays. But, 
as you know, they did everything in their power to suppress it — 
and they succeeded. Thereupon, I told that entire story in our 
""UN Tract No, 1 and UN Tract No, 2," Both of those ""Tracts" 
demanded a Congressional investigation of the UN — open to the 
public. Had we succeeded in gettinig such an investigffionTt 
would have smashed the entire Conspiracy — ^it would have un- 
masked every traitor in the State Department, the Defense De- 
partment, in the White House, in the CIA, in ALL Federal Agen- 
cies. Nowthen, Rep. James B. Utt long ago submitted a Bill for 
such an investigation, as did Bruce Alger and others, but aU those 
Bills have been locked up in the Judiciary Committee headed by 
Rep. Emmanuel Celler. If enough Representatives will get be- 
hind Utt they not only could force that Bill to a vote, but tor- 
pedo the traitorous Celler out of his chairmanship and out of the 
House of Representatives*. Therefore, I URGE you to sign copies 
of the two tJN Tracts and send them as a unit to your Repre- 
sentative with a ""do it, or else" letter . . . and get everyone you 
know in your Community to do likewise. Please, please do it im- 
mediately for the love of God — and the salvation of our Coun- 

Do the same with the following demands, all embodied in var- 
ious of our Tracts: 

1) “GENOCIDE.” For years the Masterminds of the Great 
Conspiracy have been trying desperately to fprce our Senate to 
grant this UN plot a special ' Treaty" status. Our ""Genocide Tract" 
clearly reveals how “GENOCIDE” would place all W^te Chris- 

5) Our ^Tract No. 8" entitled the "JFK-LBJ DEATH TRAJ? 
FOR US” clearly reveals the entire DISARMAMENT PLOT 
launched by JFK and zealously pursued by Johnson. It reveals 
( the plot to transfer all of our Armed Forces to the UN — and 
then transform the U, S. into a unit of a UN One-World Govern- 
T' mont. Read it — ^you will immediately join in the fight to FORCE 
Congress to haul up Johnson and his traitorous co-workers for 
the destruction of our nation — ^haul them in, try them, and give 
them the same treatment that Norway gave Quisling and France 
meted out to Pierre Laval. 

tian Americans under complete COMMUNIST UN control. 

2) Equally as important as the UN Tracts, is our SCJ No. 1 
Tract This ‘TTract” demands the impeachment of EARL WAR- 
REN and the other pro-Communist Justices. The ‘Traci” pro- 
vides all the horrifying reasons why Warren MUST be impeach- 
ed. Read the ‘Traci” — after you have digested it I won’t have 
to urge you to send it to your Representatives in Washington, 
together with ANGRY Letters. 

mitted by the men and/or organizafions named in it In other words, 
each 'Tract" supplements your letter, or vice versa, and saves you th^ 
work of outlining your grievances in your letters. MCF.) \^\ 

Now, I fully realize that in assigning the above jobs to you I 
am astog for a great deal from you, but there is still another very 
vital job to do, and that is: 


3) The “UNESCO” Tract: I cannot stress too strongly the vast 
importance of this ‘Traci”~and why “UNESCO” MUST be 
Aoroughly mvestigated by Congress— and OUTLAWED! Read 
it — and realize how it is being used to brainwash your children to 
hate parents and patriotism. THAT was what it was set up to do. 
If oidy for the protection and salvation of YOUR children you 
MUST organize all your friends and neighbors to FORCE Con- 
gress to take action immediately. 

4) Our ‘WcrZd Court"" Tract clearly reveals the entire plot to 
repeal the *^Coxinally Amendment* and thus place our nation un- 
der the absolute control of the UNITED NATIONS ^^World 
Court "" . . . read it — it will scare you half to death — then sign it 
and send it, together with an angry letter, to yom: Representa- 
tive and Senators — and get all your friends and neighbors to do 

(Note; Don't send all of the above 'Tracts" in one letter. First send the 
two UN 'Tracts" as a unit— a few days later send the SCJ No. 1 (IMPEACH 
WARREN) 'Tract." In short, allow a few days interval between each 
"Tract" and letter— and DEMAND answers. Drops of .wafer can wear away 
a stone— a constant stream of signed 'Tracts" and letters will make your 
Representative and Senators realize you mean REAL business— and will 
scare them to death in this election year. There' is one reason why I urge 
you to concentrate on the "UN Tracts" and letters— that reason is based 
on the fact that when and if we will kill the UN it will automatically kill all 
the other UN plots. The Conspirators know that— that is why they are so 
desperately trying to railroad our Senate into granting TREATY status for 
UNESCO, for GENOCIDE, etc., etc. MCF.) 

I won’t try to tell you in this limited space just how vital it is 
to smash the treason in the Motion Picture and TV industries — 
neither an epidemic of Smallpox or Cholera is as deadly poison- 
ous to our nation as the Reds in both Hollywood and TV. In 1961 
WOOD AND TV,” in which I reviewed in detail aU of the 
poisonous treason committed by both industries up to that time. 
But what they have been doing since then is far more heinous. 
In our May (1964) **News-Bulletin"" (No. 104) I reveal ihat en- 
tire horrifying story. I couldn’t even scratch the surface of their^ 

-treason -in this-document — I-XJRGEnyou to'^gct-a-copy^oFthc-May'^ 
issue. What you will read in it will horrify you, sicken you, terrify 
you, but it wiU also enrage you into the kind of fighting spirit we 
MUST have to destroy those sources of treason — ^it will make you 
want to use your own two hands to tear limb from limb every 
Red and Fellow-Traveller in those industries — also the TV Spon- 
sors who bring that poison right into your living room . . . you 
will find complete instructions in **News-Bulletin" No. 104 how 
YOU can help to destroy those sources of treason. 

6) Our ‘‘Tract No. 9” demands a Congressional thorough in- 
vestigation of our State Department. For one thing, this ‘"Tract"" 
, reveals how, using the “CULTURAL EXCHANGE’^ gimmick, ihe 
State Department opened the doors to ALL of our Defense 
Plants to Russian spies — ^how it gave the Russians access to all 
our secret armaments. Such an investigation will automatically 
reveal how top officials of that Department delivered Cuba to 
Castro and Moscow — and consistently aided and abetted Com- 
munists in take-overs of other Latin American countries, as well 
as the “new nations"" in Africa and Asia, We MUST FORCE Con- 
gress to unmask all the treason in the State and Defense Depart- 
ments, in CIA and USIA! Avalanches of signed “Tracts"" and 
angry letters will do it. 

My friend, I repeat, I am asking a great deal of you, but let 
me show you that, just as the immortal Douglas MacArthur 
never asked his lowliest soldiers to do anything that he himself 
would not do, I am not asking you to do even as much as I have 
been doiag for seventeen years. Now let me tell you a little sec- 
ret: Today I am approaching my 77th birthday— back in the 
years when I was at the height of my career in the theatre I 
promised myself and my wife that when I would reach my 65th 
birthday I would cease all activities and devote myseH to the 
quiet joys of life for the remaining years we would be on earth. 
Then, in 1946, 1 was made aware of what was happening to my 
beloved country— and all my plans and hopes and dreams of a 
leisurely old age vanished. My country was in grave danger 
and from that day to this I have devoted every hour of my life 
to try to avert that danger — ^my career became, in my own small 
way, that of a Paul Revere and a Patrick Henry — ^my only future 
is the’future of my country . . . and I will continue to fight for 
it to the last day that God will keep me here. 

In view of that, am I asking too much of you when I plead with 
you to mobilize aU your friends ancJL neighbors in your commu- 
nity into another Aimy of “Christian Soldiers"" fighting for God 
and Country? After aU, it is your country just as much as it is 
mine . . . even more important, it is the country in which your 
children will have to live. 


(Note:— I stress the use of "signed Tracts" for one vital reason: Each 
'Tract" is like a "legal brief" in that it chronologically lists the acts com- 

Through the years I have constantly been urging all of our 
contacts, even non-members, to help increase our active mem- 
bership. My reason for that is simple: the best “fighting soldier" 
is the one who knows exactly what he is fighting for, whom to 
fight, and how to fight the Enemy. Thats what makes ovi 
^^CEG) members such “crack troops" in this war. Our monthly 
‘News-Bulletins"" and “Special Bulletins"" keep them fully inform- 
ed of every twist and turn of the Enemy. We scorn the ADL’s 
threats and “Anti-Semitic"" smears — ^we scorn all the threats of 
the NAACP, of CORE, of the URBAN LEAGUE— we are not 

j^the least bit intimidated by the threats of the "*powers4hat-be^* in 
I Washington, We publish all the facts of treason withoiit fear of 
consequences, without regard for where ""the chips may fglV That 
is the ammunition we provide for our members — and all of them 
make wonderful use of it That’s why if we had twent^^ or even 
ten, additional members in your community they would awaken 
all the sleeping Americans in your midst. That’s what ^e MUST 
have— a fully awakened nation. That would bring such ava- 
lanches of angry letters to all Representatives and Senators that 
Congress would be FORCED to give us the action we demand — 
the only action that will save our nation. Just the start of ;impeach- 
ment proceedings against Warren, or the start of an investigation 
of the State Department, or of 1he UN, will do a complete job of 
unmasking ALL the traitors — ^just one such investigation will 
L completely unmask the CFR — ^it will smash the entir^ Interna- 
r tionalist-Communist Conspiracy. Please, PLEASE get lis the ad- 
ditional ""Christian Soldiers'" we desperately need in your com- 
munity . . . please help us to get copies of this ""Bulletin^" into the 
hands of every American in every community. We must start 
our action IMMEDIATELY. We CAN win this fight— we 
have only from now to November to do it Between no\y and No- 
vember all Representatives and many Senators will come to their 
constituents and plead for re-election — we must tell thjem NOW 
"bu what conditions- we will vote for -them — let’s dd 

what we did with that UWF RESOLUTION in 1949-50 
Please write me TODAY and tell me you are with us — to win this 
final battlel 

few letters for us. One dollar will finance 8 letters — ^ten dollars 
will finance 80 letters — one hundred dollars will finance 800 
letters. Also, you may have friends and neighbors you’d like to 
'"alerty" but can’t spare the time to do it — or you may prefer to 
be anon)mious — send us the list and the financing and we wiU 
be very glad to do it for you , . . Let's get MILLIONS of copies 
of this ""BULLETIN" into circulation. 


As I have always told you, we depend upon our membership 
dues to defray aU of our operational activities. We get no financial 
help from Foundations — ^we are too patriotic for them. Now we 
have this tremendous, and tremendously vitah ]oh to do. It will 
require an enormous amount of printing, labor, postage — ^but 
I am sure you agree that it is a MUST job. So I now repeat my 
previous request: please endeavor to enlist some of your friends 
to become CEG members. The dues are only $12.00 a year — sure- 
ly, the salvation of our glorious country is worth $12.00 to all 
loyal Americans . . . also, if you have not yet sent in your dues 
for 1964, please do it now — ^TODAY ... we need it NOW to 
-.cover Jha.trj^mend^ mailing, to launch ^this profegt to smash the 
CONSPIRACY — every extra dollar we wiU receive^will'enable 
us to do just that much more. PLEASE DO IT TODAYl 

Yours for God and Country, 


To get this project into QUICK action we must contact all the 
patriots throughout the nation {including non-members of CEG) 
who co-operated with some of our other projects. That means 
apprbkimately> 30,00Q individuals, plus heads of all' patiiotic 
groups, American Legion and VFW Posts, DAR Chapters, etc. 
We are mailing this '"Special Bulletin” to 15,000 of these care- 
fully picked patriots, but we do not have the finances to cover fte 
other 15,000. If you approve of our objective, please finance a 

All our "News-Bulletins" are 50 cents per copy— 25 cents to CEG mem- 
bers . . . our Tracts are $2.00 for 100 copies. 

Additional copies of this "Special Bulletin" can be had for 15c a single 
copy— or 10c per copy in quantities. This "Special Bulletin" can help 
you to interest your friends in our objective. * 


(a non-profit corporation^ 

Myron C. Fagan, National Director 
P. O. Box 46205, Cole Branch 

Believing that the American Screen, Stage, Radio and Television are essentially Public Service 
Institutions, I endorse the efforts of CINEMA EDUCATIONAL GUILD to rid those Institutions of 
Communists and Communistic propaganda, and do hereby apply for fellowship. 

I subscribe, and herewith enclose, the sum of $ to cover fellowship. 

BASIC FELLOWSHIP FEE IS $12.00 PER YEAR ... A voluntary increase wiU be deeply appreciated. 







THE h^ASHVllLE TENNESSEAN. Monday, luly 6, 1964 J .n 

/srfiom'as jJ/rPomrA# 
Nashville, eiior|and PuWisher 
of Farm and Ran(jh\P'lbJi<^; 
tions. will; 1)6; 

speaker at a pnlitical''cony®*'tion 

of the National \Conseet!ve 

Council heglHning ‘July W 'ln 
Chicago. Ill . \ r^; 

The counc'ill a third -Ijarty 
movement claiming hatiohfvde 
support, made the ahnoui^®®| 
ment yesterday in discIpsIhS' 
plans for the I meeting. 'Andfn 
son's wife j/vas, listed as chaff 
man of two of the convention® 
committeesi Ifl ! \ ’ 

Irspn Keynoter For 

]) ‘Ah®la’^5o'n, of. candidate, or other GOPjat the closing 

The couriciljs chairman, Johy 
W. Carter b^pahville, Va., affi 
nounced earlier this year' tha| 
the council would nominate a 
presidential cah'didate if the Re- 
publicans do 'hof choose a “con- 
stitutional conservative." 

I ^ ill i 

CARTER Hi/ikS declined say 
whether Sen. j Barry Goldwater, 
the front -running Republican 

candidate, or any other GOP at the closing session of the two- 
hopeful would fit the definition, jjgy pgHy, 

Yesterday Anderson spoke at council whose convention 
a New England “Rally for God, j^derson will keynote later this 
.Family and Country” in Boston, j^gnth in Chicago has ma;de ai> 
attendfid^ by some J00_ J jarsons- ran^rements to put its wndidate 
T-he'^^wlle publiiher attackecf |qj. president on the ballot of 
thk late President John F. Ken-^g^y g^gjgg gf the "Uniom and 
hedv as “an extremist who jg forking at “ballot positions” 
S«d have been impeached'' 
and "said of President Johnson: k 
will do whatever will ■ 
prpfit him most. He never held ■ 
a job in private industry. He sH 
ilnow worth $10 million to $15 
'million. X want to know how. 

also former 

Presidents Franklin D. Roose- 

■ '•i 





in many others, - according to 
Carter, its cHaimi^an. *' \ 
COUNCIL affiliates, in 30 
states have' indicated they will 
send delegates to the July 23 
convention. SaCh state ,is to be 
allowed as many delegates as 
it has electoral votes,' 

In Virginia, a state/ conserva- 
tive cpiitjpiKaffiliated with the 
national/gcCup is backing a pre- 
sidential .ticket , d ( .Gcldwater 
and Texas Republican Sen. John 
Tower. ^Virgftiia, -Will have 12 
delegate' vqles. j 
The^ National: Conservative 
Counc}’' WPS vformed in Rich- 
mond'fast '|’ebi;uary. 

THE ^NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN* Monday. )uly 6, 1964 

orter Goes to Church 

Religious News' 'Editor ' 

The congregatldiv at 'Stil^juil’s 
Lutheran Chuith yesterd^ was 
told to learn to 'do.ok unckev 

:he courage to jump, according 
:o a newspaper account. 

Moeser said the attitude of the 
lecklers in the crowd said that 
‘life is cheap.” By contrast, he 
said, Jesus taught that “life is 
not cheap” and laid down “a 
standard of love,” according to 
which “the highest gift man can 
give is his life.” 

IN MATTHEW 5, he said, Jesus 
taught that a man should be re- 
conciled to “his brother” before 
"offering a gift upon the altar." 


Mr. I 

Dear Mr. | } 

Your letter of July 10th has been received. 

In response to your inquiries, information contained in 
the files of the FBI must be maintained as confidential in accordance 
VTith regulations of the Department of Justice and is available for '~(1 
official use only, I regret I am unable to be of help in this instance gp 
but trust you will understand the necessary reasons for this policy. 

1 can assure you that neither Mr. Myron Fagan nor representatives ^ 
of the Cinema Fducatioiml Guild, Inc. , have access to the files of 
this Bureau. 

Tolson _ 
Belmont . 
/ y - Mohr 

I Casper _ 
’ Callahan 

Conrad _ 

II Evans — 

Gale — 
; Rosen _ 
\ Sullivan 

Enclosed is a copy of the list of organizations which 
have been cited as subversive by the Departmeint of Justice of the 
United States pursuant to Executive Order 10450, in addition to some 
other material which I trust will be of interest. You may also wish 
to secure a copy of "Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications, " 
prepared and released by the House Committee on Un-American 
Activities. In it are listed groups and periodicals which have been 
cited by various state and Federal agencies, and a copy of it can be 
purchased for seventy cents from the Superintendent of Documents, 

U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. 20402. 


JUL 151964 


Sincerely yours,-- 

J. Edgar Ho5^ 





Enclosures (5) pr |3 

List of Subversive Organizations 
A/l*l/Q2 Internal Security statement 
4/1/61 LEB Introduction itJ-t fjn j -h .ic-b 
NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. 
DFC:kpl (3) „y 

Faith in God — Our An'gnver to Communi^ 
Let’s Fight Communism Sanelyl 



Jit 15 ?23P«’g.| 


Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation - 
Washington 25 > D. C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

A tract {”Red Stars") has come t^©^^ attention; written 
by Myron C . Fagan published by CBilEMA JE DJISAII-QIjrAL^ GUILD , 
INC., P. u. box h6205 . Hollyw6od-Ti:57Calif ornia . This is 
"verTstaxtling newsif true or very vindictive, to some 
individuals, if it is false. 

How reputable is Mr; Fagan? How authentic are the charges 
made on this tract and in his booh "DOCUMENTATIONS of the 
is a good readily available source of informat iono on 
Communist (Party & Members) activities. People such as 
Byran Rustin, organizer of the March on Washington; ^ames 
Farmer of CORE; the controlling powers of the National 
Counicl of Churches; Walter and Victor Reuther of the UAW; 
Martin Luther King, Jr. of the Southern Council of Christian 
Churches . 


August 21, i964 


%'« - f 7 i 7- 9 


Dear Mrs/I 




Your letter of August 17th, with enclosure, 
has been received. 

Although I would like to be of service, the 
files of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of 
the Department of Justice and are available for official use 
only. . You may be interested in knowing that Mr. Myron C. 
Fagan or representatives of th^inema Educational Guild,, hic. , 
definitely do not have access to the file^oo1us*Buf^ 

I am returning your enclosure. 

Sincerely yours, 
'Si Ea^ Re^/^ . , 

NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. 

CJJ:fcl (3) 

te2/' I2u7FH’S‘I 

REC'D-REAdiNG room 

• 4 


Aug. 17, 1964 

I would like to know if this is a reliable phamplet. 

Thank You, 

Address per envelope: 

8 AUG 24 ,364 • 

September 10» 1964 



Bear Miss[ 





CD g 

Your letter of September 4th has been receive^ 5 

AlthOi^h I would like to be of service, the files § 
of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the ^ 
Department of Justice and are available for official use only. 

You may be interested in knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan and 
representatives of the Cinema Educational Guilds hic. , definitely 
do not have access to the files of the FBI. 







This Bureau does not maintain statistics on the 
religious affiliations of criminal offenders. 


SEP 1®)1S64 

Sincerely yours, 

^ Edgar Hoovgp 





Casper t 

Callahan — 









Tele. Room 



NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. 



Dear Sir, 

Thru the mail my mother received a 
tract that smells ©f a real hate outfit. 

It- was from theO * Cinema, Educational Guil d” 
P.O. Box 46205 Cole Branch , li^lywood , CafTfT” 
Could you give any information re- 
garding the background of this outfit? We 
don’t know where they got our name and also 
don’t want to be on their mailing list. 

I would like to know (while I’m v/rite- 
ing this letter) if there is any breakdown 
on different religions and the %©f criminals 
who profess to belong to these different 
denominations? I ’am a bible student and 
greatly interested in finding out if a 
religion is the deterrant that it should be. 

G5A GEN. REG. NO. 27 ^ 



Director , FBI 

SAC, Birmingham (100-0) 

DATE : 9/29/ 64 



Enclosed herewith is a photostatic copy of two pages of 
information put out, apparently by the Cinema Educational Guild, 
Inc. , P« 0. Box 46205, Hollywood, California concerning certain 
individuals in the movie industry as well as television, who are 
stated to be more than 200 of the most rabid "Reds" and "Fellow 
Travelers." It refers to the red conspiracy in Hollywood and 
in TV. 

One copy is encl^^'^-^^^^^ Bureau and one for the Los 
Angeles Office. The^copy received by the Birmingham Office is 
being ret ained in the file. It was furnished by Mr.| 

3 JISAF^ employee, Birmingham CMO. Hayes International 
Gor pll'il^Birmingham . /telephone at home l L In directing it 

to the Birmingham Office he asked that the FBI verify if the 
contents of this two page letter are true. 

The information from Mr. I has been acknowledged by 

letter, and no action is being taken at Birmingham concerning this 
information since the individuals apparently are residents of the 
Los Angeles area. 

It would appear that if indices searches at the Bureau and 
in the Los Angeles Office as to each individual named thereon 
should disclose the name of some individual about whom no in- 
formation is known as to whetlier or not the individual has Communist 
inclinations or is a Communist, appropriate investigation might 
be instituted to det^mine any information to indicate Communist 
inclinations on the_^|^rt of such individuals. 

^Weau (sZ ' K 

2 Los Angeles (enc-1) r-y ^ ^ 

1 Birmingham / 

_ „ y* . / .5 OCT 2 1964 • 

KEC E J (2 ^ ^ ^ ^ 

October 5, 1964 


Dear Mss 



Your letter of Septeaiber 28th has been 




— f 












Althoi^h I vjould like to be of service, the files of the 
FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of 
Justice and are available for official use only* You may be interested 
in kao^ng that Mr* Myron C. Fagan or representatives of the Cinema 
Educational Guild,^lnc*, definitely do not have access to the files of 
the FBI. 

Sincerely yours, 
5. EcfeaF RdmF 


OCT 5-1964 




is not identifiable in Bufiles. 

(3) - 

Tolson _ 
Belmont , 


Casper _ 
Conrad _ 

Gale - ^ 




Trotter ' 

Tele. Room 



12 w 


J « Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau ot Investigation 
Washington, D. G. 

Dear Sirs 

Will you please advise me if Cinema 
Ed ucatlonaJl_Gru ll.d^ Inc., P. 0. Box 
4&205, Hollywood 46, California is a 
legitimate corporation? 

They have put out a pamphlet listing 
Bennett Cerf among over 200 other 
actors and aotress-^s^ef as communists* 

Thanking you. 

October 5, 1964 

J -n 

}—■ ? G> 


Bethe sda 14, Maryland. __ 

Dear Mrs. McGarvey: 

Your letter of September 30th, with enclosures, 
has been received during Mr. Hoover's absence from the city. 
You may be assured your communication will be broii^ht to his 
attention upon his return. 

Due to budgetary limitations, the material you 
desire cannot be furnished. 


OCT 5-1964 



Sincerely yours, 

Helen W* Gandy 

NOTE; Bufiles reflect that an individual named Mrs. | 

of the ^tate of Maryland, possibly identical with correspondent, was a member 
of the Friends of the Soviet Union in 1941, a cited organization. Other 
references to this individual do not contain derogatory or pertinent 
, information. It is to be noted^is individual is 81 years old. The enclosures 
to her letter were a copy of the O inema. F.dncational Gir ild^ Tup.. , written by 
Myron C. Fagan, as well as two ^all cards; one linking President Johnson 
with Bobby Baker and the other^cleverly worded card emphasizing the seeping 
influence of communism. 

Bufiles reflect that the Cinemk'''Educational Guild, Inc. , is 
allegedly an anticommunist group whiph has been responsible for the 
distribution of anticommunism, k&t£#Nerg^b5§l}^;^3;nti-Semiti pamphlets. 

Myron C. Fagan, its National Director, has, in the past, attempted to use 

WAMiems (3) 

IS (3) (Continued page 2) 


•the Director’s name in furtherance of, his program, and it has been ^ 
necessary on several oc^casions' to contact him and request that he rSfraiH; 
from mentioning the FBI in any manner. . . 

% V. . „ The correspondent mentions that she. is. distributing in. 

quantity several book's including "None r^e-Call It Treason" and' ; 

”A Texan Looks at.Lyndon’’ and/ I ’Invisible Government" by Dan Smoot.: 
Presumably, this 81-year-6ld individual,' ii suppJLied with-reprint ■ ' 
material^' wpuld'be' disseminating our mater id 'along with the above-' 
mentioned'dtems., In order Iq/pr event this," the last sentence in' the 
above, letter was'-very direct to shut -her off permanently froui requesting 
our :’mat6rial. \ ^ , ‘ 

• The "ThrOe Star "Extra’’ program she.nefers to ; 

occurr.ed at 6:45"p. m. , . ^-29‘-64, and Ray Henley discussed the . ■ ■ 
Directbr’s.'LEBlntroduction of .October, 1964, of. which reprints: . 

-do'existv •; ' . : ' . , ‘ 





5732 Bradley Boulevard 
Bethesda 14, Maryland 


Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Sir: 

Last night Ray Henley in'his "editorial” at the end 
of his program - Three Star Extra quoted your remarks regarding 
the stepped-up Communist program aimed at our college campuses 
and especially the New organization designed by devil Hall to 
deceive our youth. Kindly inform Where reprints of those remarks 
can be obtained. 

My full time is being given to the distribution of 6 little 
books, buying in lots of 1000 & selling a actual cost, usually in lots of 
100, the books being: None Dare, A Texan, A Choice, Vietnam, Must 
Barry Goldwater , Be Destroyed ? Invisible Gov*t (Smoot) ^ 

I also distribute a large amount of informative give-away 
Material, Most of Which I buy in quantity. 

A loner at 81 going strong! 

Julia McG 

ga OCt 6 1964 




Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. 


JANUARY, 1964 

lEPORT for 




Dear Fellow-American: 

Any *"Report'* of the fateful events in 1963 must begin with 
the horrifying assassination of John F. Kennedy — and it must 
end with that assassination ... If you find that statement 
ambiguous, or complex, I urge you to read this entire document 
with thoroughness — study it — digest it, and you will quickly 
see what I mean . . . you will see how this event (the assassina- 
tion of Kennedy) can spell dire consequences for our nation. 

To dispel all illusions of what I mean, I hasten to add that 
the death of John F. Kennedy, of itself, would never have brought 
any menace to the nation. He certainly was not an indispensable 
man, nor was he an irreplaceable one — as a matter of fact, it was 
at least an even chance that he would have been replaced in 
1964. It was the manner of his death that makes his assassina- 
tion a menace to our nation — it was the manner of his death 
that has made the name John F. Kennedy the most powerful in- 
strument in the entire arsenal of the Masterminds of the Great 
Conspiracy ,,, as you shall see! 

(Note; — To save time and conserve space I will now repeat what I 
stated in a recent ''Special Letter"; There is a vital reason for this "re- 
peat;" THIS is the document I am most anxious to get to all of our list 
of 30,000 non-members— that "Special Letter" contained some cogent 
information which EVERY lo'yal American should have — hence the "re- 
,peat." Also, I urgently request that all those who have read our "Special 
Letter" carefully read this "repeat," as it blends with, and clarifies, our 
plan of operation to get the whole story to all of the American people — 
and show them how THEY can smash the entire plot. MCF) 

Actually, John F. Kennedy’s death did not at all surprise me — 
although the manner of it shocked and horrified me, as it did the 
entire world. But I wasn’t surprised, because in our December 
1960 "'News-Bulletin"* 1 predicted that Kennedy would not com- 
plete his first term as President: ^ - 

There were several reasons for that prediction ... 1) I fully 
expected that Nixon would protest the vote count — which surely 
would have hurled Kennedy out of office, exactly as his grand- 
father C'Honetj" Fitzgerald) was kicked out of Congress . . . 2) 
It was commonly known that Kennedy was afflicted by a killer 
(ADDISON’S) disease, which could have cut him down any 
day ... 3) In addition, there is the superstition, supported by 
history, that any man elected to the Presidency on the even score 
of years would die in office: Abraham Lincoln was elected in 
1860 — he died in office; Garfield, elected in 1880, died in office; 
William McKinley, elected in 1900, died in office; Harding, 
elected in 1920, died in office; Roosevelt, elected in 1940 died 
in office . . . and now Kennedy! 

Moreover, immediately after that prediction appeared in our 
"News-Bulletin,"" it was confirmed by several prominent astrolo- 
gists, who stated that the stars definitely indicated that John F. 
Kennedy not only would not complete his first term, but that his 
end in office would be a violent one. 

However, I most assuredly did not want him to come to his 
end by an assassin’s bullet. 1 had hoped that the violent end 
predicted for him by the stars would come via impeachment — 
the first in our history. And, as 1 have stated, I was^ just as shock- 
ed and horrified by that dastardly act as Kennedy’s most ardent 

There was another reason why I particularly deplored the 
assassination of Kennedy. By some it might even be considered a 
selfish reason — if concern for the safety and the preservation of 
our country can be considered selfish ... I deplored that horrify- 
ing act because I knew that such a death would transform a 
common and unscrupulous politician into a national hero. It ac- 
tually did more than that; during that tragic week-end, and for 
many days after that, virtually all of the American people were 
caught up in such a state of emotionalism that they endowed 
Kennedy not only with greatness and heroism, but even with 
saintliness — it silenced all those who until the very hour of the 
assassination had been bluntly charging Kennedy with vicious 
and brazen political charlatanry — and all the Radio and TV com- 
mentators of the Howard K. Smith and Chet Huntley ilk and 
newspaper columnists of the Walter Lippmann ilk spouted the 
word "martyr"" with every mention of the assassination . . . and 
that is something that I will scotch right here and now: 

Just exactly what does the word "martyr"" mean? According to 
Webster, "a martyr is a holy man who voluntarily gave up his 
life for his Cause"" ... do I have to say anything more about 
Jack Kexmedy being a "martyrF" ... I can cite scores of evil and 

crooked deals committed by Jack Kennedy (by all the Ken- 
nedys) in his mad chase for political aggrandizement — now I 
would like to have somebody, anybody, even his mother, mention 
just one Jack Kennedy good or decent deed committed for the 
good of our country or for the benefit of our people. 

In a Foreward in our "News-Bulletin" No. 101 we stressed 
that we did not allow ourselves to be swayed by the emotionalism 
that apparently gripped the entire nation. As a matter of fact, 
that “News-Bulletin’^ was completed several days before that 
toagic event in Dallas. It was intended to be our November 
issue — and was all set to be mailed on the very day of the 
assassination. Under that circumstance we decided to hold it in 
abeyance until the full shock had worn off a bit — and people 
would begin to think (more or less) rationally again. But as the 
days went by that emotionalism, aided, abetted and encouraged 
by the Press, TV and Radio, became deeper and deeper. And 
finally we decided to issue the "News-Bulletin" — ^with an added 
Foreward in which we stressed that Kennedy’s death was no 
reason for suppression of the vital information contained in that 

During all of that enforced "wait"" I kept studying and ap- 
praising the entire incident — particularly the effects of the 
assassination on the plans and objectives or the Masterminds of 
the Great Conspiracy . . . and,' gradually, the pattern of the 
things that were to come began to emerge. 

John F. Kennedy alive had become less and less a value for 
the conspirators. His near-three years in the White House had 
not been very productive for them. He had badly botched the 
entire Cuban matter ... he had botched the fChiTishchev con- 
frontation — ^it started off with a bang and died with a wheeze . . . 
he botched the so-called civil rights project — his (and little broth- 
er Bobby" s) brazen encouragement of street demonstrations and 
_^iots hy^the Negroes and^their 3ed allies had crje_ated an angry 
resistance by the public and by Congress which he (KennedyJ^ 
could never have overcome. Every effort he exerted to push 
through his Civil Rights Bill, his Eleven Billion Dollar tax cut 
Bill, ALL of his pet Bills were, to express it mildly, stymied. And 
all the while, despite the phony (Gallup and Roper) polls, the 
"image"" of Kennedy was zooming down to an amazing low with 
both Congress and the people. It was fast becoming a foregone 
conclusion that he would not be re-elected in 1964 . . . and, by 
that token, his values to the Hierarchy of our "Invisible Govern- 
ment"" were becoming nil. 

But John F. Kennedy dead became a priceless value to them. 

Of course, it was the circumstance of his death that did it. The 
people were so shocked and horrified by the vicious brutality of 
the assassination, so drenched with sorrow for the bereaved 
Jackie, that everybody forgot and forgave Kennedy’s obvious 
political charlatanry, and when someone cried out "Martyr" they 
accepted — some with silence, some with approval. 

And that was all the "Masterminds"" needed to make them 
realize that the assassination of Kennedy was a "Godsend^" for 
their objectives. At once their controlled Mass Communications 
Media began to spout in print and on the air such adjectives as 
"Great"" . . . "Wonderful"" . . . "Valiant"" . . . "Noble"" . . . “Saintly,” 
etc., etc. To heighten the emotionalism of the people, a cry was 
raised for "Memorials"" for the "Martyr"" They began to change 
the names of Schools, of Parks, of Highways, etc., etc. . . . the 
internationally famous Idlewild Aiiport was renamed and be- 
came "Kennedy Airport"" — Cape Canaveral, almost as historic an 
American landmark as Plymouth Rock, became Cape Kennedy. 
And then going from the sublime to the ridiciolous, if there is 
anything sublime about this "memoriaV" racket, a small town in 
Alaska (Bay City), a community of less than 30 persons, not far 
from Anchorage, changed the name of their "city to "John Fitz- 
gerald Kennedy City."" But with that came a touch of ribald hu- 
mor: an Irish farmer on the outskirts of that citv proclaimed that 
inasmuch as everybody was going in for the ^'memorial"" game, 
he was renaming his ancient Chic Sale to "The John Fitzgerald 
Kennedy"" . . . This Irishman is a Catholic — naturally he had 
voted for Kennedy — much to his later regret. 

However, the people as a whole, mesmerized by what they 
read and heard, accepted and approved of all the eulogies. 

Having established the "God-Manship"" of the late John F. 
Kennedy to heights never achieved by Eisenhower, or even 
Roosevelt, the "Masterminds"" decided that that name was to be 
the camouflage for all their steps to gradually transform the 
United States into a Socialist-Totalitarian (Communist) State — 

and to finally be integrated as a unit in their (UN) One-World 
Government, It is all to be accomplished via piece-meal ** sur- 
render** — each ^‘surrender* to be another Memorial for John 
F, Kennedy,** Thus, at the height of the Tress and TV deification 
of the **martyr** Johnson, the new White House stooge of the 
Masterminds** sent Congress what amounted to a peremptory 
order to pass intact Kennedy’s original “Civil Rights Bill** — as 
a “Memorial for John F, Kennedy,** He followed that up with 
a similar demand that Congress pass Kennedy’s Eleven Billion 
Dollar tax cut — as a “Memorial for John F, Kennedy,** In short, 
all of the “give America away** legislation pushed by Kennedy 
and rejected by Congress was now to be enacted as “Memorials 
for John F, Kennedy, 

Fortunately, we still have a few stalwarts in both Houses of 
Congress — and Johnson's demands, as of the present, were 
given short shrift. As one Senator described it: “For nearly three 
years Kennedy has been trying to pass his legislation without 
success. Obviously the people and Congress didnt think the legis- 
lation was good. But now — just because Kennedy was assassi- 
nated — they are going to try to force it through as a memorial 
for our dead President, If that legislation was putrid when he 
was alive, it still is putrid. This *Memorial for John F, Kennedy 
- ^^hmg^has^b^ecUrrte^a^ vicious rachetr- 

(Note:— That phase of the plot is told in detail in our "News-Bulletins" 
Nos. 87 and 88, entitled: "OUR INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT," Parts One 
and Two, Those two "Bulletins" completely clarify what will follow in 
this "REPORT." MCF.) 

they give the whole country away as a “Memorial for John F, 
Kennedy*,** ^ 

And, of course, this Senator is absolutely right. Moreover, he 
is one of the men in Washington who really “knows the score,** 
By “they* he meant the politician-stooges of the “Masterminds of 
the Great Conspiracy,** He could have given greater point’ to his 
observation about the “memorials,** supposedly inspired by 
“grief*, with the following quotation from one of Shakespeare's 
plays ("ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL”) . . . “Moderate 
lamentation is the right oj the dead, excessive grief the enemy of 
the living,** When that * excessive grief* is exploited by a con- 
trolled Press and TV and managed by the “Masterminds*** 
stooge-politicians it spells ^ave danger for our country. 

But saying “they must be stopped** is one thing — stopping 
them is another. This “Memorial for John F, Kennedy* wail is 
the most potent instrument the “Masterminds** have had in many 
years. And they won’t give it up — not unless and until the 
hypocrisy of the gambit is so completely unmasked that it will 
begin to boomerang. And that can come only when the people 
are fully alerted and disillusioned. But with all of our Mass 
Communications Media completely controlled by the “Master- 
minds f Row are the people to be alerted and disillusioned? That's 
a question more easily asked than answered. But it CAN be 
donel It has been done before — and, God willing, and with 

help, iL^HALL -be -done again.- - ^ ^ r- . 

I have devoted many of the intervening days to pondering 
that problem. Disillusioning and alerting a few thousand people, 
or a few hundred thousand, or even a few million, will not be 
enough. We must get the true story to ALL of the American 
people — and we must do it within the coming months, not 
years, MONTHS! That’s all the time we have left in which to 
do it. 

During the 12 years of Republican Administrations following 
the Wilson Presidency our country was safe — but during those 12 
years^ the Conspirators set up their “Council on Foreign Rela- 
tions** and its various subsidiary Organizations and Fronts — and 
launched their plot to get complete control of om: Press and the 
various Mass Communications Media that were to come into 
existence, such as Radio and Television. 

Then, in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the most vicious poli- 
tical charlatan ever spawned in our country, entered the White 
House — and outright treason became the new order in Wash- 
ington — and has been continued to this very day! 

Roosevelt’s first act of treason was the granting of “Recogni- 
tion** to Stalin and his Communist regime. The Communist 
Menace was launched in 1917. It was in its death throes in 1933 — 
Stalin and his entire gang were all set to flee — but Roosevelt's 
“Regognition** granted without the consent or approval of the 

_ . Senate, smashed all Underground resistance in Russia — it saved 

Htr^rntfst^be^stopped befOfe'’'‘^Stalin^and-^reservred^h^^ommuntstr-MeiraceHAgp:ivr*Roosowe\.t — 


My one supreme hope is that, with your help, this "YEAR- 
END REPORT” will be read by many millions of Americans — 
the millions we thus far have not been able to reach directly — 
the millions who are so deluded and brainwashed that they are 
utterly unaware that the most dire of our Enemies are men in 
the very highest and most powerful seats in our Federal Govern- 
ment — ^men who are the obedient stooges and tools of the “Mas- 
terminds** of the Great Conspiracy — ^men who are knowingly, 
wittingly and deliberately destroying the sovereignty of our na- 

Because this unmasking is for the benefit of all those unaware 
Americans, I shall concentrate this "REPORT” on two specific 
points : 

1) I shall name the men we have elected to the Presidency 
who are tools of the “Masteminds,” who not only betrayed pur 

-^natioaij- but wli o~~^^appx> ini ecZ^m en" siTch~a^ Alger^TTlssT' Hari^ 
Dexter White, Harry Hopkins, Morgen than, George Catlett Mar- 
shall, etc., etc., into top positions which enabled them to com- 
mit treason with impunity; of course, today there are other such 
men — ^many, many of them — such as Rusk, McNamara, Heller, 
etc., etc., who are continuing the "sell-out” of our country, exact- 
ly as did those others , . . 

2) I shall outline the exact methods we must employ and the 
action we MUST take to wrest the destiny of our nation out of 
the hands of all those traitors — the big and the little traitors. 

The first thing that every unalerted American should know is 
that the Presidents we have been electing and the men those 
Presidents have been appointing to head the State Department, 
the Defense Department, the Treasui*y, the Justice Department 
and all other Federal Agencies are NOT the men who compose 
our Federal Government. All of them are witting and willing 
stooges and tools of a Cabal of Conspirators who are deteimined 
to transform the United States into a hapless unit of their intended 
^UN) One-World Government. We call that Cabal “Our In- 
visible Government.** And. as we know, W^oodrow W^ilson was 
>he first of their White House tools. 

saved Stalin and Communism in World War Two with an out- 
right gifct of Eleven Billion Dollars — and a second Front in 
Europe just as Hitler’s hordes were about to destroy Stalin and 
smash the Communist regime in Moscow. And siuely we all 
know what Roosevelt did at Teheran and YALTA, where he 
promised to deliver the Balkans and all of Eastern Europe to 
Stalin — and CommunismI . . . Promises which Eisenhower faith- 
fully fulfilled! It was Roosevelt who laid the groundwork for the 
dehvery of China to Communism. In short, it was Roosevelt who 
created all of the bloody turmoil the world is in today! 

One more point on Roosevelt: it was that traitor who loaded 
our State Department, our Treasury, our Defense Department, 
ALL Federal Agencies with outright “hate America* traitors 
such as Alger Hiss, Harry Hopkins, Harry Dexter White, Morgan- 
thau, George Catlett Marshall, etc., etc. It was on direct orders 
from Roosevelt that Morganthau secretly delivered our money 
plates and the necessary paper and inks to Stalin . . . how many 
billions of (counterfeit) dollars did Stalin print with those plated 

Harry Truman, a two-bit politician spawned in the underworld 
of Kansas City, and chosen by Sidney Hillman, a notorious 
Marxist, for the Vice Presidency, followed faithfully in the foot- 
steps of Roosevelt. I will mention only two or three of his most 
brazen and most commonly known acts of treason; at the Potsdam 
Summit Meeting he confirmed the division of Berlin . . . he sent 
George “Marshal^to Peldn“ to complete the Roosevelt planned 
knife-in-the-back for Chiang Kai Shek and to deliver China to 
Communism . . . During the Korean War he collaborated with the 
UN to prevent pursuit of the Enemy across the Yalu River, thus 
transforming Manchuria into a sanctuary for the Chinese Reds, 
where they stored all their war materiel — and whence they con- 
stantly attacked our armies and then scurried back across the river 
into their “sanctuary;** ail this has been confirmed by Generals 
MacArthur, Stratemeyer, Van Fleet and many other top Generals 
who participated in the so-called UN Police action in Korea ... to 
top it all off, the despicable Truman “fired** MacArthur because 
that greatest of all our soldiers protested against the UN's 
obvious determination to deliver victory to the Reds. 

The next man in the White House was Dwight D. Eisen- 
hower. Do I have to go into the details of the treason and 
treachery committed by that phony "Military Genius.” I covered 
much of his background in oru “The Eisenhower Myth** (News- 
Bulletin No. 85). And I am sure that most people still remem- 
ber his hysterical demand that Congress repeal the “Connally 
Amendment** — which would have placed our country and our 
people under the complete control of the VN World Court! 

Now we come to John F. Kennedy, I have no doubt that many 
of our unalerted and still emotionally-gripped people will resent 
my “harsh criticism** of the “martyr,** They might even call it 
contend that we “must not speak ill of the dead,** To which I 
could reply that history speaks of none but the dead, and history 
does not hesitate to tell the truth about the evil doings of 
Judas, of Machiavelli, of Ganghis Khan, of Napoleon, of Bene- 
dict Arnold, etc,, etc., so why should we refuse to teU the true 
story of a Jack Kennedy. 

However, there is no need to use up any more of the limited 
space in this "REPORT’ on Jack Kennedy — ^I have devoted our 
“News-Bulletins** Nos. 90 to 95 inclusive, to tell die story of the 
ICennedys’ chicaneries and acts of treason. 

Now we come to Lyndon B. Johnson. It would require a book 
of many pages to record his background of Machiavellian poli- 
tical plottings. The vital point at this time is that during the few 
weeks he has been in the White House he has given abundant 
proof that he is determined to follow in Kennedy's footsteps — 
that he will do his utmost to force through all of Kennedy’s vic- 
ious objectives, such as the “Civil Rights Bill,** the Eleven Billion 
Dollar tax cut. Medicare, etc., all under the headings of “Me- 
morials for John F. Kennedy,** In addition, Johnson is hell-bent 
to put through two specific projects, either of which spells posi- 
tive destruction of our Country and our American Way of Life. 


1) The Disarmament Plot: One feature of this plot, as pro- 
claimed hy Johnson early in this months is a proposal to destroy 
our B-47 Jet Bombers — the Bombers that -would carry our Atomic 
Bombs to Moscow in event of warlike action by the Reds, This 
is to be done (supposedly) on condition that the Russians will 
destroy a comparable number of Soviet Badgers — similar to the 
Bombers Moscow shipped into Cuba in 1962. Johnson and Rusk 
hope to have this new *‘Arms ControV* package ready to offer the 
Russians at East-West talks that open in Geneva on January 21. 

If that **dear goes through, God forbid, it will be an act of 
treason far beyond anything committed by Benedict Arnold, or 
even by Quisling — it will rob us of the retaliatory power that has 
kept Moscow from attacking us . . . and only Congress can save 
us from this plot. 

(Note: — We hope to have all the details of this treason plot in time 
for inclusion in our "News-Bulletin'* No. 103 — after which it will be up to 
every loyal American to "bear down" on his representatives in Con- 
gress. MCF) 

■ . o , 

2) The other project deals with our right to bear arms. The 
most frequent argument against any legislation to deprive the 
American citizen of all firearms has been this question: All sucl^ 
legislation, according to those who would railroad it through 
Congress, is intended to keep dangerous weapons out of the 
hands of crooks, juvenile delinquents, etc. Nobody can quarrel 
with that concept — but what about the law-abiding citizen who 
keeps a gun in his home for protection of his family? Deprive 
him of his weapon for self-defense and burglaries, murders, 
rapings might well be increased 10 or 20 times — ^because the 
crook would be armed effectively with a stolen gun. But there 
is an even more important feature about such legislation — and 
that is the safety and security of our nation .History tells us, 
as recently stressed by the National Rifle Association, that no 
dictatorship has ever been imposed on a nation of free men who 
have not first been required to register their privately owned 
weapons. In World War II Hitler's Nazis quickly disarmed the 
peoples of Austria, Poland, Gzechoslovakio, Holland, France and 
Belgium — with the help of local police and traitorous politicians. 
Mussolini did the same in Italy. I will further stress that Ijoint by 
citing what happened some years^ ago when so-called^ 

Nations Agresst armies ^Hnvaded'* and proceeded to **occupy* 
various small cities in Galifornia, Texas, Virginia and New York 
state — they **arrestedJ* the Mayors, the Ghiefs of Police and dis- 
armed the police forces. It was only when the infuriated citizenry 
stormed out of their homes, with guns in their hands, that the 
UN ^‘Armies** fled in wild panic. 

Now, what would have happened if those citizens had not had 
“ weapons? . . . What would have happened to our nation if all 
of our people had first been deprived of their weapons? . . . 
The UN “Agressil” forces would have spread throughout our 
country — and that would have been the end of the U. S. A.l . . . 
We would have become just as enslaved as the Hungarians and 
the peoples in all of Moscow's satellite states. 

Thus, it behooves you — and all your friends and neighbors — 
to tell your representatives in Gongress, in no uncertain language, 
that you are fully aware of the objective of any form of legis- 
lation that can lead to deprive us of our weapons and thus dis- 
arm die American people and make us easy victims for con- 
quest — exactly as the UN planned some years ago! ... 

Also remind them of the Second Amendment in the Bill of 
Rights of our Gonstitution: ^ 

"A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free 
state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be In- 


But REMEMBER: He helps only those who help them- 
selves! ! ! The chief objective of this **REPORT" is to make you, 
and every loyal American who reads it, realize that we cannot 
look to die Man in the White House to preserve our Gountry 
and our Freedoms . . . that we cannot look to our State De- 
partment to safeguard our Gountry — or to the GIA — or 
to the USIA — or even to our Defense Department. . . . 

as proof: Barry Goldwater, a Military Expert in his own 

right, especially" as regards our Air Force and Missiles, bluntly 
charged that the man at the head of our Armed Forces, Whiz Krd 
McNamara, is doing his utmost to destroy the effectiveness of our 
Armed Forces — ^he (Goldwater) did not use the word TREASON, 
but all of his charges clearly spell out that word. And, most 
assuredly, we cannot look to the U. S. Supreme Gourt to safe- 

f uard our Country. That branch of our government, headed 
y that Gobra, Earl Warren, who, even more than a Khrushchev 
or a Castro, venomously hates America and the American peo- 
ple, will never stop concocting ways and means to scuttle our 
Constitution and deliver us into the enslavement of a Commimist 
(UN) One-World government. 

By all those tokens it would seem that we have already lost 
the fight — and oirr nation. That is not so. True, the Executive and 
Judiciary branches of our government are distinctly our ENEMY 
as a Khrushchev, a Castro, a Mousey Dung. Actuallv, they are a 
far more dangerous ENEMY than any outside ENEMY — they 
are the ENEMY WITHIN — the ENEMY created by the Inter- 
nationalist-Communist conspirators. All the so-called Fabian Soc- 

ialists, all the One-Worlders, all the outright Reds occup 3 ung 
the top offices in both of the above mentioned Branches were 
appointed (NOT ELECTED) by the Renegades, begirming witli 
Franklin Roosevelt, that we elected to the Presidency— and every 
one of them was appointed ON ORDERS from the Council on 
Foreign Relations* (CFR) and their collaborators, the ** Ameri- 
cans For Democratic Action^* (ADA). 

And so, you might well ask, despairingly: *^With all those 
traitors in control of our government, how can we hope to save 
our country?** 

My answer is that, with God's help, we CAN — ^because, we, 
the people, still have control of the third Branch, the most 
powerful one: Congress. 

I remind you: all those traitors were appointed to their jobs. 
Congress can, and will, wipe all those traitors out of their jobs 
when and if a UNITED American people will order them — in 
no uncertain language — to do so. 

But we must not delude ourselves even about our Congress. 
We have men in that Branch who are as treasonous as the men 
who delivered Cuba to Castro, China to Mousey Dung, the 
Balkans and all of Eastern Europe to Stalin. For examples, I 
cite Jake Javits, Emmanuel Celler, Fulbright, Kuchel, Hum- 
phrey, Morse, etc.^ etc^-Iu-additionj there’ are men whose greeds 
supersede loyalty to country and to their own constituents — ^who 
will trade their votes for ‘^Federal Patronage.** 

Again, we must not delude ourselves by finding excuses for 
those men on the grounds that they ‘Hnnocently* voted for the 
various treasonous Bills because they were unaware of the treason 
in them. They knew! Every member in both Houses of Congress 
knows the full score of the treason in Washington — otherwise 
how is it that some men vote only 20 or 30 percent for the good 
legislation and others vote 100 percent for the treasonous legisla- 
tion? / 

Now, why do those ^ greedy ones, who on the surface are 
seemingly good Americans, vote that way? The answer is simple. 
They theorize (and properly so) that their constituents do not 
know, and will never Idam, how they vote. And as long as their 
constituents know notjiing about their voting records, those 
members of Congress 'vi/ill continue to vote as it benefits them. 
But let me assure yoil of one thing: The moment all those 
Congressmen (not including, of course, the Javits-Cellar ilk) will 
become aware tliat thpir constituents are becoming informed 
they will become the rnost zealous supporters of all pro-Ameri- 
can legislation — they wll support the Utt Bill for Congressional 
investigation of the UN — they will support the Bills to impeach 
Warren, they will support investigation of the State Department, 
etc., etc. But that will hippen only when and if their constituents 
tell them in no uncertain language what they expect of them. 
But always remember Inis: they will disregard demands from a 
few — the demand will iave to come from the mass of their con- 
stituents. And I am suie that if all their constituents are made 
fully aware, the demanl will come from the mass. So, our most 
vital job is to ^‘educate and alert all of the American people. 
And that is a problem n|t easily solved — for the following reason: 

Since the mid- 1920s jhe ENEMY has acquired full and com- 
plete control of all oi our Mass Communications Media, of 
Holl 3 wvood, even of Broldway. They also gained control of a vast 
number of the book-sdlers in America. True, we have a few 
pro-American publications, but their combined circulation 
reaches only a small motion of our population. Also, we have 
quite a number of bools, written by pro-Am erica authors. But 
aside from the ‘‘blackli^in^* by the book stores, there are not 
many people who are wiling to pay 2, 3 or 5 dollars for a book. 
And, most assuredly, thWe are very few people who can afford 
to buy quantities of s(ch books for distribution among their 
friends and neighbors, j 

(If you want to know jiow our Mass Communications Media de- 
lude, betray and brainwas^ the American people get "News-Bulletins" 
Nos. 99 and 101 — the infopiation contained in those issues is a MUST 
for every loyal American. 

Thus, you may well ash *^Haw can we alert the people?** Well, 
there IS a way, we havj done it before — ^we can do it again. I 
will cite several instance to show you HOW it was done — and 
how we can do it again—and how YOU can help to do it. 

1 o 

1) In 1946 I launche| a one-man fight to expose and smash 
the Communist Conspirsy in Hollywood. I wrote a book, which 
I titled "'MOSCOW Q/ER HOLLYWOOD". My publisher 
either sabotaged it, or dfln't know how to sell it, as it didn't get 
beyond 2,000 copies. I tlpn wrote "RED TREASON IN HOLLY- 
WOOD," I published fi myself and got approximately 200,000 
copies into circulation.fThat forced a Congressional investiga- 
tion, as a result of whph the infamous oily wood Tent* went 

to prison. It created a sesation — ^but it did not do the job I hoped 
for — that of getting thj people to boycott the Films containing 
Reds in their casts. Tliesupon, I hit on the idea of issuing a four- 
page **Tract,** (the "Rel Stars*’ Tract) )in which I named 200 of 
the top Reds in the indTltry. I made this ‘*Tracf* available at $2.00 
for 100 copies (two^ cem per copy). People all over the' country 
bought ^is ‘*Tract** in pts of 100 to 10,000 copies. As a result, 
the vast majority of th^American people became informed and 
fully alerted about thj traitorous Reds in the Film industry. 
That did the job! Millms of Americans throughout the nation 

began to shun all theatres showing Films starring and/or featur- 
ing Ked Stars, Directors and Writers. That hit the pocketbooks 
of the Broducersl Fanic swept through the Hollywood Studios — 
THEY “blacklisted** the Reds — the Conspiracy was smashed. And 
it was that little two-cent '‘'Tract” that did iti ' 


f 2) In 1949 we ( CEG ) discovered that the California Legis- 
lature (plus 25 other State Legislatures) had SECRETLY ap- 
proved and^ passed the "United 'World Federalists” traitorous 
"Resolution” to memorialize Congress to transform the United 
States into a unit of a UJM One- World Covernment. We promptly 
launched a "crusade” to force the legislature to re-open the mat- 
ter — ^review the "Resolution” before a joint session QFEN TO 
THE PUBLIC — and rescind it. We published that story of trea- 
son, in ail its details, in our (then) current "News- Bulletin” We 
managed to get approximately iOO,OUO copies of that issue into 
circulation. But that was not near enough. The Legislators 
scornfully ignored the comparatively few demands and protests 
from their constituents. We had to get MiLLiONS of their 
constituents into the fight. Thereupon, 1 condensed all the 
salient features into a small six-page "Tract”, Within weeks we 
had more than a million copies circulating throughout Califor- 
nia. That did the job! It brought an avalanche of signed copies 
of -iRB ~^Tract” -plus-angry -^4etters,^*into the -offices— of— all the 
Legislators, In February ( 1950 ) the Legislature capitulated to 
the continuing avalanches of letters — tliey set a hearing for 
March. At that hearing the "Resolution” was declared as being 
treason — and rescinded. And the UWF was denounced on the 
Senate floor as being a viciously treasonous outfit. That spelled 
"death” for the "Resolution” in all the other states — ^aiso for the 

3) When the UN Charter was submitted to the Senate, Tom 
Connally insisted on a revision, commonly known as the "Con- 
nally Ameridrnent” And he was the only Senator who insisted 
on it. That "Amendment” is the only thing that saved us from the 
control of the UN’s "World Court,” Without that "Amendment” 
we would long since have lost our Freedoms and our Country. 
In his last year as President, Eisenhowei was determined, under 
orders from his Masters (CFR)^ to get that "Amendment” re- 
pealed. He had Richard M. Nixon launch that scheme with a 
perfervid speech in New York. Also, at Eisenhower’s demand, 
the then Attorney General made a similar appeal in a speech 
at the annual meeting of the American: Bar Ass’n. Then Eisen- 
hower himself appeared at a joint session of Congress and ap- 
pealed for the repeal. And then, by promises of Federal Patron- 
age and/or threats to withhold Federal Patronage, he (Eisen- 
hower) extracted pledges from 70-odd Senators to vote for the 
repeal when the Bill would be submitted two or three months, 

We ( CEG ) promptly published that entire "repeal” plot in our 
(then) current "News- Bulletin” Simultamously, because the mat- 
ter of time was vital, we condensed ;he story into a 4-page 
“'Tract,” which we called "The World Court Tract,” We rushed 
copies of that “Tract” to ail of our members and contacts (ap- 
proximately 25,000) throughout the nati^^n, together with a "Spe- 
cial Bulletin” in which we urged them t^ get ail loyal Americans 
in their communities to join them in "pptests” to their Senators. 

The response to that appeal was the^most heart-warming ex- 
perience of my entire life. Within tw-> weeks signed "Tracts” 
and angry letters began to pour into the offices of all the Sena- 
tors. Efforts of the "Liberal” and "pled^d” Senators to convince 
their constituents that they did not "urderstand” were prompt- 
ly answered by those constituents with^in so many words, a de- 
mand of "note AGAINST the repeal — o: dont come home!” 

Several Senators informed me that THOUSANDS of such 
letters and signed "Tracts” poured into tne office of every Sena- 
tor. Three days before the Repeal Bill was to be submitted all 
those 70-odd pledged Senators stormed nto the White House and 
demanded that Eisenhower release then from their pledges, or, 
in view of those thousands of letters fom their angry constitu- 
ents, they would be forced to renege thir pledges. Naturally, the 
startled and frightened "Military Genits” released them . . . the 
Bill to "Repeal” was never submitted— yet! But, believe me, 

"^^they never quit^they are just waitingrpT^^^ people to "fdrgSt,”^ 

(Note; — As you may recall, at a recent meting of international lawyers 
in Athens, Greece, our renegade Chief Justce, Earl Warren, proclaimed 
that HE would force the repeal of the "Gnnally Amendment" at the 
first opportunity. JVLCF.) 

Those citations provide indisputabl proof that only a fully 
alerted people will mean the salvation jf our nation. They prove 
that the men to whom we entrust the sfety of our nation will be 
"honest” only if they know that their bnstituents are watching 

I could cite other cases of a similafnature to further prove 
my point. For one example, there was'the plot to railroad our 
Senate into granting full "Treaty” sta^s for “UNESCO” — a 
plot that was torpedoed by our "N ews^ulletin” No. 86 and our 
UNESCO “Tract’ . . . Example No. \ was the plot to grant 
"Treaty” status to the “GENOCIDE” j^t, which was torpedoed 
by our “GENOCIDE TRACT.” I say hat our "Tracts” accom- 
plished those jobs, because, until weissued them, the people 
were as uii*j\\'an ol thost plots a> *h| !i:k) been of the UWF 
traitorous ‘Resolution' — and Eiscnkwer’s plot to repeal the 


“CONNALLY AMENDMENT,” — just as they had been unaware 
of the Communist Conspiracy in Hollywood and TV until our 
“RED STARS TRACT” unmasked the Reds in both industries. 

Thus, 1 repeat, it is obvious that only a fully alerted American 
people can save our Country, In this "Report” I have endeavored 
to provide a clear picture of the kind of machinations we may 
expect in the year ahead. I am sure that it will not only alert 
them, but that it also will inspire them to join in our efforts to 
get our "alert” to ALL of the American people. But for that we 
desperately need YOUR help. 

In addition to oxnr (CEG) membership we have a mailing list 
of more than 30,000 loyal Americans who cooperated with us in 
the torpedoing of the UWF "ResolutiorC* and all our otlier pro- 
jects. Among them are heads of the American Legion, the VFW, 
the DAR and other civic and service groups. The job of getting 
this "Report” to them, including printing, postage, labor, etc., 
will run into more than $5,000. And that does not include the 
free copies of our "News-Bulletins” to all members of both Houses 
of Congr^s. Many of our members have already responded gen- 
erously to our appeal for the necessary funds, but we do not 
yet have enough to complete the job. Therefore, I appeal to you 
(unless you have already responded) to help us with whatever 
c ontributions, large o r small , th at y ou can afford. 



We want everybody in ^our community to become fully alert- 
ed. This "Year-End Report” can do it. if you will "deliver^ copies 
to all your friends and neighbors in your community, we are in 
contact with loyal Americans like you in all parts of the nation 
who will do similar jobs in their communities. Thus, I appeal to 
all of you: please finance as many copies of this "Report” as you 
can for your community. Either order the copies and deliver 
them yourself — or send us a list and we will do it for you — we 
particularly want to alert all the doctors, dentists, lawyers, min- 
isters, etc., in your community. One dollar will finance 8 copies — 
$10 will finance SO — $100 will finance 800 copies . . . And please 
remember: This is YOUR country, not just mine, that we are try- 
ing to save — please help us any way you can, 



As you know, in every "Year-End Report” and "Special Bul- 
letin” 1 urge all patriotic Americans to organize "Study Groups” 
in their communities and thus heighten the distribution of our 
"News-Bulletins” our "Tracts” and other publications through- 
out the nation. That, in my opinion, and in the absence of a loyal 
Press, is one of the surest ways to open the eyes of all the Amer- 
ican people to the true facts of life as they exist in our country , 
today— it may well mean the salvation of our nation. I'meiition 
this because in the past two years more and more people have 
responded to my "Study Groups” suggestion. The following is 
a letter 1 received early this month, which speaks for itself. The 
writer of the letter is Dr. W. K. Allbritton, Jr,, 510 Lyric Build- 
ing, Birmingham 3, Alabama: 

"Dear Mr. Fagan: — 1 have just read a copy of "Our Invisible Govern- 
ment Made Visible," Part 2 (that ts our "News-Bulletin" No, 88). It is an 
educational masterpiece ... For the past year I have been a thoroughly 
awakened patriot and have been devoting a high percentage of my time, 
effort and money to awaken others. More than being awake 1 am in 
full battle readiness and attention as your organization seems to be ... 

I teach Study Groups about Communism and patriotism (anti-communism 
is not enough}. I have a list of more than fifty on my newly formed 
mailing list. Your "News-Bulletins" have reached me at a very good 
time. Sincerely, W. K. Allbritton, Jr." 

And in that same letter he ordered quantities of "News-Bulle- 
tins” and "Tracts,” plus other informative items ... You can rest 
assured everybody on his mailing list is becoming fully alerted. 
Just imagine what it will do for alt of our people, if all of the 
30,000 who will receive this "Year- End Report” will do what Dr, 
Allbritton is doing . . . what he is doing YOU can do! 


— As~I“iiave^always Told youTTve depend"npon 'oW^msinbership 
dues to defray all of our operational activities. We get no fi- 
nancial help from Foundations — we are too patriotic for them. 
Now we have this tremendous, and tremendously vital, job to 
do — ^I am sure you agree that it is a MUST job. So I now have 
a very urgent request: please endeavor to enlist some of your 
friends to become CEG members. The dues are only $12.00 a 
year — surely, the salvation of our American Youth and oinr 
glorious country is worth $12.00 to all loyal Americans . . , also, 
if you have not yet sent in your dues for 1964, please do it now — 
TODAY . . . 

Yours for God and Country, 

All our "News-Bulletins” are 50 cents per copy — ^25 cents to CEG 
members . . . our “Tracts” are $2.00 for 100 copies. 

Additional copies of this *^ear-End Report” can be had for 15c a 
single copy — or 10c per copy in quantities. 

Said lyndon I won 
while Majority lender of 
the U.S. Senate: “Bobby 
Bober is my strong right 
arm. He is the last man I 


see at night ond the first 

one I see in the mom< 



TCTier-e's a.n old story that says y oxx can't hill 
SL £'ro^ t>y drop>f>in^ litm in boiling -watere*. Xde 
reacts so otiiclcly to the sudden heat that he 
Jump-s out rsefore h.e's Inurt. ^^^ut if you. ^sut hxnra. 
in cold 'water and then 'warm it up gradually, 
he never decides to Jump "til it's too late. By 
then he's coohed- 

li^en are Just as foolish. "Talce a'way freedom 
overnight, and you've ^ot a violent revolution. 
JBut steal it from them gradually (under the 
_g^ise of ''security," "peace," or "progress’’) 
and you can paralyze an entire generation. X.oo1c 
at the income tax. It started out at a harmless 


October 14, 1964 


Dear Mr, 


Your letter dated October 6th has been received, and 
I want to thank you sincerely for your kind mess^e concerning the 
work being done by the FBI. 



bi response to your request, it is a pleasure to encloi^ 
a copy of the 1963 issue of the Uniform Crime Reports bulletin, tSget|ier 
with other publications I hope you find of interest. j— 2 

With reference to your other inquiry, the files of Ihd S 
FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of g 
Justice and are available for official use only. You may be interest^ 
in knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of the Cinema 
Educational Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to the files of 
this Bureau. 




Sincerely yours, 

Tolson _ 
Belmont - 

DeLoach , 


Callahan . 
Conrad — 



Sullivan . 


Trotter _ 

Enclosures (5) 

Uniform Crime Repor|§lbjrUet|nfil;S63l"l 
Supplementary Release, 9-1-64 
Faith in Freedom, 12-4-63 i, 
hiternal Security Statemeht5,"*i4-F'?-'62-"‘^^' 

The Crime Problem 

NOTE : Corespondent is not identifiable in Buf lies 

Tele. Room ^ « 1/ 

gnT-..Q Q ' ( . % 






Federal Bureau of Investlgatioii 
Wastiington #25 , D.C. 

Wastiington #25 , D.C. ' ^ 

* I am writing this letter to request a copy of your 
bulletin ‘‘Crime in the United States". This is also known as 
“Uniform Grime Reports (1963)". I would greatly appreciate a 
prompt response. I v/ould like. also to compliment your bureau ^ 
for the great work it does. Keep up the good work.I thx^ thao 
the majority of the people in this country appreciate the-ofine 

work that you^ would like some information about an organization 
that calls itsel# ‘»Cinema^du ^l^ljG^^ . 

in California. TheiF^SKrect^TTs Myron Fagari. r have been get- 
ting mail from them. I was wondering if they are a bunch of 
crackpots or are they a good patriotic organization. They send 
some pretty good info on so-called communist sympathizers in the 
entertainment industry .Mr, Fagau encloses a letter (a^ copy )which 
he purpotedly received from the House Un-American Activities commends him for his stand against communist action 
in Hollywood. I would appreciate your evaluation of this man s 

LA^ } h 




^ OCT 141964 


October 28, 1964 



been received# 

Your letter of October 23rd, with enclosure, has ‘"2 


Although I would like to be of service, the file4P9fo ^ 
the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Bepartps^i^ ^ 
of Justice and are available for official use only# You may be g 3 
interested in knowing that Mr, Myron C. Fagan or representatl^s 
of th ^lnema EducationaLGuild. S ac, , definitely do not have ^ 
access to the files of the FBI. Your enclosure is being returned. 

Enclosed are publications X hope you find of interest. 


OCT 281964 

Sincerely yours. 

Enclosures (6) 

What Young People Should Know About Communism 
Young People Can Help Defeat Communism ^ 

Deadly Duel - ^ 

The Story of the FBI V 

Youth of Today become Citizen Leaders of Tomarrow 
Correspondent’s encTosiifre ^ .-j , 

NOTE: Correspondent is not idehliifiable in Bufi^s. 

DCLreje (3) 


teletype unit □ 


• tf 




Honorable J. Edgar Hoover 
Chief of F. B. I. 

Washington, D. C. 

Dear Sir, 

Oct. 23, 1964 

Enclosed is a tract I was given some time ago. I read it 
thoroughly and then re-read it. I am 13 years and in the ninth grade and 
completely confused. In this tract, it states that Leoainard Bernstein, 

Aaron Copeland, and Danny Kaye-are communists. If they are so, why 
then are they allowed to work with the children of our~country? Leonard 
Bernstein has given countless numbers of Young People's concerts to which 
a good many I have listened. Danny Kaye also works with our children. 

I am questioning the truth of this tract. I thought you and 
the F. B. I. could look into this tract and see if it is truth or falsehood. 
Would you please do this for me? I would be so grateful. My name and 

address are: _ 


^Missl ' ^ 

i. I go to Driftwood Junior High School in West Hollywood^^ 

and am on the honor roll. I would appreciate it if you would look this 
tract up and see if it is true. 


Sincerely your s. 

<^'kG-53 7 -7/* 




Catobar 19, 1964 


Bear Mrs, 



"T] X 



» — i cy 

Yoisr letter of October ISth has beea received, o 



Aithoush X vrould iihe to be of i^earvlce, the files o£ 
the FBI are coafidCEtial p^irsxiant to regulations ;v! the Bepartmmt 
of Jvsiico and are available for official use osl/. You (''ray be 
interested ia ls30\7ing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan :r .j'-y-'- •’^ntatives 
of the Ciaema Educational Guild, Sic, , and the John Eir ‘Society 
definitely do not have access to the files- of the FBI. 


' /D 




This Bureau does not have a list available for dis- 
tributi'in such as you mentioned; however, I am enclosing a copy 
of th -3 i!ji of organisations which have been cited as subversive 
by the Bepartmeat of Justice pursuant to Executive Order 10450, 

Sincerely yours. 

?. Edgar Hoover" 


Tolson . 

Belmont - 

1 /ohr 

De Loach . 


CaJlnhcf' . 
Corrjd — 
Lvans — 

I Oalc 

Hosen — 
Sullivan _ 


Trotter — 

'"'le. Room , 


NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiies- 




C^CTl D/964 




Oct. 13. *64 

Dear Sir: 

Will you please send me any literature you 
ma^have on the John Birch Society & Mr. JMvr o n_C .^Fagan of 
the^inema Educatio nal Guild. Jnc . of Hollywood, Calif. If it 
is possiHreYo'"send^ or 3 cppies of each, I would certainly 
appreciate it. 

I am seeking information pertaining>^g\the types 
of organizations & characters of these men, sucn oi^ Mr. Robert 
Welch & Mr. Myron C. Fagan. 

Thank ing you in advanc e. 
Mrs.l I 

P, S. Is either of the above men or organizations listed on the 
Un-American Activities list? 




Rochester. Minnesota 

December 11, 1964 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Washington, D. C. 

Dear Sir: 

I have received a copy of the pamphlet, "The 
Reds are Back in Hollywood" which is put out 
by the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc., P.O. 
Box 46205, Hollywood 46, California. Is this 



January 7, 



Bear Efflps, ^ 

iias lieen rece^^. °* Dacember asth, with enclosure. 

Department ^ o£ the 

delhately do niXvt 

herewith. brochure you encioaed is being returned 





, m 

o t 

1 r 







MAILED. . 6 . 

JAN 7 -1964 


i Bndosure 

Sincerely yours. 

^.£dsac JtfocssE 


Belmont _ 


DeLoach . 


Callahan _ 



Gale - 
Rosen _ 
Sullivan - 
Tavel - 
Trotter * 
Tele, Room _ 
Holmes . 

B^es. She enclosed 

SAWgilr Badtlh HoUywoodU ! •■ 








J. Edgar Hoover, 
New York. N.Y. 

Dear Sir, 

Pm enclosing a tract I received from a friend. Pve 
showed it to serval friends and relatives. Some believe its true 
and others cant quite believe it. So I decieded to write to you and 
get your opinion on it. Is it true that these Hollyv^ood stars and 
producers are reds’? Please let me hear from you. 

Thank you, 



February 1, 1965 



I have received your letter of January 26th, with encllgsige, 
and want to thank you for your e^^resslon of confidence in my adminis>% g 
tration of the FBI. It is hoped our future endeavors will continue tohife^it 
your support and approval. § ^ 

' "St n 

Although I would like to be of service, the files of the FBI 
are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice and 
are available for official use only. You may be interested in knowing 
that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of the ^inema Education al 
Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to the files of the FBI. 

Your concern about the threat of communism is understand- 
able and your desire to learn more about the nature of this menace is 
reassuring. I have repeatedly emphasized it is imperative for Americans 
to study the objectives and operations of the communist conspiracy if we 
are to effectively resist its eroding influence. I am enclosing material 
which includes suggestions all of us can use in combating this evil. 

Perhaps you may also wish to read my books, ’’Masters of Deceit” and 
”A Study of Communism.” These were written in order to help readers 
gain an insight into the strategy and tactics of communists, both in this 
country and abroad. Copies may be available in your local library. 


FEB il”1965 

i COMM-HBIi n. 

T ■■ ' sbl 

Sincerely yours. 


: Enclosures; (5) . 7 )\ /i / 

- "Our Heritage of Greatness" ' /// * 

: Doiiiestic Infelligeaee . I /^r 

Communism — Tne incredible Swindle » / .p-’' 

/I Communist Elusion and Democratic Reality \/ v 

^yOne Nation’s Response to Communism (^\ V 

•- J®.TE: No derogatory information appears inDufiles. He was written 8-25-64. 

; J|j-§ encl(^res was a copy of "Red Stars" which was detached in Correspondence 
■ 1^.^ilroomLj teletype unit 1 — 1 and Tours Section 

^ ' DTPrems (3) 

naperviule: lions club 



Janaury 26, 1965 

J. Edgar Hoover 
Director — FBI 
Washington, D. G, 

Dear Mr Ho&vers 


Mr. Callahan — 

Mr. Conrad 

Mr. Felt 

Mr, Gale 

Mr. Rosen 

Mr. Sullivan- 

Mr. Tavel 

Mr. Trotter — 
Tele. Room — 
Miss Holmes- 
Miss Gandy— 



It is realized that you are a very busy man. It wodld be ^ery 
sincerely appreciated/ ho^ever^ if you could clarify the attached 
circular for me and my fellow Lions members. 

All of ug want to do the right thing and follow our^good American. 
Heritage and stay a free people. We do not want to^confused by 
wrong or prejudiced news items or deliberate propaganda set out 
by the communist party to befuddle out* thinking. 

What about the attached folder. Is it fact?? Or is it communis^-/| 
propaganda.?? At this point it is hard to believe that so many of our 
well thought 'Of movie people are comtldered chief supporters OS the ' 
communist party in this country. 

We of the Haperville Lions Club have great faith in the FBI and-X 
your leadership in the fight against communism. It woSld be(/Very 
sincerely appreciated if you or someone on your staff would clarify 
this circular for us so that we may discuss its* ramifications at 
one of our meetings. 

Any literature or press releases or any other material that you 
may have appreciated. This is a vital subject and all of 
ua wish to be as fully informed as possible. 

Please help Us« 

von fl.ince.relv. 

Naperville Lions Club ^j) y / 

i29^W 8th St 

NapVrvill-e, 111 tools 60540 ^ ^"2^ 

February 25, 1965 


Dear Mr. 


Tour communication of February 19th has been 

Although I would like to be of service, the files of HH « 
the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department g 
of Justice and are available for official use only. You may be ^ 
interested in knowing, however, that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or 
representatives of the Cinema Educational Guild, hic. , definitely 
do not have access to the files of the FBI. 

=1 I 

3 ^ 


FEB 2 5 1965 


Sincerely yours, 
J. Edgar Hoover 

S £ 

o o 
o o 

Tolson — 











Tele. Room . 



NOTE: Bufiles contain no record identifiable with correspondent. The h 
Christian Nationalist Crusade is extremely anti-Negro and anti-Semitic ^ 
organization rwhich has been the subject of Bureau investiga^n. The ® 

Department advises that in 1957 his activities were not sucl^o bring it within 
purview of Executive Order 10450. Gerald L. K. Smith, its director, 
has been InvestlgatM for sedition. (62-43818) 

EFT:rls (3) n , iirnrG! tO ift® ISSIFIEB 

5 1365 





MAR 3 1965 




Feb 19, iQfi Fi 

DATE * ’ I 

J. Edgar Hoover, F. B. I. 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Sir, 

a^essea as 


1. Cinema Educational Guild hie 
P.O. Box 46205 ^ * 

Hollywood 46, California ■ 

whom are movli^a^sf^ They^^arg^S^^ ~ 

information. ^ 100 copies of this 

2. Christian Nationalist Crusade 
Box 27895 

Los Angeles 27, Calif. 

I would appreciate an answer to this question. 


Address on back nf n netal £-Z ^ ^ 

® FEB 26 lHb'5 ^ 




t A--* 

^ ziRo:^ 

MAR .3 1865 



Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D. C. 


I would appreciate verification of the list enclosed, 
or denial of same . ’ . 

This list was handed to me while visiting in the home 
of a friend this evening, by a lady who seemed rabid on the subject. 

Very- probably she is sincere in her beliefs, however, her- beliefs,* 
her approach'to the subject has led to some doubt in my mind. 

For instance one of her points against the works of these 
individuals is that they stress ’’racism" & in the next breath was depreciatings 
Sydney Fortier’s putting his arm around a white woman after receiving his 
"Oscar. ", Her attitude on the |Bubject appeared to be "racist" from my view 
point. •' 



February 28, 1965 

, Then again when she learned I did not approve of the 

John Birch Society” which she seemed to up hold she volunteered nothing in . 
its defense, which I most certainly would have done had I believed it worth- 

One statement she na de that I heartily endorse is that 
apathy could be our downfall, so rather than disbelieve her on the basis of 
her apparent uncertainty in some areas I would like your help in learning 
the true facts on the subject. She’s handing these leaflets out quite freely, 

I understand & if they contain untruths or half truths I believe she & (others 
like her) should be stopped before she does irreparable harm. 

. I am not a movies fan & do not own a television, but 
everyone else I know does & in my circle alone she could impress quite a 
number of people & they in turnjUffect many mpre, so^^ould appreciate 
your early reply on the subject R£0*l 

Thanking you, I am 
■ 4 ^ 

j % 

c/(S Aetna Life Ins. Co. 

600 Montana 

El Paso. Texas - 79902 

S! MAR 17 1865 

Very trulyySur^ 



March 16, 1965 















Tele. Room . 


Miss I I 

c/o Aetna Life hisurance Company 

^ELPasor Texas 79902 

Dear Mis ^ t ^ | 

Your letter of March 8th, -with enclosure, has 
been received and I appreciate the concern which prompted you 
to write me, _ 


With respect to your Inquiry regardii:^ th e. Cinema 
JElducational Guild, hic, , information contained in our files must be 
^oi^^OI^if'^'coKllS^tial in accordance with regulations of the 
Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer either that we 
do or do not have data in our files relating to this organization. 

I am returning the Tract you thoughtfully enclosed, and you may 
be interested in knowii:^ ^at Mr. Myron C. F^an or representatives 
of Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to 
the files of the FBI. 

Ih view of your interest, I am sending some material 
which may be helpful to you. You may also wish to refer to my 
books, ’’Masters of Deceit" and "A Stucfy of Communism,” The 
former was written with the hope that it would help readers gain an 
insight into the true nature of the communist conspiracy in this 
country. The latter contains an analysis of international communist 
practices and contrasts totalitarian methods with life in a free country. 
TheseJMoJks_mavJfe§, available at your local library. 

1 JtmiLED m 

MAR 16 1965 


Enclosures (6) 

it ^ 


. . . V ■ ' 

Sincejrelyi yours, 

J, gd g^ Soover ^ 

Enclosures &'Note page 2. 



' be 



Internal Security - 4-17-62 
Our Heritage of Greatness - 12-12-65 
Communism— The Incredible Swindle 
LEB Intro - 4-1-61 '* 

One Nation’s Response to Communism . 

NOTE: There isj^^ord of correspondent in Bufiles. 

= 2 - 

March 30, 1965 

Dear Mr. 


“in i 


M « 

. 3 ? 




Your letter of March 25th, with enclosures, has been 

Although I would like to be of service, the files of the 
FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of 
Justice and are available for official use only. You may be interested 
in knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of the Cinema 
Bducational Guild, Me., definitely do not have access to the files of 
the FBI. 








^ Felt 






Tele. Room . 



1 am returning the pamphlets you forwarded. 
Sincerely yours, 

Enclosures (2) ^ - 

Correspondent’s enclosures: // 

Why we must get the U.S. out of the UN — and the UN out 
Wake Up, Americanslll (Will we let history repeat itself 

NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Biifiles. “ " “ ‘ 

of the U.S. 
in USA?) 

EFT:alb (3) 

: 0^ 

MAIL R00> 


J. Edgar Hoover, Director, 
Federal Bureau of Investigation, 
Washington, D. C. 

Honorable and Dear Sir: 

^ I am attaching hereto twD pan^h-lets 
published by the Cinema Educational Guild. Inc., of Hollywood, 
California, which are being distributed in 'this area. 

Please advise me if this type of 
literature is considered subersive and if so, ■vdiat steps are 
being made to halt distribution. 

Yours very truly 





a MAR 311965 

April 19, 1965 

Dear Mr.| P 

Your letter of April 13th, with enclosure, has been 


Although I would lifee to foe of service, the files of the 
FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Departoent 
Sice and are avai^le tor oHicial use only, y^^ybe ^re^d 
in knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of thrg^_ 
QuUd. toe- deanltely do not have access to toe Wes of 

■ffie^BX. Your^closure is being returned. 

Sincerely yours, 

3* Booy^ 

Tolson — 
Belmont _ 


DeLoach - 
Casper — 
Callahan , 
Conrad — 



Rosen — 
Sullivan - 
Holmes , 
Gandy - 


NOTE: Correspondent is 


mailroomO te!!:etyp^unitI_J 

4 :' 





April 13. 1965 

Mr. Hoover, 

A friend of mine was recently in Los Angeles, 
California, He aquired this tract at a bookstand. He brought 
it back to me and I was very shocked. I would like your 
opinion of this as soomas possible. Thank your. 

Yours truly. 


7 J-C 7— 71! 




Your letter of April 21st, with enclosures, has 

been received. 

Although I would like to be of service, information 
contained in the files of the FBI must be maintained as confidential 
pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice and* is avail- 
able for official use only. I regret that I am unable to be of help 
in this instance but trust you will understand the reasons for this 
. policy and why I cannot comment along the lines you have suggested. 
You may be interest^^^^mowing that Mr. Myron C. F^an or 
representatives of th e^inema Educati onal,Guild.-^Ci,...!definitelv 
do not have access to the files of this Bureau. 

I am returning the tract which you enclosed. 

Sincerely yours, 

X ^dgar Hoover 


!’Red Stars" - Tract 

NOTE: Mr. [ cannot be ideiitifiejci The tract, 

"Red Stars, " distributed by the Cinema Educatfolial Guild, Inc. , is 
well-known to the Bureau. The self-add:fe'sBed, stamped envelope 
which was one of enclosures is beih^dtili^e^laii .reply. 

MAIL EOOmEZ] teletype UNIT I 







LOCK BOX 107 7 

Council Bluffs, la. 

PHONE 322-2546 

4 - 21-65 



J, Edgar Hoover 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washingt on , D . C . 

Dear Mr, Hoover: 

¥e are interested in knowing whether the information 
on this phamplet is true before we start to boycott 
manufacturers who sponsor these actors and actresses. 

Enclosed find a self-addressed envelope for any 
information you might have regarding this subject. 

Y ours very truly. f 



H.lOCICBO>L,l077wCOjlJI^CIL_BLUFES,_LO\^^ 51 504 



r I 


















Tolson — 
Belmont _ 


Casper _ 

Mayli, 1965 

$ C^^pany 

P ost dffleeBbx 5 17 

Alamo, Testas 785l6 

- ^ — ’ — 

Dear Mr. 


Your letter of May 3rd, with enclosure, has 
been received, and I want to thank you for bringing the 
bulletin to my attention. 















This organization and its National Director ^ ^ ^ 
have come to this Bureau*s attention in the past. However, 
you may be interested in knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan 
or representatives of the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. , 
definitely do not have access to the files of the FBI. 

Sincerely yours, 

1 - Los Alleles - Enclosure 

NOTE: There is no derogatory information in Buf lies concerning 
correspondent and we have had previous correspondence with him last 
outgoii^ 5-29-62 at which time he was sent literature. The enclosure 
is a copy of the April, 1965, special bulletin put out by the Cinema 
Educational Guild, 3hc. , of which Myron C. Fagan is National Director. 
It is an appeal apparently being sent to various citizens in the nation 
to purchase the bulletins and tracts which are published by this group 
and with which the Bureau is well aware. It also appeals to the citizen 
to take appropriate steps to effectively combat communism and the 
communist conspiracy by boycotting, certain individuals and voting 
h for certain individuals of ’'right-wiiig" ieanihg.«>>t; 


OKema Educational Guild, #hc. 




APRIL - 1965 






Dear Fellow-American: 

For those who have been reading our '‘News-BulletinSy" par- 
ticularly our SPECIAL BULLETINS and WARNINGS, 1 hard- 
ly need to stress that I have NEVER needlessly cried '‘WOLF.” 
Therefore, I hardly have t 0 ‘ assure you that this WARNING is 
the most vital one I have ever issued — and to urge you to 
DIGEST every word in it. 

I can hardly include aU my warnings and ""alerts'" in this brief 
space — but I can direct you how and - where to get the full 
import of all the warnings. For that reason, I urge you with 
all the earnestness I can stress carefully read, the ""News- 
Bulletins" I will cite — in which I clearly describe the sub-plots 
of the ""Masterminds" of the Great conspiracy to destroy our 
Country and our FREEDOMS' . . . and I urge you to particularly 
absorb the menace to the lives of pur children and grandchil- 

For many years I have WARNED of the long-planned plot 
to use the Negro to hurl our nation into chaos — and COMMU- 
NIST destruction. People, even those who are truly intelligent 
and more or less alerted, have been prone to consider my warn- 
ings as considerably exaggerated . . . some even branded me as 
an ""alarmist"" and ^"Fright-Peddler!" And certain self-styled Patriots, 
who secretly collaborate with the CFR and the ADL, have even tried to 
suppress our warning about the ^Msrae! Cohen'' directives how to create 
the Negro riofings! That is quite understandable to me — and will 
be to you, if you will stop to realize that ALL of our Mass Com- 
munications Media (the Press, Magazines, Radio, TV and Holly- 
wood) are deliberately slanting the news, distorting it, and 
deliberately lying, in order to brainwash the people in Amer- 
ica — and in the worldl I provided' indisputable proof of 
that in our "Special CEG Tract,” entided: "ASSASSINS IN 

Now get this: several years ago, in ""News-Bulletins"" Nos. 87 
and 88, 1 revealed in detail the plans of the ""Masterminds"" to en- 
gulf the whole world, including America, in a (UN) One-World 
Government. For a vitally necessary reminder, we have just re- 
printed both of those issues in ""News-Bulletin"" No. 110 (50 cents 
per copy for members of CEG, $1.00 per copy for non^members). 

BLE.” This docmnent describes the entire plot, each detail 
DOCUMENTED by men who were directly involved in the 
CONSPIRACY since before the French Revolution and the Na- 
poleonic Wars, A copy of this ""News-Bulletin"" should be in 
EVERY American home — it should be a MUST educational 
reading for every individual of school age and oldsters — so that 
ALL Americans will know of our frighteningly grave danger — 
and how they can avert iti 

Please, PLEASE bring this document to the attention of every friend 
and neighbor in your community — if you are an official or member of 
DAR, of the American Legion, of VFW, of ANY civic organization, bring it 
to their attention. This is a DESPERATE NEED! I I 

Now, please, I beg you, read oiu: ""News-Bulletin"" No, 108. It 
reveals with DOCUMENTARY proof, provided by ex-officials 
of the Communist Party and by alarmed ex-members of the Great 
Conspiracy (CFR), how all the cities in America will suddenly 
be hurled into anarchy, chaos, pillage, murder by Communist-led 
Negro riotings, such as turned Rochester, Harlem, Brooklyn, etc., 
into shambles — how our light facilities and water supplies will 
be cut off — how our TV and Radio Stations will be used to ter- 
rorize aU the people. REMEMBER: all DOCUMENTARIES 
in tihat ""News-Bulletin"" were provided by Ex-officials of the Com- 
munist Party and Negro leaders — and CONFIRMED by trust- 
worthy newspaper Columnists and outraged Government officials. 
It will clearly show you the Leaders of that particular phase of 
the overall plot — how Martin Lucifer King fits into it — and 
the techniques they have in preparation. 


Now — in our forthcoming ""News-Bulletin,"" No. Ill, entitled: 
"PERHAPS — THE LAST WARNING,” I quote verbatim ""Ex- 
ecutive Orders"" and Official plans, dreaay transformed into 
Laws, to enable Johnson and his Masters (CFR) to complete 
the delivery of the U. S. to the UN One-World Government via 
""MaHial Law!" Anyone who fails to read THIS issue (and the 
other issues) and disregards its warning — and fails to PROMPT- 
LY DEMAND ACTION by his representatives in Congress to 
NULLIFY and OUTLAW those ""Executive Orders"" v/Sl have an 
awful lot to rue his negligence — negligence which will BE- 
TRAY their children! / / 





Here is how you can do it! We KNOW that asking the Man 
! in the White House, or the Secretaries of State, of Defense, of the 
Treasury, or the head of ANY Federal Agency to save our Coun- 
try is exactly like asking SATAN to abolish Hell — we KNOW 
that all of mem are dedicated to carry out the orders of their 
masters (the CFR) to destroy our nation . * . We KNOW that 
the Earl Warren gang on the U, S. Supreme Court are zealous 
t tools of the same ENEMY! 

But there are two divisions of our Government that can save 
our Country — that can foil the tools of the CFR. One of them 
is our Congress. The members of the 89th Congress were sworn 
in on January 4, 1965. Every Senator and Representative took the 
following solemn oath: 

"I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I shall support and de- 

fend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign 
and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that 
I take this obligation freely, without mental reservation or purpose of 
evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties in the 
office on which I am about to enter. So help me God." 

traitorous Supreme fl||||irt Justices . . , DEM^^NQ fidl' iav^stiga- j 
tions and impeachm^p; of the Rusks, the JdcNamaras, Lyndon f 
Johnson, Hubert Humphrey and all SUSPECT officials of all 
Federal Agencies . . . DEMAND action to tear our money system ; 
out of the clutches of the CFR's controlled and OWNED Federal 
Reserve Gang . , , DEMAND that they (Congress) put an end t 
to all Federd Aid give-aways and lootings . . . DEMAND full ^ 
investigation of the CFR, the ADA, the ADL, the ACLU, the ' 
"'Fund For The Republic"" and all similar Communist-One World ' 
supporting outfits — and, especially, the NAACP, CORE, the 
LUCIFER Kings, etc., etc. DEMAND the REPEAL of the utter- 
ly unlawful 14tii and 16th Amendments! I 1 And all that should 
he only the beginning of a thorough HOUSE-CLEANING! 

For the Love of God and Country, please, PLEASE write such letters 
at once — and get all your loyal American friends and neighbors in 
your community to do likewise — it means SALVATION of our Country — 
it means the safety and future of YOUR childrenl 

^ • 




Those (re-elected) men whose previous voting records, de^ite 
all political pressures, left no doubts about their loyalties, deliver- 
ed their oaths with sincerity. There were others, re-elected and 
, newly-elected, who swore their oaths with "tongues in cheek"" — 

! they were not deliberately treasonous, but they entered their 
offices knowing that (reluctantly and/or otherwise) they would 
vote as ordered by various pressure groups, such as the ADA, the 
ADL, the CFR, Negro and other Minority Group Leaders. There 
I was still another group, a blasphemous group, who not only 
scorned their oaths, but who entered their offices vdth deliberate- 
ly treasonous sabotage in their minds. A study of each mans 
voting records quickly reveals the honest men, the dubious ones, 

We published the voting records of all members of the im- 
mediately preceding Congress. Those who voted 85^ to lOC^ for 
. loyal-to-America legislation can be trusted; those who voted less 
than 85%, but better than 65% could be partly trusted, but always 
scrutinized; those who voted 50% or more for ADA, CFR, ADL 
objectives MUST be driven out of Congress — exactly as we 
drove the UWF-controlled Assemblymen and State Senutors out 
of the California Legislature in 1950/ / / 




1) You, and every loyal American in your community, should 
immediately write personal letters to your Representative and 
Senators and tell them in no uncertain language that you are 
WATCHING their voting records — that at flie first sign of sup- 
port of treasonous and d^isloyal BILLS they wiU be MARKED 
for sure defeat at the next election. And in your letters, DE- 
MAND that they render full support for all BILLS introduced, 
or that will be introduced, by Congressman, James B. Utt and 
other loyal ConOTessmen for Congressional investigations (open 
to the public) of the UN and wimdrawal from that CFR cess- 
pool . . . DEMAND their support of Congressional investigation 
and IMPEACHMENT of Earl Warren, Douglas and the other 

Each and everyone of our 50 States is an integral and contract- I 
ed unit of the United States of America. However, by edict of our | 
Constitution, each and every State is in and of itself a Sovereign \ 
State, governed by its own Governor and Legislature. Under our j 
Constitution, each State has a reserved right to curb Federal 
Government usuipation of its rights. Each State has the Consti- 
tutional right to memorialize the Congress of the United States 
for all necessary actions to protect its rights — and if 36 States 
combine for such purposes Congess is forced by our Constitution 
to grant such demands . . . exactly as Congress must get the ap- 
proval of and consent for the enactment of a Constitutional \ 

Moreover, if enough State Legislatures combine in a DEMAND 
that Congress institute the above mentioned investigations and 
impeachment proceedings. Congress ’will be forced to obey! j 
Therefore, please write letters to each and every member of ! 
yoiu State Legislature, in the same no uncertain language. j 

And REMEMBER: all these men in Congress and the Legis- \ 
latures are politicians. They LOVE their official positions. You, 
the voters, can take those positions away from them. THEY 
KNOW THAT! So, if enough of us REMIND them of that fact, - 
they wiU carry out our demands, regardless of all treasonous ! 
pressures. Thus, the SALVATION of our Country is up to YOU — | 

up to YOUR Letters! 

I won't attempt to guide or advise you on the methods you 
are to employ to get action by your Le^slatures, but I will direct 
you to two (sources) individuals who are EXPERTS in that 
particular field: 

1) Major Arch E. Roberts, USAR, P.O. Box 986, Fort Collins, | 
Colorado. I don't have to tell you about him*, except that he 
(like Gen, Walker) defied the Pentagon and the White House. He 

is doing a terrific (and highly effective) job with the Colorado 
Legislature. Write him — he will send you all the "directives” ! 
you need. Naturally, send him the necessary postage costs. | 

2) Mary Davison, head of Council For Statehood, Box 1524, i 
West Palm Beach, Florida. 

For prompt attention, mention to both that I referred you to 

• ' B 



There are many loyal Americans who (via Brainwash by our 
Mass Communications Media) are unaware of the URGENT 
need for such a fight . . . there are many others who ARE aware, 
but are so discouraged and hopeless that they have all but lost 
die will to fight. For the benefit of ALL of them, here is the 
' PROOF that we GAN win this WAR, just as we won the "Tiattles” 
I will now mention: 

1) In 1947-9 the ""United World Federalists" secretly SE- 
DUCED the Legislature of California to approve and pass a 
RESOLUTION to memorialize Congress to transform the U. S. 
into a unit of a ""Federated UN One-World Government,"" using 
the word PEACE as their bait — simultaneously, they SEDU CED 
the Legislatures of 25 additional States to do likewise. They pour- 
ed untold millions of BRIBERY dollars into each State to ac- 
complish it ... * not on© newspaper, not one Radio Station 
mentioned one word about it ! ! ! Rut, by the grace of God, we 
(CEG) discovered that treason-plot. In mid-1949 we launched 
I a ""News-Bulletin"" and ""Tract"" crusade to alert the people in Cali- 
i fomia. And, by the grace of God, we succeeded. AVALANCHES 
of angry letters and telephone calls POURED into the offices of 
all the Legislators, That ouipouring of public rage shocked and 
frightened , every member or that Legislature — it particularly 
terrified those Legislators who had actively collaborated with 
Alan Cranston and the UWF plotters — and it FORCED the 
I Legislature to haul out that treason-packed UWF ‘‘RESOLU- 
TION” for an open-to-the-public review. It then denounced the 
""Resolution"" (and its (UWF) Sponsor) as a treason plot — and 
I rescinded the “RESOLUTION.” The Press and Radio tried to 
I keep it all ""hush-hush,"" nevertheless the story got out to all 
i other States— and all but one of the other States promptly 

S ""rescinded"" their UWF ""RESOLUTIONS:" 


\ That shows you it CAN be done! What we did with the Cali- 
fornia Legislature YOU can do with the Legislature of your 
State — if you wish to help save our God-given Country .... 
Write to Major Roberts and Mary Davison for directives and 

2) In 1959 the last act of President (phony "^Military Genius"") 
Eisenhower was a determination to repeal the ""Connolly Amend- 
ment!" With flxe help of Nixon and other CFR stooge Federal 
^ Executives, he forced, via every type of pressure and threats, more 
than 70 Senators to PLEDGE themselves to vote for that re- 
peal. We (CEG) learned of the plot. We promptly issued a 
""News-Bulletin"" and a ""Tract"" to expose the plot. We distributed 
MILLIONS of copies throughout the nation. As a result, AVA- 
LANCHES of furious letters poured into the office of every 
Senator. Within two weeks every one of those terrified Senators 
nottf ied the ""Military Genius"" that they were repudiating^ (some 
very angrily) their pledges. That BILL was promptly ""killed"" 
by the equ^y terrified Ike and stooge Fulbright! ... So you can 
see what you can do with your letters! 

3) Now for a third example: The unmasked UN has been more 
and more becoming anathema with MANY of the American peo- 
ple. The ""Masterminds of the Great Conspiracy" have been fran- 
tic^y seeking ways and means to rebrainwash the people into 
renewed faith in that cess-pool of treason. Having full control of 
all of TV, they hit upon the idea of six TV “Spectaculars” to 
glorify the UN. You Imow that whole story — how the XEROX 
Corporation provided FOUR MILLION dollars of their stock- 

holders’ money to^toance those “SPECTACULARS.” Scores of 
pro-Communist Writers and Directors eagerly offered to 
render their services for free (minimum Union scale wages). We 
(CEG) promptly revealed the plot in a ""News-Bulletin"" — and 
in a ""Tract:" Avalanches of that ""Tract,"" hundreds of thousands 
of copies, poured into the offices of XEROX. For a time, XEROX 
and the UN defied the public protests. They managed to ""re- 
lease"" two of the finished “SPECTACULARS” Q>oth flopped.) 
But the continued avalanches of protests and ^"Tracts"" finally 
brought results: The Masterminds of the plot (regretfully) an- 
nounced that the Stars, Writers and Directors were finding it 
impossible to fit the “SPECTACULARS” into their other assign- 
ments (what other assignments?) — and therefore they decided 
to hold the other four “SPECTACULARS” in abeyance for a 
year or two — until (they hoped) the people would ""FORGET."" 
Now, do you think that was the true reason? NO! The true reason 
is that those ""volunteer" Stars, Writers and Directors were terri- 
fied by the public outrage our ""Tract"" had created. Most of them 
are idle most of the time because they are already so discredited 
that many SPONSORS and the Networks are afraid to employ 
them — and they suddenly realized that appearing in those 
""SFECTACULARS"" would spell complete FINISH for them! 

Do I have to say anything more about the effectiveness of YOUR 
letters and signed 'Tracts?" Do I have to stress that YOUR letters to Con- 
gress and the Legislatures can do equally effective jobs for the grave 
need of a thorough "House-Cleaning?" 

Nowthen: I am fast approaching my 78th birthday. At my age 
I certainly have no personal axe to grind; I seek no personal 
aggrandizement. All I seek today is to do my little best to save 
our Country. The only reward I seek is that when God will final- 
ly recall me, He will place His Hand on my shoulder and say: 
""Well done, my son — you have been loyal to the Mission I as- 
signed to you."" 

However, I have not yet completed my ""mission."" By the grace 
of God, I stiU have all my faculties. And (I hope) I stiU have time 
to complete that ""Mission."" Anyway, even at 78 I am still willing 
and eager to lead in the fight for the salvation of our nation and 
ihe preservation of His TRUTH on Earth. By that, I mean that 
I am willing to make myself the chief ""target"" of the Enemy. 
Are you wflling to follow and join me in that leadership? — 
Because I cannot do it alone! 


Our most important job is to get this story to ALL of the Amer- 
ican people. The Press wont do it. Neither will TV or Radio. 
It must be done by YOU and by me. YOU can do it in your com- 
munity by getting copies to all your friends and neighbors — 
and urge them to carry out the directives contained in this docu- 

Another MUST “Help”: To get this project into IMMEDIATE 
action we must contact all the patriots, individuals and groups, 
we can reach throughout the nation. That means we must im- 
mediately mail between 40,000 and 50,000 copies of this 
“SPECIAL.” We are getting 20,000 copies out today — but we 
do not have the finances to get out the other (approximately) 
30,000 copies. I am sure you wiU want to help the financing of 
these additional 30,000 mailings. One dollar wiU finance seven 
mailings — ten dollars will finance 70 — $100.00 will finance 

700. Mease, please^ send us as much dollars that you 

ban afford . . . please do it TODAY — NO^^ftou may forget to- 
monow. . , , « 

Also, you may have friends and neighbors and heads of DAR, 
VFW, American Legion Posts, etc., that you d like to alert with 
copies of this '‘SPECIAL, but can’t spare the time, or, for your 
own reason, prefer to be anonymous — send us their names and the 
financing and we will be most happy to do it for you. Also if you 
\fill send us lists of the doctors, lawyers, dentists, ministers, etc., 
in your community, with mailing ""financing*" we will send them 
copies — and urge them to get additional copies (also ""Tracts*") 
to be available for patients and clients in their waiting rooms . , . 
Please give this your IMMEDIATE attention — the salvation of 
our nation may depend upon iti / / 


In the days of Nero, it was the ""Christian Soliders"" who saved 
and preserved Christianity for us. Those humble ""soldiers"" were 
few in number. Nothing stopped them — neither fiendish per- 
secution, neither torture, neither death. Throughout the history 
of ^ civilization never have so many owed so much to so few. 
Today history is repeating itself right here in Americal Today, 
it is the members of CEG, and similar patriots, who are the 
""Christian Soldiers"" fitting for the salvation of our once-glorious 
Country — and for the preservation of Christianity — fighting 
against frightful odds! We are as few as were the ""Christian Sol- 
diers"" of 2,000 years ago — even fewer! I can truly say that never 
in the history of our nation have so many owed so much (the 
preservation of our nation) to so few. But, my friend, we desper- 
ately need more ""Soldiers"" Here is the kind of ""Soldiers"" I mean: 
Through all the years that I have headed CEG I have found that 
the key to all of our achievements, has been the individual DEDI- 
CATED ""Member"" We have thousands of non-member con- 
tacts who buy our ""News-Bulletins^"" books and ""Tracts,"" Most of 
them cooperate with all of our projects, but even that coopera- 
tion comes as d result of the constant urgings of our ""Members,"' 
So,' once again, I appeal to you to try to increase our fighting 
members within your community — twenty, even ten such ad- 
ditional members can fully alert your entire community, and 
start the kind of avalanches of letters that will FORCE Con- 
gress, and your Legislature, to take the ACTION we MUST get 
to smash the entire Great Conspiracy . . Incidentally, in those 
early (Nero’s) days, the ""Christian Soldiers"" in every commun- 
ity secretly organized themselves into ""groups"" thus enabling 
them to fight more effectively . . . please do the same in your 
community — create ""STUDY GROUPS,"" to operate in concert. 

• : 


We feel that it is extremely vital that every member in both 
Houses of Congress should get copies of all of our ""News-Bul- 

*•' * , '' 

letins"" — not only them, but to prevent the ptQt^-nces of * 

some that they ""nei^fj^eard"" of the treachery and treason being | 
committed in Washington — or the need of the ACTION neces- 
sary to stop it. Beginning in 1962 we were able, through contri- 
butions from our members, to provide all members of Congress 
with copies, but now our fimds for that purpose are exhausted. 
Can you, will yon help us to continue such mailings by a special ; 
contribution, marked tor that purpose? 

Likewise, it is equally vital that all members of all the Legis- | 
latures in all 50 states should get copies, but we’d be utterly 
swamped if we tried to do it, so I earnestly hope and pray that 
our local members in all communities wiU do that job for us. 


For several weeks we have been doing a thorough research . 
job on the doings of the Martin LUCIFER KING mobs in Ala- 
bama. What we have uncovered has horrified even me, hardened 
as I am to all such atrocities ... it wiU more than horrify you — 
it will fri^ten you half to death, but it will ENRAGE you into . 
the land of ACTION we must have. ! 

Please let me know if you approve my putting that entire 
horrifying story in a ""Tract"" — let me know if you wiU help us 
to get MILLIONS of copies of that circulating through- ^ 

out the nation. Such a ""Tract"" 'done could torpedo the entire i 
""Racial Strife"" Plot! | 

Please give this matter — give everything in this entire 
“SPECIAL” your immediate attention ,, ,Do it today — NOW — 
you may forget tomorrow ... I repeat: the salvation of our Na- 
tion may depend onitH I 

Yours for God and Country • 

Additional copies of this "Special Bulletin" can be had for 15 cents 
a single copy or 10 cents per copy in quantities of 10 copies or 
more . . . This "SPECIAL" can greatly help you to enlist all your friends 
in this HOLY war. 

All our "News-Bulletins" are 50 cents per copy 25 cents per copy 
to CEG members . . . Our "Tracts" are $2.00 for 100 copies. 

July 28 , 196^ 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D. C. 

In Re: Request for information concerning alleged Communists and "Fellow-Travelers” 

To Whom It May Concern; 

The enclosed tract was given to me by a conscientious, well-meaning man who 
received it at his local church. 

^ I cannot accept as true such serious charges as are outlined against those 
people unless these charges are prayed to be true. 

On -the other hand, I cannot understand how the people who publish this tract 
(and t^^book which they wish to sell) dare to do so without danger of prosecutioi^ 
unless 4there is truth in their accusations. 

Th(5ref4re, I sincerely request that someone with the proper authority in the 
F.B.I.i,, the only agency whose word I can possibly accept in such a serious matter, 
please let me know what is true and what is untrue about the information on this 



I reauest this information because I ^^ravely concerned about the influence 

of these people, particularly the influence of the writera and ©f Chet Huntley* 

Sine e rely, 



s AUG 5 1965 

August 4, 

19^5 . 





5 ?-/ 

Your letter of July 28th, with enclosure, has 

been received. 

Although I would like to be of service, the files 
of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Depart- 
ment of Justice. You may be interested in Rowing that 
Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives o ^inema^ducational 
Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to the fUes of the FBI. 

I am returning the tract along with some literature 
which 1 trust you will find of interest. 











Tolson _ 
Belmont . 


Casper _ 
Conrad _ 


^ Gale 

i ' Rosen 

V Sullivan ; 



. Tele. R(^Sm 



Sincerely yours, 
SJdgar Hoover 

Enclosures (3) 

”Our Heritage of Greatness” 

Let's Fight Commiinism Sanely ! 

NOTE: There is no record of correspondent in Bureau files. The 
tract is well known to this Bureau and is being returned in compliance 
with Bureau policy. 

^S:cs (3) 




1 ^ 



August 26, 1965 





















received during Mr. Hoover’s absence from the city. You may 
be certain your communication will be brought to his attention 
upon his return. 

The files of the FBI are confidential pursuant to 
regulations of the Depar^ent of Justice. Mr. Myron C. Fagan 
or representatives of th eXinema Educational Guilds jn c. , 
definitely do not have access to“tlii^ 


AUG 2 6 1965 


Enclosure: * 

Tolson _ 
Belmont . 


Special ’’Civil Rights” tract entitled ’’Martin Luther King and his 
’Civil Rights’ Urinators” published by the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no record of co rrespondent. 
warranted in view of the nature of Mrs. 

This reply appears 
comments con- 

DeLoach _ 


Callahan _ 
Conrad — 




Sullivan — 

cerning racial matters, ^he enclosure furnish|e.d was published by 
Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. This group iS wbll known to the Bureau. 

The current telephone directory failed to show a person with correspondent’s 
name residing at the address of this outgoing; howe ver, fap different list ings 
were located for parties with this liame resiciing in 


Tele: Room . 



- No listings were located for other possible variant spellings. 






Aug 19 - 65 

Dear Sir, 


My neighbor and I have lengthy discussions about 
civil Right s and the negro problems in america today. Yesterday 
Bomeone^scd him the "Special 'Civil Rights' Tract" enclosed and he 
it to me as proof cf what the negro "animal" is really like. 

He claims Dr. Martain Luther King is a Communist. 
I was wondering if you could give me any information as to what 
his politics are? 

He tells me all the demonstrations and riotig in 
this country is backed by communists. I can't argue back with 
him because I have no basic proof for my» arguments. Please 
reply concerning these p roblems, my name and address is. 

Mrs. I \ 

I know you must be terribly busy but the people 
of this country is what make a democratic government the best 
type of government and I don't think the people should be mislead. 

Thank you very much, 


P. S. Also could you tell me how much of whatlislimthis little 


, / 

7 */ 






September 15, 1965 



Tele, Room 

Your letter of September 8th, with enclosures, 
has been received. 

Although I would like to be of service, the files 
of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations oLthe 
Department of Justice. You may be interested in knowing that 
Mr. Myron C. Fagen or representatives of the^inema Educa- 
tional Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to the mes of 
the FBL “ 

I am returning herewith the tract, and I am 
including some material which I trust you will find helpful. 


SEP 1 6 


Sincerely yours. 

Enclosures (3)Correspondent*s enclosure 
Our Heritage of Greatness 
Let’s Fight Communism Sanely! 

/ NOTE: There is no record of correspondent in Bureau files. 

S:pjf (3) 






r-i o 








Sept. 8, 1965. 

J. Edgar Hoover; 

Federal Bureau of Investigation; 
Dear Mr. Hoover: 

Could you tell me how authentic these two pamphlets 

I have a friend got some & he gave me one of each. 

Please let me know if you can. 

Thank You. 

I remain. 

Very Truly Yours. 

1 TC 9-14-65 mel 

® SEP 16 1965 



Steve Allen' s 
Is Supported 
For Congress 

(AP) — A citizens committee to' 
draft entertainer Steve Allen for, 
Congress has been formed. 

Its organizers, including 
science-fiction writer Ray Brad- 
bury and comedian Bill Dana, 
have rented a Wilshire v^Boule- 
vard office for headquarters. 

PubHcist Carl May said the 
committee will collect signa- 
tures on a' petition to be ^ 
'presented to the entertainer 
when he. arrives here Wednes- 
day. Allen is in Las Vegas, 
Nev., for a night club act. 

Allen, 44, a Democrat, said 
last week he is considering run- 
ning for the seat being vacated 
by Rep. James Roosevelt, D- 
Calif,,^ when the latter takes his 
seat in the United Nations as 
U.S.^ representative to the Eco- 
nomic and Social Council. 

* ' t t, ' t 

1 Among nations of the 'Antilles 
j chain in. the Caribbean, the Do- 
minican Republic is second in 
Isize to Cuba. O 

6 , 3 . 







September 17, 1965 

REC ’t- ^ X ^ ^ ^ 7^ 

0 \ ^$rsJ 

Dear Mrs. 


Your letter of September 10th has been received- 



■ fV*o 


and the concern which prompted you to write is understandable. 

I want to thank you for making yqur observations 
available to me, and I am returning herewith the tract you 
enclosed together with some material which I trust you will 
find of interest. 


SEP 1^1965 


Sincerely yours, 
St JEdgar Hoovep: 


£ *S 




H - 








EnpJLosures (8) 

”Our Heritage of Greatness” 

Exeerpt from Appromiations Testimony regarding Communist Party, USA. 

1 -»San Francisco - Enclosures (2) 

NOTE: Correspondent cannot be identified m Bufiles. The Ramparts Maga- 
zine is a monthly publication which has been in circulation since 1962 and 
has little standing. It has been characterized as an independent magazine 
of opinion and dissent published by Laymen*s Press at Menlo Park, Calif. 

jmt ^njThe May. 1965, issue carried an, article by Fred J. Cook on the FBI an d 

- 2 - 1 -iqcc organized crime which was a standard Cook article. 

Casper — issm^ 
C a 1 lah 

Conrad SW 
Felt - 
Gale - 

well known to the Bureau. The tract being returned to Mrs 
known to the Bureau. (62-87267-804) 

jfSP 27136 


^ Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Chief 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
} Washington, B. C, 200QB 

dear Jfr. Hoover: ^ 

« ^ / iPu ( f 4 ^ 

‘Mr. Tols*on — J- 

Mr. Mohr^^J*i£ 

-Mr. Ca^w- — 
Ir. Callahan- 
fr. Conrad,.,- 

|Mr. Felt- 

j Mr. Gale. 

I Mr. Rosen 

Mr. Sullivan- 

Mr. Tavel^ 

I Mr. Trotter- 
Tele. Room — 
Miss Holnies- 
Miss Gandy— 



, wwf 

'This is to let you know that I— like millions of other law-ahiding 
Anerioans— am with you in your fi^t to save this country against subversives. 

On Aigust 25th I think it v:as I heard a radio interview with a former 
man yiho had written an article on the ^BI for -the leftwing Ramparts l&gazinej 
'#iich is published in Menlo Park, Califomiaj in which he was critical of you 
and the rBI, i resented his remarks and thorou^ly disagreed with his viewpoint. 

I do not think he has the best interests of America at heart, or that his think- 
ing is Anerioan. 

>■ This individual — I don’t recall his name — ^made the suggestion^hatp^«i^jP|t a |? 

be \mited with the infiltrated Central Intelligence Agency. Heaven ^Jelp^^b if 1 I 
that should come to pass. We will be living in a police state for sure. 3 ; ()ji 

O — ^ Pj^ KB3»4 

Hang on to your job and independence. America needs you Ii |8 |ij 

has never needed you before. ^ o|^ 

V I see mary encouraging signs today that people are beooming^mbre anj^ 

I awakened to the menace of Ccamnunism. I think the Berkeley riots didc|[ lot~o®l 
awakpn, them. Then the Viet Cong outbreak in Watts opened some more ^es^_^ 

I . A San Eranoisoo woman fomd a paper' in a church during the Watts ri ots 
' giving the schedule of -the Los Angeles riot and one to be followed in Berkeley 
and San Era noisoo. The paper or iginated in- Moscow, Peking and Cuba under the 
ausp^es of I L a Negro wanted in North Carolina for kiitoappindf^ 

The W^tts riot was on schedule. Three policemen were cornered in Berkeley this^'^'J 
'weelci^y some Negroes. Fortunately, the police were rescued before a riot broke o * 
out like that one in Ififatts. 

We are in a religious war. Communism is a front for Phariseeism. The / 
battle is Chftist versus Anti-Qiristj Sod versus Anti-Sodj good versus evil} / 

Christisinity versus Phariseeism- Satanism- Judaismj the Bible versus the Talmud. V 
Judaic Tjecame Phariseeism in 70 A, D. Sod is going to win. I my not live ^ 
to see his victory, but he will win® 

V f 

(Mrs. ) 

I J ^ 

For Sod and Country^^ ^ ^ 6 7 • 

^ E(105 

IS SEP 1965 

-’#,i^;v^-'''y vifi' ';>V';.." 

' ‘ % ® '!* ; ^ V> T’f -„-=' ' 


)'*( V 7 ;i*>' 4 ' * ' 1 '', ( "b r '' '* 

^^ 4 r:- '* -'■' 

iv^’. , . 

K’ ? < ^ut i' • ' 

^■!t !• , ' , 

ftlilv-f'iVj.t't '''('*! ^'t'X'- i* 

-«•. 'VI , 4 , ,'j;!;^\:*#'’:,. 0 !i • ■ 

^J|t,Jt^T'l;, 4 ';^vV•i:l;;' V "■, 

J ’ - -ti - 

‘%fKv- iV«v"" -‘'X 
^ tIe V"<i ” 

'■^"l''' ^f‘ '■ }^. ' ' - • ^ . ii ' ■ < '-:’ 

, , l \ ,.' ^ 4 'riv"> ‘‘/x 

‘‘ r* ‘ 

^!-c/v;XV 'W*. ‘ 


[Jv. t; :~ii< x>fX'^X'' \ "', ‘ ' 

We^'*fi.O >'.'"'fV' •>''■■;■; ' ‘ 

t fx 

KeII i-j.i '.I. 

E - 1 g I ■' 

> , 2 ^ o o ^ 2 2 

;kA *. :£ s ° O 5 , 

“ E ' ^ o 
o-»S-g^ 8 ° 


S -o . 9 - 3 = 

“ S > -o 2 

Q I z i g *1 

UJ t 23 t: Q ? 

:“(S C .-2 I-® , 

^.s.s-f 2-S 


3 .= » *9 • 

3 Cl > Z ; 

I I I? 

1 . 1*1 o: 

= -i I-- 

; o *3 § «_ 

- H ^ o * 

: < .2 £ s . 

> §S£ I' 

>-iJi I. 

* o -eZ •* 

i g.||l 

g-S^ J 

sg 3 : 

j-si-s a* 

;|^s .',4 

: .2 *t> .* . ; 

;’:'vo ,.- 

4 : CO 

‘Lv ^ § o 

,-J; S <u 2 : 
= 8 =» 

~ S ‘'' <’i' 

c 8 Ig 

S i.^3' 


O Q O) 

H- o o m ■ 

O - ' 

CD Q> >* 

. .E S ii J 

OJ o Q> 

, o ID 

•" i/> O.M 

c/> . C / 

.g o 

:- *? C) * 

JL O •£ g * 
,g E oi- 

*0 9 ? a* . 



Q. D 40 ' — * > ,u - 

i. §: = -i J C 
°*s g-f t 
2 *^"^ 8 -= 

C 5 .2 ^ '' s: 

c *5 B .5 2 c 

“ a* w. 

3 E ^ S * E — ■ 

ftM'* S C 4 S ^ ' 

teA,=f «■§ 

P-f tt-S-S 8 -,. 


' D>.o tE 2 

^-5 o « 

2 g* '^ < 

I o > *!^ Ti !il!:*^ *■» i 

I s<£ S— 

! <t> ^ ^ Si. * ^ c ::> < 

■ ^I» -S 2 ^ "a, .S 

jofic 0 (S= 3 QJ- 2 , 


"iu o -*= j. -S *i Si E . 1 : 

” o . 1 = < 
S -— > o 
/*" O 'O ~ 

o _ o g o ' 
4 j j= E O .. 

S . •* .2 cj > 

'-^ CC» O 

- Q 2 *£ 

«/» 111 cz ^ 

c ^ O) . 

” - O *■= 

I *SnS .2 .c“. 2 c-s£q ^'E o -*= - 

ll-Eiio l3li-§||5i|Kll.lllilii;|:iJ|-!i 

I ■|iitli=^igs|i|ii3r.rr:i=.?i^=' 

> 2 ^^ : T *2 “I l- :j.s -l --^ oS g 

: 8 ? ^11 l 2 ®=>=“-s I-; t| s.sM°: s£j:f .s-s^ 

4 ±j‘- 6 '^co SO.*>>Qjc* 8 z®^*H'£.— So *“o «*'*-“ o"o o> 

^g^ajeo ^o«/»oS^e«-£ 'C .S‘^m -»2 -:n^o.rf« 2 *S o"o” 

^ O o ^ > -S«o.V:>o.-- 2 *S •« ^Ow.«.' 9 ’«*»’*-o — SE-- <i> -o ^ 

oj^'^o-.c: , • <i> 4 j^ o <yO ^ >'bS*-CJo;o£S. 2 °oS°E*^ Sd>-, 

to T; 3 *-*co _ y viT; 0 -— .— 040 -C — 

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30 S J f^'EZ^ - 

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K 3 ’ oS .esqI. og -tfciag - si .'o 

m.f.M ^ 58 ” r.® :^i-= *•§ SI-S-. 1.4 •sS^ 

3 _S ^ o Q >^ ij" */4 3 

^ C K w —3 fl 3 O u Ct> C *T 3 Jr 

•S*H B S ^ 

*"o i=*’<u^ 3 :- 3 Bo._ 

C <]> A> 0 

C S ~ — 
.2 *0 E *E 

12 rf *r^.E 

s s.oo’S'S'-'IbJ 

i|i ■•“■”. ' 

. 0 . Q. O -O 2 5 

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y=r S ". * • ' ”. 2-2 g I . 

4 ?v. ' CO == "., t" .',j t-X 5 a> 

I*!^ 0,0 O ^ 2 

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«/» " c *- :> 

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Q>'— 4 Ud 2 *i* ■ — " o 
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Q-— . 2 ^ 2 2:0 F= — c*^o 

-8 §0 Si £0 of-o &:£ 


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'^J=i'§S S!8.2°. o|Sj 

3 a> ii 3 i 4 o, 
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0-0 *“ on E *E •“ 
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rE o Jr <u izz *s? o 

O ai . - *T 3 

^ 01 C= •*- O W 

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1 ••= b.-E = 3 , 
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I :V|IJ 

r;g i'io:':^;f i 

3 -§'bl^'b’*^''^/ 


3 ,,Q.=> 52 p. 2 n 

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! I S'S 

: c -E 

§ S 

°2-i^ : 
f. s '=' o 

‘ ' i' ,*• i 


, [!;.t,;juj - p :^, 

( 5 \l}'', ;v fJ '!f * 

l5 D. •*“ '..lOJ - 

a S s:^'i 
.- i .2 P C; “i .1 


OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 5010-105 

■ MAY 1962 EDITION ^ £ 

GSA GEN. BEG. NO. 27 ' 







TO : 


date: 9 / 17/65 



RICHMOND (157-New) -C- 




P. 0. BOX 46205:, 

Cole Branch, Hollywood 46, 



Enclosed herewith for the Bureau and Los. An^es 
are 8 copies and one copy respectively fof- a LHM sutible 
for dissemination, together with the same number of copies 
of a throwaway entitled "1965 Special ‘Civil Rights* Tract - 

/ ''f: ■jr-> 

, This document was brouglT-r'to the RicKmSnd. Off:ice 

by Mrs.^ [ 

who statea tnat the throwaway was handed to herdin'" the-ydown- 
town Richmond business district approx imately 2 ^weeks *ago by 
an unknown Caucasian female, whom Mrs . 1 I cbuM^ noita 

further describe. , 

Mrs . 



a Caucasian female, desired““that‘ hed 

identity be confidential and stated that she felt that the 
throwaway was inflammatory in its message and could cause ^ 
resentmente between Caucasians and Negroes to be Mghtened 
rather than lessened. 

She stated that she did not know if any federal 

law was violated by the distribution of such literature but 
she felt as an American citizen that it should be brough 
tntthe attention of interested federal authorities. 

One copy is being se^ to Los Arngeles with enclosure 
for information in the even^'^hb. Bureau is desirous of 
further knowledge ^re j^p^^ired subject. 

(^- Bureau (End. 

1 - Los Angeles (Encil 2) 
1 - Richmond 
WHS : vwl 



In Reply^ Please Refer to 



Richmond, Virginia 
September IT, 1965 


P. 5. Box 46205a Cole Branch, 
Hollsrwood 46, California 

On September 17a 19^5 the Richmond Office of 
the Federal Bureau of Investigation received, from a source 
who desires to have her identity kept confidential, a copy 
of a throwaway known as ”1965 - Special 'Civil Rights* 
URINATORS”, which was published in the form of a 3” X 5" 
folded commentary as published by the Cinema Educational 
Guild, Incorporated, P. 0. Box 46205, Cole Branch, 

Hollywood 46, California. It in substance discussed the 
prior actions of Negro demonstrators , The throwaway dealt 
primarily with instances of Negro demonstrators urinating 
on two occasions while picketing Governor GEORGE WAIIACE 
in Alabama and in an unspecified restaurant on an unstated 

The throwaways stated that these criminal acts 
went lonptinlshed and that when these acts were specifically 
requested to be asked of Reverend MARTIN LUTHER KING by 
moderator LAWRENCE iSPIVAK of the television show called 
“Meet the Press” in March, 19^5^ the questions were not 
asked of KING, 

Additionally the throwaway was critical of ■ the 
JOHNSON administration, the march from Selma to Montgomery, 
Alabama, and the National Council of Churches. The tract 
concluded by extreme criticism of President JOHNSON and his 
alleged associates and suggested that readers v^rite to their 
representatives and senators to "clean such men out of 
Washington . " 

This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions 
of the FBI. It is the property oi the FBI and is loaned lo your 
agency; it and its contents ore not to be distiibuled outside your 

99 s 


and salvation of our nation. But I earnestly suggest 
you watch the next "MEET THE PRESS/' so as to, get 
I the names of their local Sponsors and let them and 
^ MEET THE PRESS and the NETWORKS bow how you 
; feel -and what you will do about if, 

Now, to remove even a remote doubt that my. | 
criticism of "MEET THE PRESS" is too harsh, 1 will | 
stress an even far more vicious and heinous feature ' ! 
of the "Civil RIGHTS" demonstrations in Alabama: j 

We KNOW that more than 30,000 individuals { 
participated in those "Marches" - many, if not the 
vast maiority, were non-residents of Alabama. Many 
of them were teen-agers and in the 20 and 30 year | 
brackets, They were lured there by the Communist f 
Negro and White "Leaders" by promises (fulfilled) of 
$10.00 per day and free room and board, plus 
promises (fulfilled) of SEX ORGIES and freedom to 
commit other lawless acts - and they were promised , 
protection of all their lawlessness by Federal troops 
and Federal Marshals ... and they WERE pro- 

All of that was documented by Congressman 
, William L. Dickinson, In a speech to the House; he 
stated: "Drunkenness and sex orgies was the order 
of the day in Selma, on the road to Montgomery 
and in Montgomery, The participants in the March 
consisted of Negroes, do-gooders. Communists and 
human fiotsam such as adventurers, beatniks and 
I prostitutes , , , The Communist Party, with a power* 
I ful assist by the "National Council of Churches," 
\ gave those groups cohesiveness, MONEY and direc* 
: tion (by King and similar "Reverends") - and they 
. were promised all the sex they would want from 
< opposite members of either race . , , Free love 
I among this group was not only condoned -if was 
' ENCOURAGED. They were told that only by the 
ULTIMATE sex act with one of another color can 

Ihey demojistrafe they have no prefudice", The 
Congressman backed up his speech with leaflets 
and "bulletins^' issued by the "leaders" of- the 

To remove‘AlL doubt that the "National Council 
of Churches/ FUllY supports the Kings and the Racial ‘ 
strife, I quote from a statement by our "President" - 
Johnson, who stated that "the first grants of funds 
Red outfit) was made by the NATIONAL COUNCIL 

' — 0 — 

These are the kind of people, sex-crazed African 
savages, beatniks, prostitutes, sex-perverts, homo- 
sexuals who are screaming for '"Civil Rights" and 
"Equality" for the Negroes - and are epuraged 
and protected by our /President," who is fully aware 
of all of the above. But that should not be so 
astonishing - after all, Johnson's palsy-walsies 
throughout his career are known crooks, swindlers,- 
congenital liars, political 'charlatans, homosexuals, 
etc. Now, -do you realize why every self-respecting 
American MUST demand Congressional action to 
clean such men out of Washington? Do if NOW - 
write your Representatives and Senators - and en- 
close 3 copy of this "Tract." 

1965 - Special "CIVIL RIGHTS" Tract - 1965 

Street Address 

City (Zone) and State , 

This Special "Civil Rights" Tract can be obtained at 
the rate of 100 copies for $2.00 .... Send your 
BOX 46205, Cole Branch, Hollywood 46, Calif. 


In several of our "News-Bulletins" we clearly re- ■ 
vealed the kind of Negro riotings and "Demonsira- 
i tlons" that had been blue-printed for action in 1 965 
r (after the election) to throw our entire nation into 
I chaos and anarchy -in order to bring about "Martial . 

I law" under (final) UN direction. It was a frighten- 
I ing story - and we pleaded with everybody to be 
j on guard against it: We stressed that the riotings 
> were to be "commanded" by Negro Leaders -with 
|‘ Martin Luther (pardon) LUCIFER King to be the KEY 
1 leader -withJohnson'sblessingsl! I ^ 

a ^ ‘ 

I Now, during the past months, we have seen the 
, nauseaiingly atrocious "non-violent" demonstrations 
I in Alabama - under the leadership of King and his 
t "lieutenants." 

The reason King is the "Key" to this entire "CIVIL 
RIGHTS" plot is that he is a so-called "Reverend'' - ^ 
but, more important, because'Johnson's door is wide ^ 
open to this would-be Black Dictator! Moreover, this L ' 
black man openly breaks laws and defies .Court In- p 
■ lunctions, but is shielded by the Washington powers- 
i that-be from the kind of prosecution that no White 
I Southerner, not even a Governor, can escape, . ^ . 

, I < 

\ f ' f 

It has been fully established that King has been 
^ directly afflliate'cl with more than 50 Red, ^ront 
groups-and that he and his "demonstrations" are 
i financially supported (lavishly) by the One-World 
■ plotters who are deliberately using the Negroes to 
: i accomplish their obiectives, as was directed in the 
Israel Cohen book: "A RACIAl PROGRAM FOR THE 
20lh CENTURY/' 

So now we submit at least two incidents in Ala- 

^2) Now for another, and even more reprehensible 
' and foul. (Criminal) act: Immediately after The is- 
suance of the Desegregation Decision, a group of 
Negroes forced their way into a restaurant. Thus the 
place was fijled with Whites and Negroes. At a 
given signal, all the Negroes grabbed the sugar 
„bowls.jOff the tables, stood up, and urinated into 
them, and then, amid howls of laughter, replaced 
■kbowls on the tables. 

. ing that King would "piously" proclaim disapproval, 

I urged Spivak jo ask him if he would,be willing 
to deliver the perpetrators of that foul act to. the , 

authorities for proper prosecution? - or would he j| 

call that "POLICE BRUTALITY"? . - 

'' * 

We also urged Spivak to ask King the same gues- • 

tions about the foul acts committed by his "pe^ ^ 

secuted" Negroes in the Restaurants. 

bama that distinctly PROVE that the Washington 
authorities (Johnson and Katzenbach) will do no- 
thing to stop the brazen lawlessness of King and 
his mobs, that, in fact, they encourage and sustain 
it and that all of our Mass Communications Media 
frienziedly "hush-up" all that lawlessness and be- 

1) Recently, on Friday, March 19, 1965, to be 
exact. Columnist Morrie Ryskind published in the 
L.A. Times, a review of King's "non-violeni" demon- 
strations in Selma and Birmingham (in defiance of 
’ Court injunctions). He headed his column with: "BUT 
ail the aspects of the Civil Rights and Desegregation 
movement. In the past (and even in that Column) 

* Ryskind frequently deplored the "persecutions" sup- 
posedly suffered by the Negroes - and the. need 
for "amelioration" of their "wrongs." But, at one 
point, nauseated by the vile acts of the "Marchers" 
in Alabama, he cried out (published): 

"But was the Cause really helped when 75 of 
those picketing Gov, George Wallace demonstrated 
by rising at a given signal and urinating in the 
I streets?" 

That act was, at the very least, indecent exposure 
i / and public nuisance"- both criminal actsl Nothing 
i was done about it by the Authorities - and no 

* mention of it was made by ANY of our Mass Com- 
munications Media (except by Ryskind in his 1. A. 
Times Column). 

— 0 — 

That act, (and it was repeated in other eating 
places) was not only indecent exposure and public 
nuisance,' it was a menace to public health - and a 
distinct CRIMINAL act! Yet, nothing was done about 
it by the authorities - and was completely ignored 
by all of our Mass Communications Media! 

Now, the following 'is concrete PROOF that our 
Mass Communications Media DELIBERATELY refuse 
to reveal all these horrendous acts - and DELIBER- 
aIeLY keep the truth from the people, even when 
brought to their attention,'’ and thus actually en- 
courage the Negro-Communist atrocities; to wit: 

On March 21, at the conclusion of the "MEET THE 
PRESS" TV;show, Lawrence Spivak, owner of the 
^show, announced: "Our next distinguished guest 
.will be Rev. Martin Luther King." 

’Thereupon we promptly wrote him .about the ’ 
above mentioned incidents, with a verbatim quote 
of Ryskind's PUBLISHED statement . . . Spivak has 
always assured that; "all questions and opinions 
expressed by our panel (and himself) are not their 
own personal opinions - they merely seek to pro- 
vide the public with impartial facts, views and UN- 
BIASED news." 

Quoting his own statement in our letter, we ap- 
pealed to him to direct two vital questions to King: 

Spivak received our letter in plenty of time. We 
KNOW THAT - we have his (Post Office) signed re- 
ceipt. But neither Spivak. nor any of his panelists 
asked either question! , 

Instead, they leaned over backward to provide 
this black saboteur of our nation with an "image" 
of piety and righteousness - as follows: 

As we know, there was a rigid Court Injunction 
against the (demonstrating) Marches in Selma and 
Birmingham - and, as we know. King had scorn- 
fully defied the "Injunctions" and ordered the 
Marches to proceed . ’. . one of the paneiists asked 
him, in view of his (King's) proclamations that ali.of ' 
his activities are non-violent and law-abiding, why 

he had'defied the Court Injunction. King "piously," 

but loftily, declared lhat he scorns civil laws that 
are not in accord with (his idea of) moral laws. This, 
from a black man whose innate instincts still are 
savagery, if not cannibalism ... and all but one of 
the panelists nodded approvingly! 1 1 • 

Now, this is not the only lime that "MEET THE . 
PRESS" has provided a nation-wide forum for vicious 
haters of America-the despicable Krishna Menon ^ ' 
was one of them. I 

So now Twill let YOU appraise this "MEET THE . 
PRESS" in your own way'. . . I will let YOU decide , 
which is more importanb'a "MEET THE PRESS and t 
others of that ilk on TV and Radio, who delude, 
deceive and brainwash the people - or the safety, ,■ 

September 22, 1965 

Tolson — 
Belmont . 


Casper _ 
Conrad _ 



Rosen — 
Sullivan . 
Tavel — 

Warren and H all Steeets 
Oreen^ile, Ohio 45331 

Dear Mr. 

been received. 


your letter of September 17th, with enclosure, has 

In response to your inquiry, information contained 
in the files of the FBI is confidential pursuant to regulations of the 
Department of Justice, you may be interestecMn knowing that 
Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of th^ inema Educational 
G uild, Inc., definitely do not have access to our files. 

The tract you furnished is being returned to you. 

Sincerely yours. 


SEP 2 2 1965 


X Edgar Soom 


Correspondents enclosure 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no record of correspondent. Theite^t^sqge 
furnished was published by Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. 
well known to the Bureau. 

— JRP:mel (3) 


^ V 

!“^ SMJSS& 




\ ■■ 




United Missionary Church 

Cor. Warren and Hall Streets Greenville, Ohio - 45331 

Sept. 17, 1965 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Sirs: 

Enclosed I am sending the tract ’’Red Stars” which 
I received ^recently. In it is a list of some 200 alleged Communists. 
I would like to know three things - 1. are the persons listed really 
communists? 2. Is the content of the tract true? 3. Would you 
advise its distribution? 

I am sorry to bother you with this matter, but know 
you have the information. 


1 TC 9-21-65 mel 

Sincerely yours. 

2 SEP 23 1965 




October 6, 1965 


i,j -'f Z.^6 


Dear Mrs 

Your letter of September 30th, with enclosure, 
has been received. 


With respect to your inquiry, information con- 
tained in the files of liie FBI must be maintained as confidential 
in accordance with regulations of the Department of Justice. 

I trust you will understand the necessary reason for this policy 
and why I cannot comment as you suggested. You may be in- 
terested in knowing that Mr. Myron C# Fagan or representatives 
of the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. , definiitely do not have 
access to the files of the FBI. 

Sincerely yours, 

J. Edgag Eq^ 



CD ^ 







NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable/ in Bufifes.; Cinema Educational 
Inc, , is well known to the Bureau^-. \ ^ 


(3) f 

MAILED. 25: 

OCT 6196§. 


Bti P; J 5 



*7 rr- - 





Sept. 30, 1965 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Wash. D. C. 

Attention Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 
Dear Sir: 

A friend recently handed me the enclosed tract, and I am at a loss 
to know what to believe about it. I know nothing of the people who 
print it--so I am seeking the truth. Perhaps you can give it to me. 
If these charges are true, then perhaps people should follow their 
suggestion and b'oycott these peoples’ films & other works. 

I should certainly appreciate hearing from you on this subject. 
I know you are a busy man, but this seeins to me to be an im- 
portant thing. 


] y z 





'u ' ; 


j2. Cy 

CXTO& £DucATxom ovxzj?, xmom^Tim 

tiecemheip X7, 1965 


Belmont — ^ 




Callahan — 








Tele. Room . 
Holmes . 

Hefex’once is made to the memorandum dated 
November 30 i 1965 « 

No investigation has been condndted by this 
Bureau concerning the Cinema Educational Guild, Incorporated* 
Since Junoi 1964, numerous inquiries have been received by this 
Bureau from citisens throughout the country concerning the 
Cinema Educational Guild* Many of those letters enclosed 
literature similar to that described in the enclosure to 
your memorandum. ( 62 - 87267 ) 

This Bureau should not be revealed as the source of the 
above information* 


(4) ^ 

Original and 1 - State Department 
Request received # 12/3/65 

-^his document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI, It is the property of the FBI, and is 

-loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. This reply is result of check 
FBI investigative files. To check arrest records, request must be submitted to FBI Identification Division, 
~F^ngerprints are necessary for positive check. 

^ Gandy g 




December 29,. 1965 

Dear Mr. 






• [ 









Your letter o£ December 21st, with enclosure, 
has been received. 

Although I would like to be of service^ the files 
of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the 
Department of J usiice. You may be interested^ knowii^ that 
Mr. Myron C, Fagan or representatives of th e=t^nema Educational 
Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to the files of the FBI. 

The material which you furnished is being returned 

to you. 

Sincerely yours. 




NOTE: On the basis of information available, correspondent is not 
identifi^le inj B ufiles. Our files c ontain numerous references toP 


L jWjha-whs a participant ^n a civi 

o18r5‘^l3-6*3^^ it'%"§='not kiJowh^Whether^cdFre^ 

Trotter . 

Wick, 1—5 

Tei^( Room* ^ — i~Ll. 

Gandy . 

rights demonstration 

is identifiable with the individual mentioniS. 
furnished has not previouslj^ cbine tobiir Mention our files. 

JEP:sz pU 

Tai ^ 

ig0p '■ ^ 



Since the enclosure 

a'Xerpx copy is being 


Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Sir: - 

I would like to have any information you' can give in 
regards to the enclosed tract "Americans, .Dont Patronizre 
the Reds", 

Thanks for your cooperation, 

lours Truly ^ 

to DE6 30 1965 

* ^ 

' -f V " ' ’ 

. -* 

^ -.Vir,. 

h V#* 

'-;'R' r 

i, . 

^ u. 

llrr^Trivcre, DALTON ^BUMBA^FranH T^ni«- 

wilder, Jane Wyatt, Willie Wyler, Sam 

ALL of the above have their RED Front actl- 
vittes listed and DOCUMENTED in California 

State Senate Un-American Activities’ ReP<»'‘> > 

/Jf?hf House Un-American Activities Committee 

_Ud/or the U. S. Attorney 

For the Love of YOUR Country-DON T PAT- 



and buy this TRACTl ’ ■ . 

They may be had at the following rates:: 

, 1000 ^ 


Address orders to: * s. i 

c/o Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. 
p. O. Box 8655, Cole Branch , . ^ 
Hollywood 46, Califorma 


Suggestion; Buy some of these 
nresent them to a veterans organization, a 
SuSy School class. Put them out where 
you wSrk, distribute them at picture shows, 
present some to your pastor.' , _ 

Spread the word! ■ 

Spreadthewordl ,' • 


..■sCh f> 

,:-i isc^i o'i 

I ^ ’.r.M 

. i ' . S' ' • 

; r , J . *'OV.; 

.js . V- 

V' y * *1 ; 

r . ■ 



,'i '"“y; a 


DM" ’M 

'SivTHE REDSzr . 



A tV; ;; ! ■ ' 

r}'' s.;''. hA i ‘ - 

\ . ; . * * 

' Vt'/" ^ * 

‘ i'iW ‘ \ \ 

,j r"".' r ■“ *. * * E 


'•5S-: - 
fi T n 

- i i, 

; ' ' '' 

yji r’S -> 'M-'A*-* I 

. ' •!' s'l'.nv 

v;iR! ’5, ,r 

! . R T ,fs 

■’1 Mr' . S.( r-- .• ‘ V , 


* ^ ^ * ft , 

■ 5 ' V' 


1) Do you know that the HOLLYWOOD 
made our Screen STALIN’S mast efective Fifth 
Column In the United States? ... 2) Do you know 
that Hollywood’s Red stars, directors, writers and 
producers have been the chief financial support of 
Communist propaganda in the United States? . . . 

3) Do you know that OUR OWN FILMS, made by 
Hollywood Red producers, directors, writers and 
STARS, are being used by Moscow in Asia, 
Africa, the Balkans and throughout Europe to 
create hatred of AMERICANS? . . . 4) DO YOU 
know that Hollywood Red Stars have been "poi- 
soning" our YOUTH by "personal appearance” - 
tours of our campuses and subtly preaching 

• Read the following listlll . . . they are the 
LERS who made our Screen COMMUNISMS 
most effective "Pied Piper” in America — AN*3 
Keep this list with you ALWAYS! Warn your 
local Movie Theater manager to BAN their filmsi 
, , . Every time you patronize a RED Star, Writer, 
Director, Producer, YOU are hurting YOUR 

Country II! , « n 

Larry Adler, Luther Adler, Lauren Bacall, 
Leonard Bernstein, Alvah Bessie, Herbert Biber- 
man, Betsy Blair, Michael Blankfort, Henry 
Morris Carnovsky, Vera Caspary, CHARLIE 
CHAPLIN, Edward Chodorov, Jerome Chodorov, 
Harold Clurman, Lee Oobb, LESTER COLE, 

Dorothy Comlngdre, Marc 

Conte, Georffe Colulouris, NORMAN CORWIN, 
KYLE CRICHTON (allias Robert '’“‘V’ 

Cromwell, Hume Cronyn, HOWARD DA SI.^VA, 
Bette Davis, Waiter Duranty, Olivia De Haviland, 
Albert Dekker, Agnes De Mille, Katherine De 
Mille, I. A. L. Diamond, Armand Deutch, WiUlam 
DIeterle, Edward Dmytryck, Kirk Douglas, Mel- 
*vyn Douglas, Helen Gahagan Douglas, Paul 
Draper, Howard Duff, Philip Dunne, Florence 
Eldridge (Mrs. Frederic March), ^ Guy Endore, 
Julius Epstein, Philip Epstein, Douglas Fair- 
banks, Jr., William Fadiman, Francis E. Faragoh, 
Sheridan Gibney, Michael Gold, Ben Gold, Benny 
Goodman, Jay Gorney, Johnnie Green, William 
Gropper, Oscar Hammerstein II, Dashiel Ham- 
mett, E. Y. Harburg, Moss Hart, Rita Hayworth, 
BEN HECHT, Lillian Heilman, Paul Henried, 
KATHRYN HEPBURN, F. Hugh Herbert, Rose 
Hobart, JUDY HOLLIDAY, Arthur Hornblow, 
LENA HORNE, John Houseman, Langston 
Hughes, Marsha Hunt, John Hutson, George 
Jessel, Gordon Kahn, Garson Kanin, Michael 
Kanin, Elia Kazan, George S. Kaufman, Danny 
Kaye, GENE KELLY. Evelyn Keyes, Alexander 
Knox, Arthur Kober, HOWARD KOCH, N.S. (Hy) 
Kraft, Norman Krasna, BURT LANCASTER, 
Fritz Lang, RING GARDNER, JR.,‘ Emmet La- 
very, JOHN HOWARD LAWSON, Canada Leo, 
Emil Lengyel, Sam Levene, Myrna Loy,* Mary 
McCall, Jr„ Kenneth MacGowan, Aline MacMa- 
hon, ALBERT MALTZ, Thomas Mann, FRED- 
MILESTONE, Henry Meyers, Dudley Nichols, 
ama, Dorothy Parker, Lary Parks, Ernest Pascal, 
Gregory Peck, IRVING PICHEL, Abe Polonsky, 
Vincent Price, Anthony Quinn, ANN REVERE, 
Artie Shaw, Irwin Shaw, Herman Shumjin, Sylvia 
Sidney, FRANK SINATRA, George Sklar, Gale 
Sondergaard, Lionel Stander, DONALD OGDEN 

■ V ■■ ■ 

February 17, 1966 

Mr .] I 

1101-17 Street,r Northwest^ 
Washington; D . C. 20036 

Dear Mr, I [ 

Your letter of February 12th, with enclosures, - 
has been received and I want to thank you for sending me this 

-i, ' 

Although I woidd like to be of service, the files 
of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Depart- 
ment of Justice.- You may be interested in kneeing that 
. Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of th ftinema Educa- 
tional Guild, Inc. , def mitely do not have access to the files of 
^ the F g r^ — — 

As a matter of long-standing policy I am unable 
to furnish the advice you are seeking ^-however,- your commu- 
nication will foe made a matter of record in our files. 

Sincerely yours, 

, J, Edgar Hoove? . ' 

' John Edgar Hoover . 

Director nA^ 

NOTE:, Bufiles contain nothing identHiable with correspondent. 

ED:pjf ■£ 


a 4 19^ 

^‘^‘='17)966 /, 



^ '.A 




The Hartfoe-h Insurance Group 

Hartford. Connecticut oeiis 
nOI-17 STREET, N. W„ WASHINGTON, D. C. 20036 

TELEPHONE: 659-1300 

February 12 , I966 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Pennsylvania Ave* at 9th St,, N, 
Washington, D, C, 


I am writing this letter because I believe you may be inter- 
ested in the enclosed material. Perhaps, and probably \in- 
doubtedl^, you are familiar with this man Fagan*s activities, 
but as a citizen I feel it is my duty to send this "blurb” 
in to you, 

I do not understand how I got onto this orga nization's 
mailing list. From the way it is addressed tol I, 

I believe my name was simply "plucked" from tke tp lftphrma 
directory. This is indeed my old address in | L but the 
street numbering has been changed and my house was re- 
numbered to 37. The only outfit sticking to the old num- 
bering system was the telephone company. 

At any rate, I do not want my name associated with this 
or any similiar organization, either left or right-wing. 

Is there any way that the average citizen can protect , 

himself from this sort of thing? 

If I can be of assistance in eliminating this sort of 
thing, do not hesitate to call on me. 


PM ss.’Uheg 

IS FEB 18 1968j^ - 



Cinema Educational Guild, Inc 






January, 1966 - - YEAR -END REPORT 


Dear Fellow-American: 

Customarily, during the past 18 years, this document has been 
called a ^‘Year-Knd"* REPORT of the happenings of the .past year^ 
— and of what we have been doing to awaken the American 
people to show them how to avert the disasters that have been 
gradually destroying our beloved Country. 

But this REPORT is far, far, FAR more than just a ‘^Year-End"" 
REPORT ... it will contain the only, I repeat the ONLY, way 
that the American people can still save our Country and your 
children! For the love of God, of our Country and our children, 
I plead with you to please, PLEASE read this REPORT very 
carefully — DIGEST it — READ IT AGAIN and again, and 
then please, PLEASE help me to launch the project that CAN 
and WILL save our Country . . . God will h^p us to do it — 
if toe toill help Him! . . . He will help us if we will help our- 
selves I 1 I So please read the following very, VERY carefully 
and join with us ( CEG ) and help us to do OUR part to save oirr 
Country . . . And, believe me, if you toill do tohat X urge you to 
do toe CAN yet save our Country! ! ! 


During the past year and before, hut paHictdarly during the 
past year, we have been issuing **N etos-Bulletins^'^ and ^‘Special 
Bulletins’* and ^'Tracts** warning the American people of the fate 
.the plotters (CEJi^ — Internationalists and thei.UN) are planning-, 
for us. 

Thus, our loyal co-workers (Members) in CEG are fully aware 
of the entire horrifying plot — and have thus enabled us to 
partially offset the most dangerous features of the plot. Un- 
fortunately, despite the many thousands of our documents that 
are being circulated by our co-workers, they only scratch the 
surface — all of the millions of our loyal Americans should knoto 
it all! 

However, since Johnson stepped into the White House the 
plotters have increased their plottings — they have been so 
open, so obvious, so brazen in forcing our Congress to sur- 
render to them, that any thinking American must have been 
becoming at least partially aware of these facts. But, oh, if 
only every American were eager to save our Country and 
their own children from One-World Communist enslavement, 
our entire nation would have arisen in all its might and FORCED 
our Congress to do what we ( CEG) have been urging them to do. 

That is why I keep pleading and pleading that every American 
become fully informed through our writings. The best and almost 
the only way to do it is by joining CEG and get every document 
we issue, keep them on hand and keep referring to them — and 
circulate them among your friends and neighbors. That is the 
surest way for all of you to become our loyal and patriotic co- 
workers for the salvation of our country. 

However, there is one tragic defect in mere circulation of our 
writings among your neighbors and friends: even those few who 
fully believe what they read, quickly forget — unless constantly 
reminded! They *‘forget** because they are promptly re-brainwash- 
ed by our treasonous Mass Communications M^ia — and by 
the false ^‘reports** issued by our traitors in Washington (Johnson, 
Rusk, McNamara, etc.) That’s why I turge: don’t believe all you 
read in the Press, don’t believe what you hear on the Radio, don’t 
believe all that you see on TV. 

True, we have some marvelous Americans on Radio and TV, 
such as Richard Cotten, Hm*st Amyx, Dr. Carl McIntyre, Dean 
Manion, Smoot, Don Jackson, etc,, who plead for your American- 
ism as earnestly as I do, but they are quickly outshouted by 
the Huntleys, Brinkleys, Howard K. Smiths, Lomax, etc. Also those 
loyal Americans** are limited,,ta The few loyal Stations, where- 
as the others have all the support of the National Red Channels 
and their local '‘^Jackal** Stations . . . Please, please support the 
Americans — and BOYCOTT the Sponsors who employ all Reds! 
Urge them (the Americans )to tell the following story to their 
audiences, even thou^ those audiences are limited in num- 

ber . . . and let the Sponsors of the Reds know you are boycotting 
their products! ! ! 

Now, as I’we said, unfortunately not enough thousands get our 
^^News-Bulletins** as they come off the press, but they can still 
obtain some of our back issues. However, for those who want the 
real and documented plot to destroy our Country in practically 
one package, I urge everyone who reads this ‘^Report** to get our 
^^News-Bulletin,*^ No. 110, entitled ''OUR INVISIBLE GOVERN- 
MENT MADE VISIBLE,** and ^^News-Bulletin** No. 114, entitled 
Bulletins** will horrify them, terrify them, but make them FIGHT- 
ING MAD to destroy the traitors who are destroying our Coun- 


Throughout the past 18 years, I have been urging all loyal 
Americans to write to their Representatives and Senators in Con- 
gress and to their representatives in State Legislatures — write 
stinging demands for action and proper voting for pro-American 

Now, I have distinct knowledge that MANY thousands, per- 
haps MILLIONS, of Americans have written such letters — my 
infonnation comes direct from the offices of various members of 
--.Congress and State-LegisJators.^But more and moreL do X realize 
that such means (letters) get us nowhere. Many Congressmen 
simpl>^ ignore the letters from their constituents — many reply 
with *‘fo7mi** letters, denying all knowledge of the complaints. 
Many of the men YOU elected lied in their throats during their 
campaigns when they SWORE to safeguard our Constitution 
and YOUR freedoms — all they wanted was your votes; many 
otliers are outright traitors and tools of the Plotters; (the Coun- 
cil on Foreign Relations** the ADL, the NAACP, etc.) many others 
are silencecl into non-action by bribes of Federal Patronage by 
the traitors in Washington. 

In one of our most recent ^"News-Bulletins** and a "SPECIAL” 
I outhned how we can cure this kind of treason — I will now 
repeat it: 

The average Congressman and Legislator is momentarily dis- 
turbed by your letters threatening not to vote for his re-election. 
But they all assume that by the time election day rolls around you 
will have ""forgotten** your threat — and will again believe their 
""promises** — they also know that our traitorous Mass Communi- 
cations Media and the traitors in Washington will have rebrain- 
washed you by that time. 

The only thin^ all members of Congress and Legislatures FEAR is 
immediate action to hurl them out of their offices, which will destroy 
their political careers — and the only way that can be done is by RECALL 
by their constituents. 

To PROVE to you that that is a (our) most effective action, I 
will cite two distinct cases, which I have previously cited, but 
which I ’will now repeat for those who have ""forgotten** 

1) In 1948 the CFR ("Council on Foreign Relations") set up a secret 
meeting of all of their "One-World" organizations and stooges in Ashe- 
ville, No. Carolina. Out of that meeting there emerged an outfit they 
called "The United World Federalists" (UWF). The Council, or Board of 
Directors, of the UWF was composed of 42 known FLAMING Reds. They 
were provided with unlimited funds by the CFR, the Internationalist 
Bankers, Tax-Free Foundations and Red-dominated Unions. Their one and 
only |ob was to seduce and bribe enough States to secretly pass a 
"RESOLUTION" memorializing (forcing) Congress to transform the U. S. 
into a unit of a UN-One-World Government. They picked California for 
their first victim, to serve as an example (Pied Riper) for at least 36 
more States. In March 1949 they succeeded, with the help of Earl -Warren-' 
(then Governor), one Samish, a prison bird, and various newspaper pub- 
lishers, among them Paul Smith of the San Francisco Chronicle — and 
that "RESOLUTION" was approved and passed unanimously. Later, most 
of the Assemblymen and Senators swore that they had never read the 
RESOLUTION. To a degree, I believe that, but two Senators, Jack B. 

Tenney and Hugh Donnelly, managed to get a photostatic copy of the 
"RESOLUTION." Immediately, they fried to force a public review of that 
document before the entire Legislature, but the Judiciary Committee re- 
fected their demands. Moreover, neither Tenney nor Donnelly had any 
documentary prdof to back up their demands — they knew practically 
nothing about the UWF. That was when Tenney came to me (CEG). We 
had had observers at the Asheville meeting — also we knew many 
of the "World Entertainment" celebrities on that UWF Board. We prompt- 
ly provided him with all of our VOLUMINOUS documentations — but 
even that was rejected by the Judiciary Committee, most of whom had 
been bribed . . . and even Tenney and Donnelly threw up their hands 
in surrender. But we (CEG) assured them that we "had just begun to 

Masses of letters to the Legislators were rejected. Thus, I knew that 
only the most kind of drastic action would have to be taken: that was 
when I hit on the "RECALL" project. That required setting up groups in 
every Community in California to pledge themselves and their friends 
and neighbors to join the RECALL groups. And, believe me, that was a 
stupendous undertaking. CEG was only two years old at the time and 
our membership was sparse. But, by God's grace, many heads of Women's 
Clubs were among our staunchest co-workers. They all called meetings 
_in_their_v_ariou s^commujiities r-- they enlisted the^sunoort of _the Ameri^n, 
Legion Auxiliaries, ditto DAR, ditto Veterans of Foreign Wars. And the 
women in all those Auxiliaries brought their men into it. I, personally, 
travelled all over the state and delivered 300 speeches within two months. 
And all those Groups organized Committees to go to Sacramento — to 
inform their representatives that if they did not aid to haul in the UWF 
and their RESOLUTION for a public review on the Senate floor, they (the 
groups) would immediately put their RECALLS into vigorous action. 

Words can't begin to describe to you the terror that RECALL threat 
spread into every Legislator's office in Sacramento — even into the heart 
of traitor Warren! In February 1950, the Legislature surrendered. In March 
the UWF was hauled in for the Hearing — the RESOLUTION was rescind- 
ed (the first time anything like that happened in California) and the UWF 
was openly denounced as a Treason organization. 

But here is even greater proof of the terrific effectiveness of that 
RECALL project; By January 1950 the UWF had successfully seduced and 
bribed 25 additional State Legislatures to secretly approve and pass the 
that would have meant the end of the U.S.A. ... and not one newspaper, 
not one Radio revealed one word about it ! | ! Nevertheless, the story 
of what happened in California spread by word of mouth — that same 
dread of RECALL created panic in the hearts of all the Legislators in the 
other 25 states - . . within 30 days they hurriedly called "sessions," re- 
scinded the UWF RESOLUTION and denounced the UWF — exactly as 
California did. And that was the end of the UWF plot! 

called each and every Senator for a "confidential discussion," in which 
he used the "Federal Patronage" threat and thus FORCED 73 Senators 
to pledge themselves to vote for his Bill to rescind the "Connally Amend- 
ment" — wipe it out of the Charter. 

So, once again, we decided to resort to our ‘^RECALL'' weapon. 

We promptly issued a "SPECIAL BULLETIN," in which we reviewed in 
detail the great safeguard of the "Connally Amendment" and what hor- 
rible consequences would result if It would be rescinded. We wrote all 
our (CEG) members and pleaded with them to circulate that "SPECIAL" 
and to once again organize RECALL groups and Committees — and to 
flood every Senator with warnings that any one of them who would vote 
to destroy the "Connally Amendment" would immediately face a RECALL 
movement by all of his constituents. 

Thousands upon thousands, perhaps MILLIONS, of such warnings pour- 
ed into the office of every Senator in Washington. They created a panic 
such as had never before been seen in Washington — and launchd a 
wild stampede into the White House by all the pledged Senators. They 
bluntly, some very angrily, notified the "Military Genius" that they 
positively would vote AGAINST his Bill to destroy the "Connally Amend- 
ment." Even Fulbright, who had eagerly offered to submit and sponsor 

-the Bill,_hurriedly— -refracted his.- offer__T and— pur— ^Military— Genius,'^— 

metaphorically speaking, crawled under his bed and quavered "why, the 
whole thing was just a joke!" ... A "joke" to destroy the sovereignty of 
the United States ! ! What TREASON 1 ! 

I could name many other cases to prove it, but it is YOU, the 
American people^ who control our Congress and owe State Legis- 
latures — not the CFR, not the AOL, not all the traitors in Wash- 
ington. The above ttoo citations PROVE IT! Those citations show 
it — now leP s all get together and do it! And let’s all o£ us pray 
to God to grant us HIS Divine Inspiration and Direction! 

Nowthen: for many years I have pleaded and pleaded and 
pleaded for certain steps — any one of which, will completely 
unmask the entire plot. All of those steps will so completely 
smash the entire Conspiracy that it will insure safety for the 
American people FOREVER! 

No. 1) Congress MUST haul in the UN and its treasonous 
"Charter” for a complete open-to-the-public investigation — 
exactly as we, the people of California FORCED our Legisla- 
ture to haul in the UWF and smashed the plot . . . that alone will 
NAME all of our ENEMIES WITHIN! In that review of the 
UN, Congress MUST reveal the backgrounds of all its officials, 
from U Thant to the MVD, Russi^s secret police, whom they 
_employ_ajs *‘UN Guards^. , - - ^ - - 

All of which proves that we can still save our Country — with 
that same RECALL weapon ! ! ! 

No. 2) Now let me show you how perfectly that same RECALL move- 
ment saved the U. S. from enslavement by the U.N.'s World Court: 

During the preparation of the UN Charter, the Plotters inserted what 
they called "The World Court," in a supposed imitation of our U. S. 
Supreme Court. But our U. S. Supreme Court, our Constitution and all 
our Laws were to be subject (without appeal) to the rulings of the* 
"World Court." Naturally, Moscow and all other Communist countries 
considered themselves completely outside the jurisdiction of the "World 
Court" — that "Court" was intended only to control the U. S. and other 
Free Nations — and, naturally, our traitors in Washington would insist 
that we rigidly adhere to "World Court" jurisdiction. But one man. Sena- 
tor Connally, saw through the plot, and insisted that before our Senate 
would sign the "Charter" they include an "amendment" that would out- 
law the "World Court" insofar as the United States is concerned — and 
that all of its rulings and "Decisions" be entirely ignored by the U. S. . . . 
also that the UN Charter rigidly agree not to interfere in the internal af- 
fairs of our Country. 

The Plotters fried to prevent that "Connally Amendment," but they 
realized that it would become a national issu e and migh t well have 
^ 'force d the U.' Sr^toYefuSe“ m¥itiBefsh i i n that“"Trojan~Horse" ^ap . . . 
and so the "Connally Amendment" was approved and included in the 

Nevertheless, through the years the Plotters (quietly) used every 
possible way and means to get Congress to "hush-hush" all attempts to 
rescind it, but we had a few watchdogs in both Houses who prevented 
if. Finally, the Plotters decided on a very bold method, to wit: In his 
final year in the White House (1959), Eisenhower had Richard Nixon 
deliver an "oration" in New York, in which he warned that the "Con- 
nally Amendment" is a menace to "World Peace." Then the "Military 
Genius" endorsed the Nixon "oration" with a bumbling speech of his 
own — and he had Brownell, his then U. S. Attorney General, deliver 
an even more glowing appeal at an annual meeting of the American Bar 

Strangely enough, those speeches were met with considerable favor 
by sotpe of the people, who \yere frenziedly being brainwashed by ail 
of our Mass Communications Media and traitors in Washington — be- 
sides, the phony "Military ChieP' was still a "big figure" with many. 
In short, our "Connally Amendment" was in very grave danger. 

At the same time the "Military Genius" in the White House secretly 

No. 2) Congress MUST haul in the Anti-Defamation League,^* 
its officers, all its records, and all their financial resources. That 
will reveal that they are the chief instrument in the entire Con- 
spiracy — and how they DIRECT the NAACP, Martin “Lucifer” 
King and all the Negro riotings, lootings and criminal disobed- 
ience of our Laws; 

No. 3) Congress MUST haul in the CFR, their Hierarchs and 
their Records — that will PROVE that they are the crux of the 
entire Conspiracy — it will show how they (the CFR) control the 
White House, the Pentagon, our State Department and all 
Federal Agencies. 

No. 4) Congress MUST haul in Earl Warren and the entire 
U. S. Supreme Court and FORCE them to show why, and by 
whose orders, they have been, and are still, misinterpreting and 
destroying om Constitution — why they have been, and still 
are, issuing ^‘Decisions’^ protecting Communists and Commun- 
ism and persecuting loyal American patriots and patriotic or- 

^ ^No. 5) Confess MUST impeach Johnson, Humphrey, Rusk, 
-McNamara='aiid-all Uie "Liaitors in^dlS^T^deral'rAgenc . . all - 

of them mtist be tried for TREASON and get me punishment 
(Execution, if you please) for their crimes! 

'All of the above actions are definitely vital for the salvation 
of our country — and for yoirr children. Any one of them might 
well do it, but all of them combined will positively do it . . , 
They are as vital for our salvation as was the coming of Jesus 
Christ for the salvation of the souls of Mankind. 

But, as I have so earnestly pointed out, we cannot depend 
upon Congress to do it of its own free will. Your letters to them 
won't do it! Only RECALL action, as I stressed in the aforegoing pages, 



In 1949, when we launched the RECALL project to force the 
bribed and seduced Legislators in California (and the other 
States) to haul in the UWF “RESOLUTION” for a thorough re- 
view, we directed our appeal to the women in all the Communi- 

TUTORY action, that all beti*ayals and treasonous actions o£ 
the White House and of all Federal Agencies that are in the 
least in violation of the Constitution under which our Country 
was formed, are null and void within the jurisdiction of each 
particular State. Thus all ^*Civil "Rights Acts^* ^^Immigration 
Laws/'' all illegal **Decisions’’ by the U. S. Supreme Court and 
Federal and State Judges will be declared illegal. There are var- 
ious ways in which such pressures can be exercised: by. marches 
and demonstrations by loyal Americans — by Petitions signed by 
the voters — (and, particulafly, because every Legislature contains 
'liberals" and "One Worlders" who are controlled by the Plotters) by the 
RECALL movements In the various communities! 

REMEMBER: as far back as 1949 twenty-six Legislatures de- 
liberately plotted to carry out the “United World Federalists"' 
plot — the RECALL menace stopped them — and that same 
menace will now hold all of them in line. 

In short, we MUST, by personal and financial efforts, FORCE 
the State governments to exercise their Constitutional rights and 
powers. Many other methods will occur to the outraged citizens 
who are losing their freedoms. Such action will prevent Negro 
riotings, lootings, murders in your Community — it will safe- 
guard your children, it will protect your daughters and your 
wives from rapings — it will make the streets of your community 
safe for all of youl 

I assure you that all this is within the powers of the States — 
I base my assurance on the 9th and 10th Amendments of the 
Constitution, which cleaily state; "The enumeration in the Constitu- 
tion of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others 
retained by the People." And: "The powers not delegated to the United 
States (the Federal Government) by the Constitution are reserved to the 
States respectively, and to the people." 

Thus, you see, we still CAN save our Country through our 
State Legislatures — if we ACT now! Failure to do so will mean 
the end of our beloved Country! 

That is why it is so vital that this REPORT (and our "'News- 
Bulletins^*) should go to every Assemblyman, State Senator and 
Governor of your State. But we do not have the finances or* 
facilities to accomplish that. So I plead with you to do that job 
in your State. But if you will send us the names of all of your 
Legislature members and the necessary financing we will be 
VERY glad to do it for you . . . thafs another reason why we so 
badly need your Contributions! 


As I have always told you, we depend upon our membership 
dues to defray our operational activities. We get no financial help 
from Foundations — we are too patriotic for them. Now we have 
this tremendous and tremendously important job to do in 1966. 
It will require an enormous amount of printing, postage and 
labor - — but I am sure you agree that it is a MUST j^. The dues 
are still only $12,00 per year (unless you wish to voluntarily in- 
crease it.) If you have not yet sent in your 1966 dues, please do 
it NOW^ — TODAY. We need it NOW' to cover the tremendous 
mailing to launch this new RECALL project to smash the Con- 
spiracy — every extra dollar we will receive will enable us to 
do just that much more. PLEASE DO IT TODAY! — you may 
forget TOMORROW! 


When I say "forever/* I mean until we have successfully smash- 
ed the Conspiracy. And here is why I say "forever:** 

During the past 20 years the entire fight has been carried on 
by the "Oldsters** who were fully awai*e of the insidiousness of 
the Conspirators and the traitors in Washington — oldsters such 
as John T. Flynn, Dr. Ed. Rumely, Merwyn K. Hart, Adolphe 
Menjou, myself, etc. All the younger element had been brain- 
washed into a deep sleep. But I have alw^s felt we MUST 
awaken and enlist some of the younger people to take over the 
leadership. I am a very practical man. I always knew that, 
sooner or later, God would recall all the oldsters. I am- now ap- 
proaching 79 years in age and I know it will happen to me, too. 
However, I hasten to assure you that, despite my age, I have 
lost none of my aggressiveness or my zeal for my Country — 
my beloved wife, too, has given up everything, even her healthy 
to stand side by side with me in the fight. But I am very grateful 
to Almighty God for having given me another way to keep CEG 
in the fight forever. This is how He did it: I have just one son — 
Bruce. When he was mustered out of the Air Force after "World 
War II he joined me in my professional work. He is extremely 
capable — he did superb work — and he had before him a won- 
derful career on Broadway and in Hollywood. When I decided 
to get into this fight, he, like my wife, enthusiastically urged me 
to do so. I pointed out to him that the moment I would reveal 
the Red Conspiracy in Hollywood I would be completely black- 
listed — despite my background! And I warned' him that if he 
joined me in the fight, the same thing would happen to him 
and destroy his career. His answer was very quick! "‘To blazes 
(and he didn*t use the word blazes) with my career. Until we 
smash the Conspiracy and save our Country THAT will be 'my 

career!* Thus, from 1945, when I entered the fight, until this 
very moment, Bruce has always been at my side. He is superbly 
trained for every project and for every move we must launch. 
Indeed, during the weeks and months that I had to travel, it 
was Bruce who was operating the home office of CEG. 

I have a very vital reason for telling you all this about Bruce. 
It does not mean that my advancing years have slowed me down 
one whit — it has not tired me, or even remotely discouraged 
me about our final victory — I say that because my faith in God 
is as strong as ever, and I know that He will grant us a final vic- 
tory — if we do our shares! However, I repeat, everything is in 
God's Hands. But I want you to KNOW that His WiU may be — 
whether my own strength begins to wane, or if it is His Will to 
finally recall me, CEG will continue to be as strong a fighting 
force as ever. I want to reassure you — I want you to KNOW 
that in Bruce Fagan you will have a Leader fully as capable as 
I have always been — and I urge and pray that you will always 
have as much faith in him, untu our country is safe^ as you have 
(always had) in me. I want you to tell him so! 

There is still another very vital reason why I stress and wish 
to IMPLANT this in your mind: John T. Flynn knew that the 
fight to save our country would not be completed before God 
would see fit to recall him, and during his latest years he fre- 
quently deplored that he had no son to pick up where he would 
leave off. Merwyn K. Hart also frequently expressed that same 
regret. So did many other Oldsters. That is why I am so deeply 
grateful to God that he blessed me with a son (Bruce), who is 
not only zealously sharing my mission to keep CEG in the fore- 
front of the fight, but who will carry on where I will have to 
leave off when God will recall me. He, my son, is the heritage 
J will leave to the American people — a man who will never let 
you (our Country) down — or permit all my work to have been 
in vain. For the love of God, of Country, of your children, please 
treasure that heritage — and redouble your help to him in the 
fight he will continue to carry on with CEG. 

And bear this in mind: I do not believe that the American 
people are really apathetic. They have been brainwashed for a 
half-century and simply do not see the way out. I have supreme 
confidence in the patriotism of all sections of the American peo- 
ple — and once they are alerted they will really fight. The strug- 
gle is not lost^ — and my son, Bruce, often repeats John Paul 
Jones’ cry of: "‘We have not yet begun to fight.** 

That’s why I urge you once again to fight with all your might 
to create our “RECALL” project — that's why I earnestly urge 
you to get our ""News-Bulletins** Nos. 110 and 114 into the hands 
of every American in your community — that^ with its DOCU- 
MENTATIONS, together with the Voting Records of all Members 
of Congress, will smash all the brainwashings of our traitor- 
ous Mass Communications Media — they win flock into your 
‘"Study Groups** — they will instill fighting spirits into all Wo- 
men’s Clubs, DAR, American Legion and VFW and their Aux- 
iliaries, and all other loyal American Groups. 

Please read again — AND DIGEST — every word in this "Report," and 
please do everything I request. 

And to further help and give us additional courage and enthus- 
iasm, please induce everyone you know to become a member 
of CEG — and help us to create an invincible Army of Christian 
Soldiers to save our Country . . . And please rush your Contribu- 
tions and 1966 dues! 

In conclusion: God Love You — and I pray that He will grant you His 
Divine Inspiration to create that kind of an Army of Christian 'SoldiersI 

Yours for God and Country, 

All our News-Bulletins” are 50 cents per copy — 25 cents per 
copy for CEG members. Rlease distribute them all over your 
community . . . Our Tracts are $2.00 for 100 copies. 

Additional copies of this ""Year-End** Report can be had for 
15 cents per copy — or 10 cents in quantities. This ""Report!* can 
help you to interest your friends in our objective! 

Note: Letters to Senators must be addressed to: Senate Office 
Bldg., Washin^on, D.C. — to Representatives: House Office 
Buildmg, Washington, D.C. — to State Legislators: Capitol 
Building in your State Capitol, unless you have their home ad- 


Johnson has proclaimed that he did not achieve all of his ob- 
jectives during the recently closed Session of Congress — and 
he VOWS that he will FORCE the next session to do it. That's 
why we MUST start the RECALL movement IMMEDIATE- 
LY 1 ! I MCF 


ties to spearhead the movement. We urged them to organize 
House Parties, Luncheons, Garden Parties, etc,, etc. We urged 
heads of Women’s Clubs to call special meetings of their mem- 
bers — ditto Heads of the DAR Chapters in their Communities, 
We urged them to distribute our ^^Bulletirw^ and ‘^Tracts'* and 
then add their own persuasive powers to get all of them to sign 
the RECALL Petitions. 

Now, please bear in mind that I am not for one moment cast- 
ing the slightest reflection on the loyalty and patriotism of the 
men. But I know that men have to work all day to provide homes, 
food and clothing for their families — they just couldn’t devote 
their full time to such a project. In addition, some of the men 
are employed by Firms and Industrialists who are themselves 
deep in the Conspiracy — it would mean loss of jobs and other 
economic pressures. However, once the women started that ball 
a’rolling, their men, husbands and brothers, the members of the 
American Legion, VFW, etc,, etc., flocked into the movement — 
and their employers and associates just did not dare to retaliate 
or threaten . , , thaf was why I appealed to the women first — that was 
how they forced the California Legislature to surrender — that's why 1 
appeal to them now, the men will join them — that's how we can get 
and all, the Legislatures to surrender. 


fi^t to FORCE Congress to do what is necessary to save our 
Country — once they toill fully realize tvhat the Conspirators 
are trying, to do to our Country — AND TO YOUR CHILDREN. 

I can’t include that story in this ''Report” — it is far too long 
... it required two very long ^‘News-Bulletins''" to tell it. But if 
you can get copies of those two “Bulletins"" into the hands of all 
Mothers, Grandmothers and Fathers you will talk with, it will so 
shock them, so terrify them, make all of them so FIGHTING 
MAD, that all of them will drop everything to enter this fight. 

The first of these two “News-Bulletins"" is entitled "OUR IN- 
56 pages and is priced at $1.00 per copy — but as a GEG mem- 
ber you can get as many copies as you can use at 50 cents per 
copy* This “BULLETIN” reveals and documents the entire Con- 
spiracy; the other “News-Bulletin" is No, 114 and its title is: 

THAT is what the Conspirators are planning for our American Youth — 
anybody who will read it will be horrified and FIGHTING MADl 

We MUST get copies of “N ews-BMlletins"" Nos. 110 and 114 into 
The“hands ot Svery loy^ your 

own communities! 

In 1949, we found MANY women, especially mothers and 
grandmothers who knew they were fighting for their helpless 
children, to spearhead the RECALL movement in their com- 
munities, but to help them, my beloved wife, who never left my 
I side throughout our entire fight, and I travelled all over Cali- 
fornia (and other States) and delivered more than 300 speeches 
before various groups — and I used my own personal savings to 
pay the costs — but I am sure it helped. But that condition is 
somewhat changed today, to wit: I am now going into my 79th 
year of age. My zeal for the salvation of our country is as great 
today as it was in 1949, but I do not have the strength of that 
year and I MUST preserve all the strength I have left to keep on 
fighting from my desk. But let me earnestly assure you that my 
zeal and my efforts will NEVER cease as long as Almighty God 
will keep me here. Hence, I appeal, oh, how I pray to you that 
the brave and courageous Amexdcan women in your committee 
will find powerful leaders to spearhead and enlist ALL loyal 
Americans in this RECALL project. 


•- — 

Here is somethmg that should warm the cockles of yoxir Amer- 
" ican heart -- ahcFhei^€^"y our tigJatmg strength fcT^chieve our 
objective: In response to my original RECALL suggestion, I 
received many letters from women from all parts of the coun- 
try. They eagerly offer to throw themselves into the fight, but, 
aside from asking me to come to spearhead it in their com- 
munities, many of them ask for directives how to launch the 
movement — they ask for the RECALL Petition blanks and for 
other material. They also ask us for the voting records of their 
Senators and Representatives and the names of the Congressmen 
who are to be our first RETRACT targets. We can do all that, 
but that presents our most serious obstacle: we can prepare the 
Petition — we can provide the Directives, but we simply do not 
have the money to pay for the printing, the labor and postage. 

As I frequently pointed out, we use our CEG dues to publish 
our “News-Bulletins"" and pay our postage and the salaries for our 
staff. Even so, some years all the dues are not sufficient to cover 
our overhead and frequently I have to use much of my once 
considerable savings to “carry on,"" 

To make you understand why I find it so hard to “carry on,"" 
let me tell you this: prior to 1945, when I entered this fight, 

I was a very successful playwright and one of the highest paid 
writers in Hollywood. Indeed, in those years, I had a fine yearly 
income, and I truly was a fairly rich man. But when I exposed 
the Communist Conspiracy in Hollywood and on Broadway, I 
- was immediately-^ Zac7cZis£^d.^No. Broadway. ProduLcer .o 2 L.±healxe-,- 
owner has dared since then to produce a Fagan play — and every 
Lot in Hollywood was closed to me. And, you may hardly be- 
lieve it, but my wife, until then accustomed to all types of 
luxuries, said she didn’t care, that all she wanted was the bare 
necessities of life — that I must keep up the fight to save our 
Country . . . well, you know how any amount of savings, without 
a yearly income, will evaporate in twenty years. 

So now I must make my most earnest plea to you: In addition- to. 
being, or becoming a member of CEG at $12.00 per year — to help us in 
this new protect, I appeal to yoU to send us a CONTRIBUTION for as 
much 85 you can! I PROAAISE you that every dollar you v/ill send us will 
be used ONLY for that protect. I hope, and expect, that we will have 
to send out at least a million such Petitions, so you must realize how 
much help v/e need — and, REMEMBER — the fight is for your (and my) 


PLEASE send your CONTRIBUTION TODAY, because our time is running 
very short! . . . and spread the PETITIONS throughout your community. 



Now I have another suggestion: one that will actually stam- 
pede all your friends and neighbors to your side and into yo,ur 

In 1947, when I wrote “Bed Treason in Hollywood,"" the Con- 
spirators, especially the ADL, applied amazing and vicious pres- 
sures on alt commercial bookstores and sellers to “blacklist" all 
of our books and “News-Bulletins."" BeHeve me, if it were not 
for that “blacklist,"" the book sellers would have sold MILLIONS 
of copies^ — and the people would surely have become awaken- 
ed. That’s why I say we MUST get mmions of copies of Nos. 
110 and 114 into the hands of every American — or even to half 
of all Americans! Only YOU can do it — get hundreds, if possible 
THOUSANDS — of copies and sell, or give them to all the 
people you try to enlist into your local groups. To give you an 
idea how VITAL that is, the following PROVES it: 

Walter Lippman is a notorious anti-American One- World Col- 
umnist published by all newspapers. Recently he made a “slip” — 
he stated (in so many "Congress can outline the changes the 

people want, but local Units must FORCE them to do if." His entire Column 
virtually confirmed that only RECALL movements will force Congress to do 
it* Of course, he did not mention anything about RECALLS. 

That is why I plead with you to create those “local Units"" in 
your Communities. We (CEG) will help you do it in every way 
we can. 

That brmgs^ me back to your "Contrzbuuons.*" We are scraping 
together every dollar we can to get this “Beport"" into every Com- 
munity, We may be able to get 25,000 copies mailed out to mem- 
bers and non-members of GEG who are in contact with us. But I 
want to get out at least 200,000 copies to others who have fre- 
quently contacted us. We can’t do it without your help — your 
contributions! So, please, PLEASE help us! Whether you can 
send us only ten dollars, or a hundred dollars, or a thousand 
dollars, I assure you it 'wall do a great job of alerting the peo- 
ple . . Also you may have friends and neighbors you’d like to 

alert"" with this “Beport^" but can’t spare the time, or you may 
find it advisable to be anonymous — if so, send us your lists 
and we will be happy to do it for you. $1.00 will finance ten let- 
ters — $10.00 will finance 100 letters — $100 will finance 1,000 

And please, PLEASE get busy NOW to organize your local units to 
work on the RECALL movement! 



First of all, we MUST get a copy of this “Beport"" into the 
hands of every member of both Houses of Congress. That will 
have a terrific effect on all of them — as it will be their first 
warning of what will happen to the disloyal ones. Furthermore, 
as I have stated many times, as a result of our various “Beports"" 
all members were“delug^~^y detter^frona^theh'”constituents7Tn“ " 
the past, many Congressmen, particularly the “LIBERALS,” used 
to brush off those Tetters witib a “form!" alibi to the effect that 
they knew nothing of the CEG objectives mentioned in the let- 
ters. Two years ago we decided to kill their alibis by sending 
copies of each “News-Bulletin"" and SPECIAL to all members of 
Congress and to all heads of the various Federal Agencies. It 
was very effective. We MUST continue that operation this year. 
But that, too, is a very costly matter, as all such mailings must 
go first class. In that year our members very generously contri- 
buted to that cost. Now I appeal to you to do that again — any 
amount you contribute will be a Godsend — and convince Con- 
gress we mean BUSINESS! Please issue an individual check and 
identify its purpose. 



No matter what our RECALL movement will accomplish with 
the men in Washington, we have still another recourse — a very 
powerful recourse — the powers of the Legislatures of our 5Q 
Sovereign States. We must place the utmost pressures upon the 
Governors- and Legislatures of each State, to declare by ST A- 

At this point I wish to express my very deep appreciation 
of the aid provided by LIBERTY LOBBY in our compilation of 
the Voting Records of the members of both Houses of Congress. 
To that I will add the fact that ‘%iberty Lobby" provides a cryptic 
analysis of each of the appalling Bills for which Congress voted 
in 1965. You can find it in their issue of their very recent ^%iberty 
Ledger^"" which also includes the voting records of aU members 
of Congress. I urge you to get a copy for a full comprebension 
of the treason tihey committed and why you MUST NOT re-elect 
those men on election day in this year of 1966. You can get a 
copy for 50 cents by writing to: LIBERTY LOBBY, 300 Inde- 
pendence Ave., S. E., Washington, D.C. 20003. 

But to START our fight to destroy the entire Conspiracy we 
MUST launch the RECALL of the worst of them NOW . . . 
WILLIS of Louisiana MUST he RECALLED! My reason for 
stressing the RECALL of Congressman Willis is this: He is Chair- 
man of the ‘TIouse Committee on Un-American Activities.” When 
Parnell Thomas was Chairman, that Committee loyally and 
zealously unmasked the Reds in the Red Conspiracy in Holly- 
wood and accomplished many good objectives. But Willis has 
balked all BiUs demanding investigation of the UN, the CFR, 
the ADA, the ADL and the various traitors in Washington — 
thafs just one reason vhy his constituents MUST RECALL him 
NOW and deprive him of that powerl 

In conclusion: any loyal American who does not join in this 
fight and the RECALL movement wiU have no one but himself 
to blame if our Country is destroyed — and their children are 
deprived' of the Freedoms our forefathers provided for us. 

Get as many copies of this REPORT as you can afford and get 
it to the attention of every loyal American in your Community — 
start the RECALL movement NOW! 


Note: — ^ThisJdECORD can be had at 15 cents per copy, or 10 
cents per copy in quantities by writing direct to us. MCF. 




If the voting records and all of the preceding information is 
not enough to convince and AROUSE you, GET THE FOLLOW- 

From a highly reliable source in Washington, we are inform- 
ed that Johnson is now being advised (INSTRUCTED) to de- 
emphasize U. S. military ties with West Europe and to draw 
closer to MOSCOW and Red China. 

Delegates to a White House so-called Conference on Interna- 
tional Cooperation were told that the United States could fmther 
world peace by pos^oning development of an anti-missile de- 
fense network. This incredibly horrifying Recommendation" was 
delivered by a 16-man Presidential panel headed by, of all men, 
One-Worlder Jerome Wiesner, dean of the Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology and Roswell L. Gilpatrick, a former Deputy 
Secretary of Defense. Other members or this '"citizens group"" in- 
cluded Vernon Ferwerda (get this), an official of the COUNCIL 
OF CHURCHES, the Rev. Richard Spillane, of the Utah Peace 
Research Institute and Harold Stassen, one time CFR’s Presi- 
dential choice. 

This Presidential panel argued that deployment of an anti- 
missile defense would be ‘provocative” in that it would encour- 
age Moscow to develop more sophisticated weapons of their — 
this panel "iiush-hushed" the fact that Moscow already has such a 
"defense" all set up and ready for "push-button operation" ! I ! 

The Panelists urged a three-year U.S.-MOSCOW "‘moratorium"" 
on the production and deployment of all anti-missile systems — 

despite Moscow’s anti-missile defense system already in opera- 
tion for more than three years. 

This same Wiesner has always fought development of an anti-missile 
defense for the U. S. At the same time he has called upon Moscow to 
achieve a military offense second to none. 

In a speech before the Pugwash disarmament conference in 
Moscow in November, 1960, Wiesner said world peace woxild be 
encouraged if Moscow developed a nuclear capacity equal to, 
or greater than, that of the U.S. He urged Moscow to harden 
their own missile sights — “to safeguard from enemy attack,"" he 
said — ^presumably, he meant the U.S. to be the “enemy T 

Wiesner travelled to Moscow as an rmofficial envoy of the 
then President-elect John Kennedy . . . which meant, on orders 
of the CFR! He was accompanied by Walt Whitman Roslow, the 
M.I.T. Professor, another “One-Worlder” later named State De- 
partment planning counselor by “Martyr"" Kennedy. 


Now do you know why "Strange" McNamara, supported by Johnson, 
Rusk and the other traitors, is ordering the closing down and/or destroy- 
ing many hundreds (the majority) of our Air Bases? . . . Now do you 
know why thousands of our Bombers and planes are being destroyed 
by fire? . . . Now do you know we do not have sufficient planes for 
the types of planes we need in the Viet Nam "No win" war — not even 
replacements for those we are losing in the battles? 

Recently, despite all efforts to keep it “hush-hush,"" the Press 
had to front page the “Furor Over Bombers” — which means that 
at long last the people are beginning to smeU the STENCH of 
the betrayals, but unfortunately they donti know what it is all 
about . . . they are beginning to realize that there is “something 
very rotten"" in Washington, but don’t know WHAT! 

Now do you realize that we can't let another day, another hour, go 
by without putting our RECALL project into operation? 


As I have previously stated, efforts to RECALL all “minus"" 
Representatives and Senators would be weakened and this be 
ineffective — we must drive those men out of Congress on the 
next election day. But if we CONCENTRATE on a few of the 
vicious betrayers and succeed in RECALLING just three or four, 
or even two, it will have a terrific impact on all of them — they ' 
win know that they wiU be defeated on election unless they fuUy 
correct their votings in this year of 1966. 

Our most important target for the immediate RECALL is Rep. 
Edwin E. Willis, of Louisiana, for the reasons I have already 
stated. Such a RECALL will automatically restore the “House 
Committee on Un-American Activities"" to the powerful instru- 
ment it was under the Chairmanship of Parnell Thomas. THE 

Another vital RECALL target is Sen. Fulbright, whose secret 
MEMORANDUMS have been a dire menace to the security of 
our nation and the Freedoms of our people . . . Still another 
target is Sen. Kuchel of California, whose voting record is ap- 
palling and who brazenly branded all patriots as “Fright Fed- 
dlers"" . . . still another target is Sen. Symington, who led in the 
destruction of Joe McCartitiy and invalidated all of McCarthy’s 
patriotic revelations . . . still another VERY vital target is Emman- 
uel CeUer, who “bottles” up all important Bills in the Judiciary 
Committee . . . equally so, Jake Javits. There are many others, 
such as Hale Boggs of Louisiana, Pat McNamara, the Kennedy 
boys, etc. But, by all means, concentrate on Willis, Fidbright arid 

4 Hutchinson 

5 Ford, G .R. 

6 Chamberlain 

7 Mackie 

8 Harvey 

9 Griffin 

10 Cederherg 

11 Clevenger 

12 O’Hara 

13 Diggs 

14 Nedzi 

15 Ford, W. D. 

16 Dingell 

17 Griffiths 

18 Broomfield 

19 Farnum 


1 Quie 

2 Nelsen 

3 MacGregor 

4 Karth 

5 Fraser 

6 Olson 

7 Langen 

) 8 Blatnik 


1 Abernethy . 
t 2 Whitten 

3 Williams 

4 Walker 

5 Colmer 


1 Karsten 

2 Curtis 

3 Sullivan 

4 Randall 

5 Bolling 

6 *Hull 

7 Hall 

8 Ichord 

9 Hungate 
10 Jones 


1 Olsen 

2 Battin 


1 Callan 

2 Cunningham 

3 Martin 



AL Baring 


1 Huot 

2 Cleveland 


1 Cahill 

2 McGrath 

3 Howard 

4 Thompson 

5 Frelinghuysen 

6 Dwyer 

7 Widnall 

8 Joelson 

9 Helstoskli 

10 Rodino 

11 Minish 

12 Krebs 

13 Gallagher 

14 Daniels 

15 Patten 

+ 80 
— 60 
— 80 
— 50 
+ 70 
+ 80 
+ 70 

+ 70 
4- 70 
+ 70 
— 90 
+ 80 






+ 80 
— 50 
+ 70 
-- 50 

+ 60 


AL Morris 
AL Walker 


1 Pike 

2 Grover 

3 Wolff 

4 Wydler 

5 Tenzer 

6 Halpern 

7 Addabbo 

8 Rosenthal 

9 Delaney 

10 Celler 

11 Keogh 

12 Kelly 

13 Multer 

14 Rooney 

15 Carey 

16 Murphy 

17 Lindsay 

18 Powell 

19 Farbstein 

20 Ryan 

21 Scheuer 

22 Gilbert 

23 Bingham 

24 Fino 

25 Ottinger 

26 Reid 

27 Dow 

28 Resnick 

29 O’Brien 

30 King 

31 McEwen 

32 Pirnie 

33 Robison 

34 Hanley 

35 Stratton 

36 Horton 

37 Conable 
'38 Goodell 

39 McCarthy 

40 Smith 

41 Dulski 

— 90 
+ 90 

— 80 
+ 80 
+ 80 

+ 90 

— lOQ 
— 40 

— 40 
+ 60 

— 70 

— 50 

— 90 


1 Bonner 

2 Fountain 

3 Henderson 

4 Cooley 

5 Scott 

6 Korhegay 

7 Lennon 

8 Jonas 

9 Broyhill 

10 Whitener 

11 Taylor 


1 Andrews 

2 Redlin 


AL Sweeney 

1 Gilligan 

2 Clancy 

3 Love 

4 McCulloch 

5 Latta 

6 Harsha 

8 Betts 

9 Ashley 

10 Moeller 

11 Stanton 

12 Devine 

— 40 

— 80 

— 80 

+ 60 

— ido 

— 90 

— 90 

— 50 


— 90 
+ 80 
+ 90 

— 30 
+ 60 

— 90 

— 80 
+ 60 
+ 80 
— 90 
+ 60 

+ 60 

— 90 

— 80 

— 50 

— 80 

— 90 

— 90 
-- 80 

+ 80 
— 90 

+ 90 
+ 80 
— 80 

— 90 

— 80 
— 70 
+ 70 
+ 90 

13 Mosher 

14 Ayres 

15 Secrest 

16 Bow 

17 Ashbrook 

18 Hays 

19 Kirwan 

20 Feighan 

21 Vanik 

22 Bolton 

23 MinshaU 


1 Belcher 

2 Edmondson 

3 Albert 

4 Steed 

5 Jarman 

6 Johnson 


1 Wyatt 

2 Ullman 

3 Green 

4 Duncan 


1 Barrett 

2 Nix 

3 Byrne 

4 Toll 

5 Green 

6 Rhodes 

7 Watkins 

8 Curtin 

9 Dague 

10 McDade 

11 Flood 

12 Whalley 

13 Schweiker 

14 Moorhead 

15 Rooney 

16 Kunkel 

17 Schneebeli 

18 Corbett 

19 Craley 

20 Holland 

21 Dent 

22 -Saylor 

23 Johnson 

24 Vigorito 

25 Clark 

26 Morgan 
,27 Fulton 


1 St. Germain 

2 Fogarty 


1 Rivers 

2 Watson 

3 Dorn 

4 Ashmore 

5 Gettys 

6 McMillan 


1 Reifel 

2 Berry 


1 Quillen 

2 Duncan 

3 Brock 

4 Evins 

5 Fulton 

+ 60 

— 70 

— 60 

— 50 
+ 90 
-- 80 

— 90 
+ 60 
+ 90 

+ 80 
— 90 

— 80 
+ 70 
— 80 

+ 80 

— 80 
— 80 
— 80 

— 90 

— 90 

— 90 

— 90 

— 90 
+ 70 

— 60 

— 70 

— 60 
+ 60 

— 70 

— 90 

— 50 

+ 70 
+ 80 
— 90 



-- 90 
— 80 

+ 80 
— 80 

+ 90 
— 80 
— 80 
— 90 

6 Anderson 

7 Murray 

8 Everett 

9 Grider 

AL Pool 

1 Patman 

2 Brooks 

3 Beckworth 

4 Roberts 

5 CabeU 

6 Teague 

7 Dowdy 

8 Thomas 

9 Thompson 

10 Pickle 

11 Poage • 

12 Wright 

13 Purcell 

14 Young 

15 de la Garza 

16 White 

17 Burleson 

18 Rogers 

19 Mahon 

20 Gonzales 

21 Fisher 

22 Casey 


1 Burton 

2 King 

AL Stafford 


1 Downing 

2 Hardy 

3 Satterfield 

4 Abbitt 

5 Tuck 

6 Poff 

7 Marsh 

8 Smith 

9 Jennings 
10 Broyhill 


1 Pelly 

2 Meeds 

3 Hansen 

4 May 

5 Foley 

6 Hicks 

7 Adams 


1 Moore 

2 Staggers 

3 Slack 

4 Hechler 

5 Kee 


1 Stalbaum 

2 Kastenmeier 

3 Thomson 

4 Zablocki 

5 Reuss 

6 Race 

7 Laird 

8 Byrnes 

9 Davis 

10 O’Konski 


AL Roncalio 

+ 60 
— 70 

+ 80 

— 70 

— 90 

— 60 
+ 80 
— 60 
+ 80 
— 60 

— 50 

— 90 

— 80 
— 80 
— 60 
+ 70 
+ 80 
+ 90 
— 50 
+ 80 

+ 60 
— 90 

— 50 

+ 70 

— 70 
-- 90 



— 90 

— 60 
+ 80 

+ 70 

— 90 

— 90 

+ 70 
-- 70 
— 80 
— 90 

+ 80 
— 80 
— 90 

— 80 
+ 90 
— 90 
+ 80 
+ 70 
+ 80 
+ 70 

— 80 




+ 60 




+ 75 
+ 90 









— 90 
+ 60 




— 90 

— 90 














+ 90 




+ 70 
+ 70 




— 80 
+ 80 




+ 80 




— 70 

— 40 




+ 60 




+ 80 
+ 90 




— 70 

— 80 




— 80 
— 90 




— 90 


— 40 




— 80 














. + 80 

In the following list you wiU find the records of the Represen- 
tatives and we do not indicate which is Republican and which is 

Democrat for the same reason. 


8 Miller 


1 Edwards 



9 Edwards 


2 Dickinson 



10 Gubser 

+ 80 

3 Andrews, G. W. 


- 90 

11 Younger 

+ 90 

4 Andrews, G. 


- 90 

12 Talcott 

+ 90 

5 Selden 


- 70 

^ 13 Teague 

+ 12 

6 Buchanan 


14 Baldwin 

— 40 

7 Martin 


15 McFall 

■ —100 

8 Jones 


- 40 

16 Sisk 

— 90 

17 King 




18 Hagen 

— 20 

AL ^ Rivers 


19 Holifield 

- — 90 


20 Smith 


1 Rhodes 

2 Udall 

3 Senner 

+ 90 
— 20 

21 Hawkins 

22 Gorman 

23 Clawson 

+ 90 

24 Lipscomb 

' ' +90 


25 Cameron 

— 90 

1 Gathings 

+ 90 

26 Vacancy 

+ 90 

2 Mills 


- 40 

27 Reinecke 

3 Trimble 


- 30 

28 Bell 

^ — 40 

4 Harris 

+ 60 

29 Bro'wn 


30 Roybal 



31 Wilson, C. H. 


1 Clausen 

+ 90 

32 Hosmer 

+ 50 

2 Johnson 


- 90 

33 Dyal 


3 Moss 



34 Hanna 


4 Leggett 



35 Utt 


5 Burton 



36 Wilson, Bob 

+ 90 

6 Mailliard 


- 50 

37 Van Deerlin 

— 90 

7 Cohelan 



38 Tunney 

— 90 


1 Rogers 

2 McVicker 

3 Evans 

4 Aspinall 


1 Daddario 

2 St. Onge 

3 Giaimo 

4 Irwin 

5 Monagan 

6 Grabowski 


AL McDowell 


1 Sikes^ 

2 Bennett 

3 Pepper 

4 FasceR 

5 Herlong 

6 Rogers 

7 Haley 

8 Matthews 

9 Fuqua 

10 Gibbons 

11 Gurney 

12 Cramer 


1 Hagan 

2 O’Neal 

3 Callaway 

4 Mackay 

5 Weltner 

6 Flynt 

7 Davis 

8 Tuten 

9 Landrum ’ 

10 Stephens 


AL Matsunaga 
AL Mink 


— 90 

— 80 
— 90 



— 90 

— 90 

— 90 


4- 80 
+ 70 
— 90 

4- 70 
+ 50 
+ 70 
+ 90 
— 80 

+ 90 

+ 80 
— 80 

— 70 


— 60 

— 70 
+ 60 



3 Brademas 


4 Adair 

+ 80 

5 Roush 

— 40 

6 Roudebush 

+ 80 

7 Bray 

+ 90 

8 Denton 


9 Hamilton 

— 80 

10 Harvey 

— 50 

11 Jacobs 



1 Schmidhauser 

— 90 

2 Culver 

— 80 

3 Gross 


4 Bandstra 


5 Smith 

— 90 

6 Greigg 


7 Hansen 



1 Dole 

+ 90 

2 Mize ^ 

+ 70 

3 Ellsworth 

+ 60 

4 Shriver 

+ 70 

5 Skubitz 

+ 80 


1 Stubblefield 

— 50 

2 Natcher 

— 40 

3 Farnsley 


4 Chelf 

— 50 

5 Carter 

. + 70 

6 Watts 

— 40 

7 Perkins 



1 Hebert 

+ 70 

2 Boggs 


3 Willis 

— 60 

4 Waggonner 


5 Passman 

+ 90 

6 Morrison 


7 Edwards — Seated 10-18-65 

8 Long 



1 White 

2 Hansen 









8 Rostenkowski 

9 Yates 

— 70 
+ 90 

+ 80 


1 Tupper 

2 Hathaway 


AL Sickles 

1 Morton 

2 Long 

3 Garmatz 

4 FaUon 

5 Machen 

6 Mathias 

7 Friedel 

— 80 


— 70 

— 90 

— 40 

JLU uoiiier 
11 Pucinski 


— 90 


12 McClory 


h 80 

1 Conte 

— 40 

13 Rumsfeld 


- 70 

2 Boland 

^ — 90 

14 Erlenborn 


3 Phnbin 


15 Reid 


- 90 

4 Donohue 


16 Anderson 

- 80 

5 Morse 

— 70 

17 Arends 


- 70 

6 Bates 

+ 60 

18 Michel 


- 90 

7 Macdonald 


19 Schisler 



8 O’NeiU 


20 Findley 

+ 70 

9 McCormack 

21 Gray 


10 Martin 

— 40 

22 Springer 


- 50 

11 Burke 


23 Shipley 


- 90 

12 Keith 

— 40 

24 Price 




1 Conyers 


1 Madden 



2 Vivian 


2 HaUeck 

+ 70 

3 Todd 

— 90 



Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. 






Following are the voting records, percentage-wise, of all members of both Houses of Congress. The records are based on how 
they voted for or against me most important Bills during the 1965 session. In compiling these records, we concentrated on the 
Legislation that was intended to serve the objectives of the Masters of the Great Conspiracy (CFR-ADA) and Johnson . . . We 
are not interested in Party Labels, Democratic or Republican — only how they voted. 


Unquestimably, the votes of inany of these nnerf*;you elect- 
ed to represent you SHOWS that their votings during 1965, 
on orders from Johnson and the ADA, to help the CFR carry for- 
ward their Conspiracy to' destroy our nation is the most appalling 
record in the entire history of our nation . . . Read their voting 


Following are the records, percentage-wise, of all members of 
both Houses of Congress in 1965. In compiling those records we 
concentrated on the Legislation that was positively intended to 
serve the objectives of the Masters of me Great Conspiracy 
(CFR-ADA) and FORCED by Johnson and his cabal of traitors 
in Washington — also by the willing traitors in both Houses . . . 
We are not interested in Party Labels, Democrat or Republican. 
It will show YOU how the men YOU elected have been betray- 
ing you and our Country. 

The reason all the pro-Red and One-World stooges in Congress 
are constantly being re-elected by YOU is because you and all 
their constituents do not realize how pro-Red they are — and 
they depend upon the Mass Communications Media to keep you 
unaware! I am sure that all loyal Americans in all of our com- 

xriuiiities are horrified and ashamed by what happened in 1965. \j 
And the plans for 1966 are even more appalling! But this record 
will enable you to purge all such traitors out of Congress. This, 
of course, also goes for JOHNSON, WARREN, RUSK, Mc- 
NAMARA, etc., etc. 


Key to SYMBOLS for House and Senate are: (-f ) indicates . 
votes AGAINST CFR-ADA-JOHNSON '%tberar policies . . . 
(— ) indicates votes FOR CFR-^ADA-JOHNSON '%iheraT 
policies — we MUST purge EVERY Minus voting member! ! ! 

. . . That, of course, means on the next (1966) election day — 
hut, in the meantime, we must throw the fear of God and the 
American people into ALL Members by starting RECALL move- 
ments IMMEDIATELY against the worst of them! Even a half- 
dozen, even two or three successful RECALLS will start an im- 
mediate panic! 

In the following list you will find the records of the Senators — 
and we do not indicate which is a Republican and which is a 
Democrat . . , because the votings of some of the Republicans, 
such as Javits and Kuchel are just as appalling and treasonous 
as the worst of the Democrats. 






+ 60 


— 70 


+ 70 




— 40 


+ 80 


+ 60 








- 80 


+ 70 


— 40 




~ 80 


— 40 


— 50 








— 80 


-1- 60 


— 80 


4- 90 


+ 80 


+ 60 


+ 70 


4- 90 






— 80 




+ 60 


— 90 


+ 70 


— 40 


— 80 


— 80 






— 90 


— 80 




— 70 


4- 80 


+ 90 


— 80 


— 90 





Allott ^ 

+ 60 






4- 80 


+ 80 


— 50 




+ 80 






— 90 


— 90 




— 50 






+ 60 


— 70 

March 9, 1966 

. Mr. I 



'Maraaff Center, New York 12961 


Dear Mr. 

The letter of March 2nd, with enclosure, which 
was signed by you and several other individuals has been received.- 

Although I would like to be of service, the files g 
the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Departipen^ 
of Justice. You may be interested in knowing that Mr. Myron 12; ” 
Fagan or representatives of the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. , S 
definitely do not have access to the files of the FBI. ^ 



The leaflet you sent with your communication is 

being returned. 


MAR 9 1966 


Sincerely yours, 

X Edgar Bnovpr. 

John Edgar Hoover 



DeLoach . 




Callahan . 

’ Conrad 




Sullivan - 
Tavel L_ 



Holme ^ 
r>Qandy . 


NOTE: None of^e individuals who signed the letter-sfcs^identifiable 
_ in Bufiles. T he^inema Educationar-Quild.LI nc.,.. is allegedly an 

— anticommunist group which has been responsible for the distribution of 

— a^nticommunist, anti-Negro and anti-Seniitip'pamphlets. Myron G. Fagan, ^ 

— Us national director, has in the past;, 'attempted to use the Director’s ’ 
~ name in furtherance of his grograms, and it has been necessary on several 
Z ^occasions to contact him and request that he refrain from mentioning the 
Z/^ FBI in any manner. (62-87267) Correspondents' enclosure has been 
■/^/iSrought to the Bureau's attention on numerous occasions. Copy not 

^Mf:n§c^S^#^ for retention in files. , ' 

3^^-^i‘.M™^^jELETYPEUN^ LCHtalb (3) 

Moriah Center, ,New York 
Box 91 12961 

March'' 2, 1966 


J, Edgar Hoover ^ " 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
9th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue 
Washington, D,C, 

Dear Sir: 

Would, you please inform us as to whether this 
enclosed pamphlet that is being circulated 
has any truth in it or is it just another 
spandal sheet. 

Would you please mail your reply to 

L Moriah Center, Hew York 
Box 91, 129bl. “ 

Thank you for your cooperatipn* 

jp. / ,/ /? ✓ 



P- ■■ > 


April 26, 1966 

Dear Mrs. 

been received* 

Your letter of April 19th, with enclosure, has 

iri respoxiise to your inquiry, the files of the FBI 
are confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of 
Ji;^tice. Mr. Myron C. F^an or representatives of the Cinema 
Educational Guild, Inc. , definitely do not have access to the files 
of the FBI. m addition, Mrs. Marion Miller, while never an 
employee of the FBI, did furnish information in a confidential 
capacity regarding security matters to this Bureau from 
Od:ober, ,1956, to March, 1055. 

iaaujs s "" 

APR 26 1966 

The leaflet Which you sent is being returned to you. 

Sincerely yours, 

Edgar Hoover 


DeLoach — 




Callahan — 





Sullivan — 



Tele. Room 




' „ .f- 

1 - San Diego Enclosur es (2)^ „ 
1 7 Los Angeles - Enclosures (2) 


NOTE: Correspondent is, not^dentifiable in Buf lies. Both Mrs. Marion 
^Miller and Mr. ^ 5 ^on C. Fagan are well knbwn to the Bureau as is the 
Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. We have enjoyed cordial relations with 
r^T^Hie San Diego Patriotic Society and the organization's American Patriot’s 
Uj^all of Faine Award was presented to the Director on 4-30-65. The 

letter of 5-12-65 esspressed thanks for receiving this Award. 
mailroomJ^ teletype unit I. —I JRPtdeS (5) J.* /) / /F 

y ' I. /iiTt/CV/.. <* . V 

19 April 1966 

Federal Bureau of investigation 
Washington, D. C. 

Attn; Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 

|3Ir. Tolson. 

Mr. PeLoacli.... 

( Mr/ Casper 

Mr.- Callahan 

^Mr. Conrad 

■'•Hr. Vcl t j 

X‘3?r. Gal e . ] 

/■"Mv, Rosen j 

I .M^'* Sullivan | 

j Mr. Tavel I 

I Ml*, Trotter j 

I Tele. RoomJ I 

g Miss ^lolmes I 

S' Miss Gandy I 

Gentlemen; — 

The Inclosed leaflet "The Strange case of Marian Miller" 
was received by me from Myron pagan. He also .sent me a 
letter indicating- he has letters from the FBI, Washington, 
D. C. and Los Angeles, California stating that Marian 
Miller was not an FBI agent but that she supplied infor- 
mation to the FBI for remuneration while she was a member 
of the Communist party. 

Just late ly I received an invitation from the san Diego 
patrlotic^Society to attend a dimer at which Marian Miller 
is to make a patriotic speech. The Patriotic society back 
up thfelr invitation with a copy of a letter fi^om the FBI 
praising Marian Miller as a wonderful patriot (the letter 
was addressed to Marian Miller) . 

I am confused. Will you kindly clarify this matter for me? 




■ IM 

Educational Guild, jlix. 




Recently I was astounded by a report that one Marian 
Miller is seeking nomination for flection to the Los 
Angeles School Board. 

Now, In our still free country, everybody has the right 
to seek anything he or she desires, but; by the same token, 
I feel th^t I have the right to show those who might con- 
sider^6|:ing for her the Marian Miller as she is, not as she 
preterrdK'tp be. So, first of all, I wilk4^me from our January 
(1961) <S&ar-End Report” — as fojlowSi: 

"Seygfsl years ago a nondescript los Angeles housewife, one 
Maria^^Miller, gave out a story to her friends and neighbors that 
she had been a member of the Communist Party — at the behest 
of the FBI .... on a few occasions she hinted (confidentially, of . 
course) that the 'behest' came in the form of a 'plea' direct fromj 
4* Edgar Hoover. / 

^ "That was her story. But some of her neighbors stated that she 
had been a member of the Party long before she ever contacted 
the FBI. However, let's give her the benefit of the doubt and as- 
sume that those 'nasty' neighbors were just jealous and envious of 
her sudden (self-proclaimed) 'fame'. Be that aS it may, she decided 
to transform that 'fame' into a 'career* for herself. Signing (and 
billing) herself 'Marian (FBI) Miller,' she began to seek oppor- 
tunities to 'speak' at patriotic groups and Church meetings. She 
was aided in those efforts by functionaries of the ADL — and by 
Morrie Ryskind, now a columnist of sorts on the L. A. Times. Rys- 
kind proclaimed himself to be an ardent Anti-Communist - but 
ho doesn't hesitate (when he feels sure he won't be caught) to 
apply the 'anti-semitic smear' on any Anti-Communist so branded by 
the ADI. 

During her 'speeches' La Miller finds opportunities to launch a 
'smear* attack on 'Myron C. Fagan' and his 'RED STARS' Tract .... 
and I have authoritative information that Ryskind had teamed op 
with her in at least one such attackl 

"Being a complete nonentity, and only able to mouth the ADI 
concocted 'smears' her attacks carried no weight." .... 

But late in 1961 the California Senate Fact-Finding Sub- „ 
committee on Un-American Activities (CUAC) annual 
^‘Report” contained "a damn with faint praise*" criticism of 
our “Red Stars Tract,” charging that it includes names of 
celebrities who, in fact (according to CUAC), are ardent 
.anti-Communists. At a press conference, immediately fol- 
lowing the “Report,” I quickly proved the falseness of trat 
charge — with documentary evidence derived from CUAC; s 
own files. My rebuttal was front-paged in aU the Los An- 
geles newspapers — but La^ Miller utterly disregarded my 
rebuttal .... . > ^ ^ J 

"That 'Report* provided her with a near-perfect 'smeae weapon. 
She promptly lifted that section in the 'Report' that was devoted 
to 'Myron C. Fagan and CEG,' had it reprinted in pamphlet form, 
and launched a mailing campaign to various parts of the country. 
Each copy- was accompanied by a persona! letter reeking venomous 
hatred, part of which ranges follows; 'Fagan fust Isn't accepted ^ 
among us legitimate and reputable Anti-Communist Freedom fight- 
ers .... he is a notorlou^Vo||;‘Si®*^*l® hate-monger • « • • the 
enclosed report explains ^y'he Isn't accepted.' ^ ^ 

At this point I'd like to ^^el^inswers to two questions: 1) I dbnft 
■ know this woman — never laid eyes on her — never spoke with 
/ her — certainly I never harmed her, yet she spews venomous 
^ hatred for me - WHY? .... 2) That mailing 'crusade', involving 
^ the printing of the pamphlet, letters, postage, etc., must have been 
expensive — who paid for It? 1*11 give you just one guess. 

In the midst of all this, she suddenly found a new 'front* on 
which to launch an attack. 

Shortly after my "DOCUMENTATIONS" book came off the press, 
a number of news-papers in California, Louisiana, Texas and other 
states, despite frantic efforts by the Hollywood Moguls and the 
ADL to prevent it, published glowing reviews of the book. Those 
reviews created instantaneous panic wherever they appeared. With- 
in an hour after the first editions hit the streets frantic protests 
came pouring into the Editors' offices — they came from theatre 
owners. Film Exchanges, Broadcasting Stations, from the ADL .... 
and from seif-described 'outraged citizens' — but their anguished 
'protests' were verbatim quotes from the ADL files! . . . The Miller 
woman was one of the most frantic of the 'outraged citizens.' 

In addition to her 'speaking' engagements in the 1. A, area, she 
travels to other cities — in Florida, Texas, various States — to 'speak' 
and to promote a book she wrote, which she calls "I Was A Spy." 
In those travels, wherever she saw a "DOCUMENTATIONS" review 
' it sent her into a complete tizzy — she promptly phoned, or rushed 
to the office of the Editor, to hysterically berate him for publish- 
ing such a review. When asked why she was so concerned about 
It, she launched into her well-rehearsed 'anti-semitic' tirade. When 
asked to point to any 'anti-semitic' passages In the book, she spiut- 
, tered that 'the author is anti-semitic,' and, by that token (her idea), 
no book or play by Myron C. Fagan should over get mention In any 
newspaper — unless, of course, to fear it to shreds. When asked to 
show PROOF that Myron C, Fagan Is 'anti-semitic,' she produced a 
copy of the CUAC phony 'Report'^— and then triumphantly topped 
It with copies of a now defunct smear sheet which had carried 
a similar 'charge' — this 'defunct' at a result of a lihe! suit we filed 
“ against It. ^ ^ 

; Such are the fanatical fulmlnatlons of tW* UHle female nonentity 
who would like to convince us that she U a VIP by billing herself 

' as 'Wafian (FBI) MilHer/' when It actualSj 
Miller/' ... * end of quote. I 

ahould be "Marian (ADL) 

Some Tnonths later, for whatever his reason may have 
been, Ronald Reagan, whose phony opportunism I had 
frequently cited, decided to give our heroine** some added 
glorification. Reagan, in his then capacity as producer of 
TV show| for "General Electric,” produced two TV shows, 
shown a "week apart, which (sq,ne announced) portrayed 
her *‘ae(ual heroic deeds' in the service of the FBI . . . 
and, batj^. they were hair-raisingly heroic actsl" 

But there were some peculiar shifts in the entire "sfory,” 
to witi The Miller woman’s purported undercover Com- 
munist^embership activities were confined^ to Los An- 
geles but Reagan changed the iQcale to Chicago. WHY? " 
In his pre-showing publicity, Reagan proclaimed that it 
was the ^ story of "a simple and un^iown little housewife^ 
In the show he hevealed'' her to" be a famous concert 
pianist. Now, during most of La Millers so-called Under- 
cover* activities, her husband was oii^ the high seas, work- 
ing as a^'deck hand in the merchant jnarine, but in recent ^ 
months,Sin **personal appearances" with his wife, he has 
had hifeself introduced as ‘*Paul Miller, a retired Navy^ 
fnati* -^.and, at least by strong innuemoes, claims that he, > 
too, wa^j^an undercover FBI agent" .... and in the TV \ 
shows .filler, portrayed by Reagan, was a highly success- f 
ful architect or artist. WHY? Was it to substantiate — 
and glamorize — all those phony claims? . 5 

However, there was a strange aftermath to those two , 
TV shows — shortly after the showings Electric" 

suddenly announced that they were ^discontinuing the ' 
Ronald Reagan shows" 

We wondered about the reason for it. And then an item 
in the press gave us the answer. That item announced that 
Film Producer James R. Beardsley was suing Reagan and 

the two Millers fcjte00,000. The charge was PLAGIARISM. ' 
Beardsley chargUPnat all those heroic deeds" attributed 
to Marian MiUer in "MY DARK DAYS” (title (rf the too 
TV shows) were hfted" from an old Film entitled UN- 
DERGROUND USA,” which he had produced some y^s 
ago — and to which he still holds exclusive rights. The 
suit is on file in the Los Angeles Superior Court. 

Now I will let you decide how much of La Miller’s en- 
tire story is truth and how rpuch is fiction. 

But, waitl Now comes tje real topper: I have in my 
possession a letter on FBI stationery, signed “John Edg^ 
Hoover,” in which he stated that for a period in the early 
1950s Marian Miller provided the FBI with information 
' *Jor which she was compensated," but that she never 
an Agent of the Bureau /=( FBI) .... thus that **MarUxn 
(FBI) MiUer* is another "obvious bit of fiction. / 

' Such is the very strange case of Marian Miller .... and 
:I repeat the question: much of her *‘story" is truth — 

and how mum is fiction? - ■ ^ 

Anyway, now she is/’frj^g to cash it in for a place gn our 
School Board. Decide'" for:' yourself if she rates the post/ 

. " - Sincerely yours. 

- P.S.- Incidentally,. if my enddrsement means anything. I'd 
very much prefer to see Mr. Gerald E. Schmitt" and 
-■ Mr. Frederic A. Wyatt on the L. A. School Board. 

. 3 1' (, ?'• M.C.F. • 

— -7— ■ ^ . • il/ ■ ; k‘ -- -■■'■'L 

Addidi^n^ copies of this document may be had for , 5 cents d single copy — or^S cents pet copy for 10 or ipore. 

4 i '> . ^ 





CO In response to your revest, information in 

our filoi must be nmintalned as confidential pursuant to regu-' 
daticms of the Dejartment of Justice. I am sure you •will under- 
'stand the reason for this policy and why I am not in a position 
^i^to furnish the dala you desire. 

With respect to Mr. Myrcm C. B^gan, 1 can 
assure you he has never had access to the files of this Bureau. 


DeLoach . 


Wick J 

Casper — 
Callahan . 
Conrad — 




I am returhing the Certificate of Nonaffiliation 
with Certain Or^nizations you forwarded with your letter. . 

MAii.£a ag 

MAY 3 1966 

Sincerely yours. 


i V; J 


«■ !:IhSS 

/ * 

NOTE: Bufile s contain no deto^tory information ,identifi^^ mth 


Tele. Room - 
Holmes — Bl. 

HRH:asf^ (3) 

Gondv -o - a MArlXi^g' 






Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington 25, D. C. 

Dear Sir: 

Yp ! r 


I would like to know if the files of the United States 
Attorney General or the House Un-American Activities Committee 
shows Hollywood Actor Mr. Gregory Peck a supporter or a 
member of any organization which is listed on DD Form 48-1 
"Certificate of Nonaffiliation •^h Certain organization. " I under- 
stand from reading a M yron Cr^Fagan D ocumentation of Reds & 
Fellow Travellers in Hollywood and TV that Mr. Peck has 
supported Communist fronts and causes such as "Sponsor 
Committee for a Democractic For Eastern Policy. " 

Being a member of[ 

I have been making a few talks on Communism. In the 

future I plan to continue bn this subject. 

hi the April Issue of The "Toastmaster", official 
j publication of Toastmasters International, hic. there is an article 
my Gregory Peck on "Cancer. " Now, Mr. Peck is the National 
’ Crusade Chairman of the American Cancer Society. A man who is 
'deeply concerned with the Cancer problem as he is, surly could 
not be the same Gregory Peck who’s name has been a great boon 
to the Communists. Whether innocently or otherwise, Mr. Peck 
has helped to make it easy for Communists to raise money and to 
promote their fronts and causes. ' / „ — r 

RE0 43' f 10-&7 

Sir, can you furnish me any inform ation on M^ Pelck . 
he is a member of any of the Red Fronts or if Mr. M. C^F agan has 
?ad information of him. 



/ ro 

/ yo 

MAY 5 1966 

Thank you for your great service tD tMs“United States of ours, 
hank you for any information you may be able to furnish me, i remain 

UNEECOKDED G:':.''’ ' " / d 3 S~ ^ ^ ^ 


PENALTY. — Failuto fo answer a// Questions, or any misrepco&reniaUi n (by on'A^^ton or concea/monf, or by mistcadintl, false, or partial answers) 
m.<y servo as a basis for denial of cloaranco for access to clas:duvd Dypttrtm^erit of Dciynsc information. In addition. Title LB, Unitecr States 
Code loot, makes it a criminal ofifense, punishable by a maximum tix e (5)^'tC4rs* impfisonment, $10,000 fine, or botht knovnnilly and^ willfully 

to make a false statement or representation to any Department or .-l/Vncy of the United States, as to any matter within the jurisdiction of any 
Department or Agency of the United States, This includes any sf* rcmo.Tf made bereiTi which is knowingly incorrect, incomploto or misleading 
in any important particular. 







ALL A>:$]v^ms 

Form a 

jff pro veil. 
Budget No* 


fhe Department of Defense is responsible for assuring that contractor employees having access to classified Department of Defense 
nation meet security standards. These standards include consideration of circumstances surrounding membership in, or association with. 



OrganivMtions identified below. Complete this form by placing your answer ( Ves or No) after each question. If your answer to any question 
is '‘Ves,** furnish full and complete information under "Remarks.*’ 

1. Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of any of the organizations identified in paragraph I below? 

2. Are you nbw, or have you ever been, a member of any of the organizations identified in paragraph II below? 

3. Are you now, or have you ever been, affiliated or associated with any of the organizations identified in paragraph I below.-* — _ 

‘1. Are you now, or have you ever been, affiliated or associatx.d witli any of the organizations identified in paragraph II below 

5. Are you now engaged, or have you engaged since 1947, in the .sale, gift, or di.stribution of any written, printed, or other matter 

prepared, reproduced, or published by any of the organizations identified in par.igraphs I and II below or by any of their agents or 

6. Have you ever submitted for publication material to the organizations identified in paragraphs I and II below, their agents, or instru- 
mentalities? — 

REMARKS (Use the ipace provided below and attach additiotial sheetj. if ntcesfary, for a full detailed statement. If associated with any of the listed organizations, 
specify nature and extent of association with each, inchtding dates, places, and credentials now or formerly held,) 





I. Membership, past or present, in any organization, association, movement, group, or combination of persons, (1) which advocates 
the overthrow of our constitutional form of government, (2) or which had adopted a policy of advocating or approving the commission 
of acts of force or violence to deny other persons their rights under the Constitution of the United States, (3) or which seeks to alter 
the form of Government of the United States by unconstitutional means. 

II. Organizations designated by the Attorney General, pursuant to Executive Order 1C450, as having interests in conflict with those 
of the United States are listed below: 

Communist Party, U.S.A., its subdivisions, sub- 
sidiaries and amliatcs. 

Communist Political Association, its subdivisions, 
subsidiaries and attil fates, including — 

Alabama People’s Educational Association. 

Florida Press and Educational League. 

Oklahoma League for Political Education. 

Peak’s Educational and Press Association of 

Virginia League for People’s Education. 

Young Communist League. 

Abraham Lincoln Brigade. 

Abraham Lincoln School, Chicago, Illinois. 

A».fion Committee to Free Spain Now, 

.American .Association for Reconstruction in Yugo- 
slavia, JliC. 

American Branch of the Federation of Greek Mari- 
time Unions. ( hristian Nationalist Party. Committee for European Workers* Relief. 

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born. 
American Committee for the Settlement of Jews in 
Birobidjan, Inc. 

American Committee for Spanish Freedom. 

American Committee for Yugoslav Relief, Inc. _ 
American Committee to Survey Labor Conditions in 

American Council for a Democratic Greece, formerly 
known as the Greek American Council; Greek 
American Committee for National Unity. 

Americ,an Council on Soviet Relations. 

American Croatian Congress. 

American Tewiih Labor Cviuncil. 

American League Against War and Fascism. League for Peace and Democracy. 
American National Labor P.arty. 

American National Socialist League. 

American National Socialist Party. 

American Nationali-it Party. 

American P.itriots, Inc. 

American Crusade. 

American Peace Mobilization. 

American Poles for Peace. 

American Polish Labor Council. 

American Polish League. 

American Rescue Ship Mission ia project of the 
United American Spanish Aid Committee), 
American-Russian Fraternal Society. 
American-Russian Institute, New York {also known 
as the American Russian Institute for Cultural Re- 
lations with the Soviet Union), 

American Russian Institute, Philadelphia. 

American Russian Institute of San Francisco. 
American Russian Institute of Southern California, 
Los Angeles. 

American Slav Congress. 

American Women for Peace. 

American Youth Congress. 

American Youth for Democracy. 

Armenian Progressive League of America. 

Associated Kbns of America. 

Association of Georgia Klans. 

DD •'”« 48-1 


Assentation of German Nationals {Keichsdeutsche 

Auslind-Or^anization dcr NSDAP, Overseas Branch 
of Nasi Party. 

Baittmorc Forum. 

Bcn;amin Davis Freedom Committee. 

Black Dr.aKOn Society. . ^ 

Boston School tor Marxist Studies, Boston, Massa- 

Bruly^cs-Rohcrton-Schmidt Defense Committee. 
Bulgarian American People’s League of the United 
States of America. 

California Hmcrgcncy Defense CommiUeo. 

California Labor School, Inc., 321 Divisadcro Street, 
San Francisco, California.!io-Russian People's Society. 

Central Council of American Women of 
Descent {»:}so hiou‘n as Central Council of Amer- 
it an Cr^Aitiar: IT’tiwr;/, National Council of Croa- 
tian Il'V/mtv;). 

Centred Jap.\nCbe Association iBeikoiu Chno Nip- 

Central Jap.incse Association of Southern California, 
Central Organization of the Gcrman-Amcrican Na- 
tional Alliance {Deutsche-Amcrikanischc Binheifs- 

Cervantes Fraternal Society. 

China Welfare Aj^cal, Inc. 

Ch>pin (adtural Center. 

Citizens Committee to Free Earl Browder, 
fh'tizens CommiUec for Harry Bridges. 

' Citizens Committee of the Upper West Side {New 

Citizens Emergency Defense Conference. 

Citizens Protective League. 

Civil Liberties Sponsoring Committee of Pittsburgh. 
Civil Rights Congress and its ailUiatcd organizations, 

Civil Rights Congress for Tegas. 

Vclen^ns Against Discrimination of Civil Rights 
Congress of New York. 


Comite Coordinator Pro Rcpublica Espanola. 

( omitc Pro Dcrcdios Civilcs. 

Committee to Abolish Discrimination in Maryland, 
Committee to Aid the Fighting South. 

Committee to Defend the Rights and Freedom of 
Pittsburgh’s Political Prisoners. 

Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy. 
Committee for Constitutional and Political Freedom. 
Committee for tlic Defense of the Pittsburgh Six, 
Committee for Nation, alist Action. 

Committee for the Negro in the Arts. 

Committee for Peace and Brotherhood Festival in 

Committee for the Protection of the Bill of Rights. 
Committee for World Youtli Friendship and Cul- 
tural Exchange. 

Committee to Defend Marie Richardson. 

Committee to Uphold the Bill of Rights. 
Commonwealth College, Mena, Arkansas. 

Congress Against Discrimination. 

Congress of the Unemployed. 

Connecticut Committee to Aid Victims of the Smith 

Connecticut State Youth Conference. 

Congress of American Revolutionary Writers, 
Congress of Arnerican Women. 

Council on African Affairs. 

Council of Greek Americans. 

Council for Jobs, Relief, and Housing. 

Council for Pan-American Democracy. 

Croatian Benevolent Fraternity. 

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (Military Virtue Society of 
Japan or Military Art Society of Japan). 

Daily Worker Press Club. 

Daniels Defense Committee. 

Dante Alighieri Society (Between 193^ and J940). 
Dennis Defense Committee, 

Detroit Youth Assembly. 

East Bay Peace Committee. ' 

Elsinore Progressive League. 

Emcrgcnc)' Conference to Save Spanish Refugees 
(founding body of tJse North American Spanish 
Aid Committee). 

Evcrj'body's Committee to Outlaw War. 

Families of the Baltimore Smith Act Victims, 
Families of the Smith Act Victims. 

Federation of Italian War Veterans in the U.S.A., 
Inc. (Associazione Nazionale Combattenti Italiani. 
Federazione dcgli Staii Units d* America). 
Finnish-Americaa Mutual Aid Society. 

Frederick Douglass Educational Center. 

Freedorp Stage, Inc. 

Friends of the New Germany (Freunde des Ncuen 
Ocutschlands) . 

Friends of the Soviet Union. 

Garibaldi American Fraternal Society. 

George Washington Carv'er School, New York City, 
Gcrman-Amcrican Bund (Amerika-deutscher Volks- 
bund) . 

Gcrman-Amcrican Republican League. 

Gcrman-Amcrican Vocational Lcarate (Deutsche- 
Amerikanische Berufsge-meinschalt ) . 

Guardian Club. 

Harlem Trade Union Council. 

Hawaii Civil Liberties Committee. ^ ^ 

Heimuska Kai, a?so known as Nokubei Heicki, 
Gimusha Kai, Zaibei Nihonjm, Heijaku Gimu- 
sha Kai and Zaibci /Helmusha Kai (fapancse Re- 
siding in America MfUtar) Conscripts Association) , 

Hcllentc-American Brotherhood. 

Hinodc Kai (Imperial Japanese ReserNsts) . 

Hinomsru Kai (Rising Sun Flag Society — a group 
of Japanese IVar Veterans). 

Hokubci Zaigo Shoke Dan (North American Rcscree 
O ftcers Association) . 

Holbjwood Writers blobilization for Defense. 

Hungarian-Amcrican Council for Democracy. 

Hungarian Brotherhood. 

Idaho Pension Union. 

Independent Party (Seattle, Washington). 

Independent People’s P.arty. 

Industrial Workers of the World. 

International Labor Defense. 

International Workers Order, its subdivisions, sub- 
sidiaries and affiliates. 

Lipancsc Association of America. 

Japanese Overseas Central Socict>- (Kaigai Dobo 

J.apancse Overseas Convention, Tokyo, Japan, 19*10. 

Jap.'inesc Protective Association Orga- 


JelTcrson School of Social Science, New York City. 

Jewish Culture Socict>'. 

Jewish People’s Committee. 

Jewish People's Fraternal Order. 

Jikyoku Lin K.ii (The Committee for the Crisis). 

Johnson-Forcst Group. 


Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. 

Joint Council of Prorressive Italian-Amcricans, Inc, 

Joseph Weydemeyer School of Social Science, St, 
Louis, Missouri. 

Kibci Scinen Kai (Association of U.S. citizens of 
Japanese ancestry who have returned to America 
after studying in Japan ) . 

Knights of the White Camellia. 

Ku KIux Klan. 

Kyflhacuser, .xlsc known as Kytfh.acuser^ Lc-igue 
(Kyfjhaeuser Bund) , Kylfhaeuscr Fellowship (Kyff- 
haeuscr Kameradschaft) . 

Kyffiiacuscr War Relief (Kyifhaeuscr Krieghshtlfs- 
werk) . 

Labor Council for Negro Rights. 

Labor Research Association, Jnc. 

Labor Youth League. 

League for Common Sense, 

League of American Writers. 

Lictor Society (Italian Black Shirts). 

Macedonian-Amcric.'in People’s League. 

Mario Morgantini Circle. 

Maritime Labor Committee to Defend A1 Lannon. 

Maryland Congress Against Discrimination. 

Massachusetts Committee for the Bill of Rights. 

Massachusetts Minute Women for (not con- 
nected with the Minute Women of the U.S.A., 

Maurice Sraverman Defense Committee. 

Michigan Civil Rights Federation. 

Michigan Council for Peace. 

Michigan School of Socital Science. 

, Nanka Teikoku Gu.r/udan (Imperial Military Friends 
Group or Southern California War Veterans) . 

National Association of Mexican Americans (also 
known as Asociacion Nadonal Mexico-Americana) . 

National Blue Star Mothers of America (not to be 
confused with the Blue Star Mothers of America 
organized in February 1942). 

National Committee for the Defense of Political 

National Committee for Freedom of the Press. 

National Committee to Win Amnesty for Smith 
Act Victims. 

National Committee to Win the Pcace.^ 

National Conference on American Policy in China 
and the Far East (a Conference called by the Com- 
mittee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy) . 

National Council of Americans of Croatian Descent. 

National (louncH of American-Soviet Friendship. 

National Federation for Constitutional Liberties. 

National Labor Conference for Peace. 

National Negro Congress. 

National Negro Labor Council, 

Nationalist Action League. 

Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico. 

Nature Friends of America (since 7955). 

Negro Labor Victory Committee. 

New Committee for Publications. 

Nichibei Kogyo Kaisha {The Great Fu}ii Theatre). 

North American Committee to Aid Spanish De- 

North American Spanish Aid Committee, 

North Pliiladelphia Forum. 

Northwest Japanese Association, 

Ohio School of Social Sciences. 

Oklahoma Committee to Defend Political Prisoners. 
Original Southern Klans, Incorporated. 

Pacific Northwest Labor School, Seattle, Washing- 

Palo Alto Peace Club. 

Partido del Pueblo of Panama (operating in the 
Canal Zone). 

Peace Information Center. ^ 

Peace Movement of Ethiopia. 

People's Drama, Inc. 

People's Educ.itional Association (Incorporated under 
name Los" Angeles Educational Association, Inc.), 
also known as People’s Educational , Center, Peo- 
ple's University, People's School. 

People’s Institute of Applied Religion. 

Peoples Programs (Seattle, Washington). 

People’s Radio Foundation, Inc. 

People’s Rights P.irty, 

Philadelphia Labor Committee for Negro Rights. 
Philadelphia School of Social Science and Art. 

Photo League (New York City ) , 

Pittsburgh Arts Club. 

Political Prisoners' Welfare Committee. 

Poloni.a Society of the IWO. 

Progressive .German- A.mcricans, also known as Pro- 
gressive German-Amcricans of Chicago. 

Proletarian Party of Amcric.i. 

Protestant War Veterans of the United States. Inc. 
Provisional Committee of Citizens for Peace, South- 
west Area. ^ 

Provisional Committee on Latin American Affairs. ^ 
Provisional Committee to Abolish Discrimination in 
the State of Maryl.and. 

Puerto Rican Comite Pro Libcrtadcs Civilcs (CLC). 
Puertorriquenos Unidos (Puerto Ricans United). 

Quad City Committee for Peace. 

Quccnsbndge Tenants League, 

Revolutionary Workers League. 

Romanian-American Society. 

Russian American Society, Inc. 

Sakunai'Kai (Patriotic Society, or Cherry Association, 
composed of veterans of Russo-Japanese War), 
Samuel Adams School, Boston, Mass. 

Santa Bafb.ira Peace Forum. 

Schappes Defense Committee. 

Schncidemian-Darcy Defense Committee. 

School of Jewish Studies, New York City. 

Seattle Labor School, Seattle, W,ishington. 
Scrbwn-Aincrican Fraternal Society. 

Serbian Vidovdan Council. 

Shinto Temples (Limited to State Shinto abolished in 

Silver Shirt Legion of America. 

Slavic Council of Southern California. 

Slovak Workers Society. 

Slovenmn-American National Council. 

Socialist Workers Party, includir^ American Com- 
mittee for European Workers* Relief. 

Sokoku Kai (Fatherland Society). 

Southern Negro Youth Congress. 

Suiko Sha (Reserve Officers Association, Los 

Syracuse Women for Peace. 

Tom Paine School of Social Science, Philadelphia, 

Tom Paine School of Westchester, New York. 

Trade Union Committee for Peace. 

Trade Unionists for Peace. 

Tri-State Negro Trade Union Council, 

Ukrainian-American Fraternal Union. 

Union of American Croatians. 

Union of New York Vetemns. 

United American Spanish Aid Committee. 

United Committee of Jewish Societies and Lands- 
rnanschaft Federations, _also known as Coordina- 
tion Committee of Jewish landsmanscliaftcn and 
Fraternal Organizations. 

United Committee of South Slavic Americans. 
United Defense Council of Southern California. 
United Harlem Tenants and Consumers Organiza- 

United May Day Comtnittec. 

United Negro and Allied Veterans of America. 

Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. 

Voice of Freedom Committee, 

Walt Whitman School of Social Science, Newark, 
New Jersey, 

Washington Bookshop Association. 

Washington Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights. 
Washington Committee for Democratic Action. 
Washington Commonwealth Federation. 

Washington Pension Union. 

Wisconsin Conference on Social L^Islation. 
Workers Alliance (since April 193o) . 

Yiddisher Kultur Farband. 

Yugoslav- American Cooperative Home, Inc. 
Yugoslav Seamen's Cub, Inc. 




1 -Iay 9 j 1966 

I'Hr, J. Edcar Hoover 

)®ar I-ip. Hoover; 

In oor’ Merican History class we just finished studying and 
handing in journals on CoiiUiiunlsm. In one report were the 
nardos of twenty television and raovie stars that are coraraunlsts, 

I X'/as shocked at the names that xrere on this list.’ I have 

enclosed a copy of this i>eport in hopes that you will let 

lae knoxx if those people are cordraunists or communist sympathizers, 

Please send detailed information on just how Comi'aunisra is 
xxorkin;;^ in televlson, on movie screens, and on radios, and 
also Information on hoxx we can combat this type of cormaunis'm 
in America. 

rours truly. 

REC 29 

f 7- 

IS MAY 24 1966 ' 




May 23, 1958 


Dear Miss[ 


Your letter of May 17th, with enclosure, 
has been received. 

Althou^ I would like to be of service, the 
files of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations 
of the Department of Justice. You may be interested in 
knowing that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of ^ 
th ^nema-EdncatLo mOjMd^^ def«»tely do not have 
access to the files of tiie FBI. 

With regard to your request for material . 
on how to combat communism in America, enclosed are 

two articles which I hope you will find of interest, 


Sincerely yours, 

J. Edgar EoiJSi^ 





't:: o 

mn 3 1966 

bnclosures (2) 

^Young People Can Help Defeat Communism 
What Young People Should Know About Communism 



Tolson — 
DeLoach . 



Gasper — 
Callahan . 
Conrad — 


Tele. Room 

NOtEE* Bufiles Teflect one prior outgoing to Miss\ ■ 

February 7 ‘ 1966, in response to a letter she directed to Senator 
Frank E Moss Which he referred to this Bureau. She was referred ^ 
to •Masters of Deceit" and "A Stady C° mmnnlsm'’ gdwg^r^ 

four renrints regarding communism. Miss| |ppor 

on smaU blue and the two reprints being forwarded at this 

timie are not duplicates of what was previously sent. 

PE UNIT ° y‘ 


In 1947 Kai’isin D. Pa^in xirent into extensive research about 
the Coi-Kiunist rarty in Hollyvroocl. Pa^an found that CoMnunisai 
is beiii;!; brought into every home and is bein£ used to brainxiiash 
our ox-jn children in front of our very eyes. Corariiunisrii is corainy; 
into our hovaes via our oxm televisions and radios and on the 
movie screens of todajr, Mien he disclosed these facts, it 
literally rocked the nation. He the only x^ray xie could be 
rid of these peoyle irould bo to refuse to buy the products of 
their sponsors. ¥e must x-jatch the programs to see xiho their 
sponsors are and then refuse to support their products and not 
go to their movies. 

A fexj^f the Cor.iraunists are as folloxrs: 

Lauren Be call 

Sidney Boitier 

Lucille l-all 

Bette Davis 

ire ter Lorrie 

Kirk Douglas 

leter LaxAfford 

Olivia deHaviland 

Danny Kaye 
Chet Huntley 

Charlie Chaplin 

Douglas Palrbanks Jr. 

Gregory reck 
Shelley ¥inter 

Oscar Hamiiiersteln II 

Leonc.rd Bernstein 

Jane ¥yman 
Claudette Colbert 

Lena Horn 

Ed Sullivan 

- //h C 7- 


V . 



5»lson — 
>Loach . 


sper — 
)lahan . 
Jirad — 

June 15^ 1966 


Dear Mr.f 

I have received your letter d June 10th, with 
enclosure, which is being returned to you. 

Although I would like to be of service, the 
files of the FBI are confidential pursuant to regulations of 
the Department of Justice. You may be interested i^^owing 
that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or representatives of the Cinema 
Educational Guild. Inc. . definitely do not have access to the 
files of tEef^ 

Sincerely yours, 
Ja Edgar Hoover 



NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with correspondent. 
He enclosed with his letter a copy of distrM by Cinema 

Educational Guild, Inc. . whi ch ibiWeU Imown to t^^^^ Bureau. The tract 

is being returned to 
our files. 

HRH:jls ^ 

(8) </ 

since we already have this same item in 

jT ' 

v.v* Dl’’- 






June 10, 1966 


Washington D. C. 
Dear Sirs: 

The enclosed has come to my attention. Is 
it true that these people like Steve Allen, Marlon Brando, 
Danny Kay, Henry Morgan are "rabid Reds and Fellow 
Travellers" as indicated in this tract? 

I would appreciate a statement from you 
before accepting this as responsible. 

Sincerely yours, 


beg- 43 


• # 


Dear Mr* I I ; 

Your letter of August 16th, with enclosure, has 

been received. 

In response to your inquiry, the files of the FBt 
are confidential pursuant to regulatioi^ ^ the Department of 
JusUce and are available for official use only. You may be 
intei^^d in knowing that Mr* Myron C. Fagan or representatives 
of th^Ciaema EducaUoiml Guil<^ Inc* , definitely do not have 

The leaflet which you sent is being returned to 


Sncerely yours,^ 

X Hoover f ■! 

NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bureau files. His leaflet, 
”^d StaiS’ — tract published by the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. , 





i Casper 










is well-known to the Bureau. 






Augest 16 4965 

--U f~- 


Dear Sir 

Red Star. 

I am sending you a pamplet. it is caled the 

I am wondering if it is true what it says, there 
has been quite a discossion. and people are wondering if it is 
true. I love my country and may have to die for it. some day. 
so please let us know what this pamplet is I know you are a very 
besie man. but maby a little time you can spair for us tell us 
wheather this pamplet is true. 



drill ItilMUMI noBMm 

AUG 25 1966 

% 2 . ■ ^7:2^^' 

September 6, 1966 


CD S' 


Dear Bto»s, | 1 ; 

I have received ihe l etter of Aas 
enclosures, signed by you and Mrs^l 

ist 29th, v/ith 

In response to your inquiries, information 
contained in the files of ihe FBI must be maintained as confi- 
dential pursuant to regulations, of the Depirtment of Justice, 
I can assure you, ho^e^er, that Mr. Myron C. Fagan or 
representatives of tfak iJinema Educational Guild, Inc, , 
definitely do not have acce^ to the fifes ^^e“T?BlT 


The leaflets which you forwarded are being 

Sincerely yours, 

Jh Edgar Hoover 

Enclosures (2) • 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no record of | | or | | .- The 

Enclosures forwarded were "Red£Star" Tract and a special "Civil 
Rights” Tract both of which are published by Cinema Educational 
Guild, Inc. , which is well known to the Bureau. Both these leaflets 
have come to the Bureau’s attention previously. 

BGH:car . 


SEP 6'- 1966 






Dear iair; 




REC w ^ -IQ I 2_ 

You:^ letior of Oafo&sj? Wi^ oiieloaisfej Bag besss 
anill toi tejl; jask for gess^rosss commeate yfea 
espresscdl r^gardtag my warJsi Jt was aa3^talJ% most Isia^ ojt yoa to 
oilier to fee o? assis^oe to thia Bareaa^ 

& rs£^sa^ to yoiar lagu^y# ta^ormatioa i& i^s 
oit ^ mast fee soalatalsed a$ otasSidsatM to 

Uoae of tiie Uo^attmeat of JfesUee* I caaas^e 

MygoaC, X%gaa or ^eiggeseatatlges of the iillgeam , 

^Uoa^ jlgl ld^ Jfee* > deftoltely 4o aot feave acoess to tfeo ^les of 
Wq FBt ”«1 

Tolson — 
DeLoach - 


Wick , 

Casper — 
Callahan . 
Conrad — 


Gale . 

Yho li^et you forwa2?-io^ to feslsg talmmd to. you? 


OCT 7 -1966 


iv an 

Tele. Room ^ 
Holmes — 


J. Edgar Hoover 


1 - Ricfemoiyi - Eaclogares (2) 
NOTE: Bufiles coktam no record of 

The; tract 

forwarded has previously feeen brought to the attentioir of the Bureau, 


JEP:jmb ^ 

(4) Myi, / 





rt00» 8>aov3y-a»o'dH 



Oct. 5, 1966 


Washington, D. C. 



Before the close of the school term in Jvme of this 
year, the enclosed pamphlet was passed out to the school children. 

My child brought this one horn. It is a scathing attack upon the well 
known people named. What begins as a warning against communism 
soon degenerates to a facists orientation with its major premise being 
that anyone in sympathy with the civil rights movement is by associa- 
tion a communist. 

I am writing to ask about the validity of the article and 
also to ask for information about the "Cinema Educational Guild, Inc." 

Can you give me some information? 

As you know, there is an active KKK in this area, and 
they may have distributed the pamphlet. While I do not believe there 
is a large number of active members in this area, the Klan has the 
sympathy of a vast majority of the pepple church people included! 

^ I L who is greatly concerned and somewhat 

^alarmed at the possibility of future turmoil in this area of Southside ^ 

Virginia, I am writing to call this pamphlet to your attention, and to 
ask about its validity. I wait your reply. If I can assist you, please 
lio not hesitate to call upon me. I appreciate what your department 
is trying to do and the many difficulties you face with the countless!: 
problems in our society today. 

J ^VouTE .ZS 

IQRR CITY. yjRGINjj^'-23924^.&»-^~*-tl 

Very truly yours . 


lo 0CTJ@ 

^ 'll 

/ — Tcfy/l 

a-ct: or 



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